Saturday, December 8, 2007


Hello everybody!Such a lovely greeting as I am free from any test next week.Only for next week,as the following week will be a strenuous one again.Sigh...Gosh,now i noe why my parents enjoy lazying around at home during the weekend.After going thru a long lasting fatigue working days that week,all u can think about is rest as much as possible to compensate those energy that has been sucked out..

It is life without a life..No more cheerful outing coz eventually an outing will give me extreme tiredness at the end of the day..Was reading a blog from a friend of mine just now.She was describing herself as a nerd..Well, i think im becoming one,or is it i already am one?This is confusing,coz i find it hard to consider myself as a nerd.Admitting one feels so wrong.But studying is what i do most.Thinking about exams give me a shiver,though the studying efforts have its long latency but still,exams frightened me a bit..
Exam symptoms : euphoric (sometimes), narcoleptic, depressive state, lethargic.
And there is also post-exam symptoms : movie marathon, increasing talkativeness, long hours of deep sleep.

Im lost suddenly,what am i trying to deliver here?Owh I remember,supposedly I have to study for pathophysiology as I have class tomorrow.Instead,Im writing a post.Deep inside,i was battling against my unwillingness to study.I lost.I was blog hopping, became a facebook n friendster stalker,and watching sinchan.

p/s:1. microbe final is in 3weeks time.Im sucks at microbe!What a boring subject.
2.went to see an autopsy yesterday.Cool!Im loving it.Brag about it to papa,he said he only ate veggie for a week after seeing his first autopsy.But in his case,it was a corpse found dead for a week near a river.No wonder he puke.I dont think i could stand it either=p

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Few Favorite Things

Tagged by Odah,which i came to realize it when reading syez's blog=p.5 fav things eh??Hmm....

1.The most anticipating winter break!!Gosh,gimme a break,pliz3..Im exhausted here..learning, reading, exams..Arghhh!!!My head gonna explode sooner or later.Cant wait for hols to come.Besides, Spain n Portugal r waiting =D

2.Can I include people in this list??If I could,it would be Dr Lupin.Haha, my fellow groupmates might be laughing reading this.Not that Im obsess with him.But he is so young n handsome n impressively equips with skills.How cant a girl fall with this knowledgeable good-looking doctor.U noe u do to..(referring to fatt, emy, diba, chao yi, di n balqis).U see,a long list of female docs into him=p..haha.

Man, I cant even complete it till 5.Cant believe my life is so dull n nt interesting.But hey, I can write a long list here,but it is not things i suppose.More to people,friendship.That is more precious than all this high tech stuff i have.
Is it possible to include studies?When it comes to practical part like watching an operation,meeting patients..Yeah,I love it!

p/s: went to unity game last sunday.Jd bidan terjun for netball.GS plak tu,haha.Wish they had basketball,definitely will join it.Nway, hepi hr ahd tu..=p

Monday, November 12, 2007

Updating n committing

For awhile,I thought I've lost my passion in writing blog.Too lazy to update but hey,I've promised myself that I'll be pouring so much effort in this and be committed to this blog.

So what happen to me lately~

1. 4 girls(me, mili, fatt n diba) has planned our winter vacation trip.To Portugal and Spain.We already had our trip's schedule and our budget plan.We bought the flight tickets already.
Here comes the PROBLEM, mama knew about this plan since it slips through my big mouth during our last phone call.She figure out that there is no guy with us.She wasnt happy bout it...SOLUTION: still in progress..

2. Went to dr zul's apartment the other day.Damn high class the environment!Surely cost a fortune that place.It doesnt belong to him nway,Msian government rent it for malaysian officers.We ate nasi dagang. Best!Nyum2.

3. Feeling a bit blues lately.Im worried about my studies n Im too lazy to revise.After a lesson is over,i will never touch that book again.If the workbook is incomplete,it stays the way they are until there's urgency of completing it(like colloqs).So the worries began to multiply during exam weeks.All the unresolved doubts bout the topics learnt began to accumulate,and the tension will definitely rise sharply.Owh I should get over my high school life.Im no more the brightest among all!sigh...Ordinary is good,so be content with ordinary.

Winter break,hurry up will u??!
When will be the end of 3rd year?

p/s: im in love with XOXO gossip girls..glad u like it too atil!me like it whole lot!Esp d thing btwn lonely boy n S.=))

kate2 semangat : if she doesnt make u feel important,u can do the same too

Saturday, November 3, 2007


1stly,to layla n fatt: I did it already..pliz refer to stuff bout me

Well as for today posting,I would like to talk a bit bout my cousins.I was a bit touch when I saw a comment from kayrun on myspace.She's been missing me, n I miss u2 couz!=(

Makinuddin's family(my mum's side) kinda big.Cousins consist of 20ppl.And in these 20 ppl, we have 3clicks.The older society,middle n d youngest.Im in the middle society.
In these middle society,we consist of 2teams- girls team n guys team.Haha,too many classification ayte??
As u all can guess,the girls team will be fighting always with the guys team.During childhood of coz!Not now=p

The guys team~

The girls team~

All grown ups now!The older couzies are taking turns to get married.The mid,all counting years to start graduating.And as for the youngest society,havent pass PMR yet.Well, I love this family.Big n loving.Funny n consist of hotties!haha

2nd day raya in Ipoh.Fena,k.Na, abg eddy, abg apis,k.Ida, k.Anis, zarith, abg.shahrul, abg hedir,adzim were nt in this pic.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Super BZ

Fuh,it has been a tiring month!October I mean.3 weeks of continuous colloq starting with path anat then path phys and finally today, microbe n pharmaco.I have less time for myself n spending most of the time 'flirting' with books!=p Though I've been flirting with books a LOT lately but still, I failed to 'tackle' the facts.And I ended up being blur during oral test!

I'm sorry for not returning msgs or chat online.Been busy these 3 whole weeks.
Seriously,3rd year is tough and I keep on complaining to mama.Mama said that I should have finished what I've started, 1 year will pass quickly like how the other years has passed.Be patience.
Alrite, I am patience ,I am calm.I'll get through this.2 months have passed,8 months to go....

Owh,what I enjoyed the most during these 3 weeks is that we learnt catheterization the other day.Feel so cool suddenly,hehe=p

p/s:introducing baby dania.kak Anis nye baby.comey2=)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Congratulation pa.
This is surprising really.I didn't expect any of this.
Syukur, alhamdulillah..
Papa,Im proud of u! =)

p/s: dh dapat kad raye from tok,pah,chu n mak normah!hepi2 =D

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Im all tense up!It's like I have so much to study that I have problem in concentrating one.Too many info, too many to memorize.And Im freaking out.All this mix emotion I have is driving me CRAZY..Stress3x!!I hope I wont be panicking again during patho anat..Sigh...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Usual update

Today during pathology anatomy lecture,the RTM crew members took video on us..Wow wee wuu!!~=p.A lot of thing has been happening in Moscow lately.When I came here 1st year,the astronaut programme started.N now,it's coming to an end.I am not sure if they still have any follow up after this.But if they have,it'll be great.Coz knowing Sheikh n Faiz have been a great pleasure for me.sen

Yesterday,during the Russian class,my russian teacher congratulate us for sending an astronaut up there in ISS.She actually impressed with Sheikh coz he's a orthopedic and most importantly the most handsome astronaut she ever seen.Then I told her,he was a model also.Her admiration grown higher.Then my big mouth friends started telling her that I know him n he's been to our hostel for few time.Well u see,my teacher had a misconception on this.She asked q like this..Ur parents know him?I said yes.Then,her face lighten up,'boyfriend?' she asked.I blushed there and then,and said..No no,we're just friends.My father is the director in charge with this programme.My nakal friends were so excited to play jokes on me like this.Damn,jahat betul..Blame Reza,he started all this!(haha,reza name ko tlh di mentionkn di sini=p)

N owh,since Balqis moved in to our group,we're getting close to each other.She's a kelantanese,and Im half-blooded kelantanese half-blood perakian n totally KL=D.
So,by getting close to Balqis,I actually grow fonder on my kelantanese side..Owh no,my Perakian identity which Im so proud of is diminishing..Perakians,help!Haha,I was just kidding here,not trying to offend any perakians or kelantaneses.Besides,Im both!

p/s:to u whom had received my raya poscard,sile la balas2 poscard tu!=p
(dedicated to u-know-urself-whom-Im-referring-to) =D

Sunday, October 14, 2007


What makes this raya different from other raya?
1.My roommates and I put on our new baju raya.Xmain la last season baju raye.
2.We've grown older 1year,yet beauteous =p
3.Surprisingly I gained weight unlike any other raya before where I manage to loose some
4.The embassy was cheerful and lively,with reporters,politician and VIPs..

Though every raya is different from the previous raya,they share a lot things in common
1.We went to embassy for solat raya
2.We had makan2 n a lot of makan2
3.We had photography session.Mainly for friendster n sending some to family and friends
4.Went back to hostel,held open house and more makan2.
5.Chat till late night,telling jokes and stories..

I enjoyed my raya but not the extend of enjoying it to the max since I have colloq on Monday.Patho anatomy has slacken the joyful and exuberant celebration of raya

Here were some pics taken on 1st n 2nd day of raya~


Raya 2nd day

The blossom flowers of group 9=)

The j-pers with matching partner

3rd year students

Budak ni xnk turun2 after ak dh dukung..Cam nk patah lengan ni..isk3


Bergambar dgn Dr Zul
Kitorg xde pape k,cume bj matching je=p

For more pics,go to sarah shukor page,wanie n fattniniey.=D

Monday, October 8, 2007

That's When I'll Stop Loving You - n'sync

Gosh,I really can't believe that I would actually hear this song again..
Love this song whole lot..

When winter comes in summer
When theres no more forever
Yeah, that's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop loving you
I'm sure you've heard these words before
And I know it's hard for you to trust them once more
You're afraid it all might end
And a broken heart is scared of breaking again
But you've gotta believe me
I'll never leave you
You'll never cry long as I am there
And I will always be there
You will never be without love

When winter comes in summer
When there's no more forever
When lies become the truth
Oh you know then baby,
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop loving you yeah

As long as sunlight lights the sky
Light of love will be found in these eyes of mine (these eyes of mine)
And I will shine that light for you
You're the only one, I'll ever give this heart to
What I'm trying to say is, nothing will change this (ahh..)
There'll be no time you won't find me there (find me there)
Cause I will always be there
You will always have all my love

When winter comes in summer
When there's no more forever (yeah)
When lies become the truth (ohhhh)
Well you know then baby,
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop loving you

And when this world doesn't turn anymore
When the stars all decide to stop shining
Til then I'm gonna to be by your side
Gonna be loving you forever
Every day of my life

Well you know then baby
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop lovin'

That's when I'll stop loving you

When winter comes in summer
When there's no more forever
When lies become the truth (truth... yeah)
Well you know then baby,
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop loving you (ohh..)

When winter comes in summer (yeah)
When there's no more forever
When lies become the truth
That's when I'll stop loving (well you know then baby)
That's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop babe
I'll stop babe
Loving you

Saturday, October 6, 2007

More makan2

I looked at the time,11.10am. Alamak,dh lmbt ni!I quickly dress up n stuffed all my patho physiology books in the bag,then dash off.I ran n ran all the way from hostel to uni as fast as I could,but of coz it's not continuously running all d way,I need to gasp some air.Im not fit like I used to!I realized that.There's r a lot of intervals in my running..hehe=p.But still,I made it on time.Prof is not there yet.If not,I surely prohibited from entering the class.Yes, my effort(strenuous physical exertions) r worth it!Though the pakcik2 at the market gave me a strange looks(for running like hell),for all one is worth..=D

Nway,the purpose of today's posting is a brief information of what me n my roommates did last thursday.We held a berbuka treat for JPA's 1st year stud here,since they r all consist of our former schoolmates.We're in the same age.We were enjoying ourselves that night.But Amy(my schoolmate) couldnt make it that night.She had some health's issues.Nevertheless, we tapau the food for her,so at least she get to taste the dishes served.

Okay,there r few pics taken.Here it goes~

pena fatt n balqis-melepek kt katil fatt

ni daos afi n davai mbelasah katil wanie

ni kitorg beramai-ramai menjahanamkn katil diba
Yes,nmpknye katil aku terselamat dr di nodai..haha=p

ni mknn2 yg dihidangkn,only a portion of dishes seen in this pic..othr dishes served were nasi aym n spaghetti..we had air bandung served too!slurrp,sedap2=D

p/s:this sunday Jappers will have mkn2 kt embassy lg=)
owh,jappers stand for JPA's scholar..ntah sape ntah introduce term tu

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

Tiring Weekend

Seriously,last weekend was the most tiring of all.Supposedly my weekend r usually spend by watching movies,playing games,lying on the bed,calling back home and all sort of indoor activities.Too lazy t go out since 3rd year is the busiest year and i have class till Saturday.So practically I'll miss my weekend if I went out on Sunday!Get it?Weekend = relaxation.If dont have time to relax = no weekend.It's not like Im boring or a dull person,it's just I need at least 1 day to recharge back my energy for the following week.

On Saturday last week,we had berbuka at the embassy.The food was nice n terawih was great too.Got the chance to meet new faces(the 1st year stud) n the familiar faces of coz(the seniors).Had fun,we had lots of conversation,help washing the dishes,taking photographs.Basically,that's the routine when u go to embassy.Later that night,around 11.20pm we reached our hostel.

Back in the hostel,my 2 good friends were waiting for me.Impatient to spill the summary they made about this 1particular matter(more like gossiping=p).The funny thing was,she made it like a counseling session.I was about to have a rest on my bed,then she push me.She lie there n said 'Ok, u can now proceed'.Haha,I was laughing.Then, I continue to play her game.'Alright, how do feel?U see,Im sorry for facing the laptop instead of making an eye contact with you,since Im jotting down medical history'.Then she laugh since she noes that I was actually chatting online n not paying attention to her.

At midnite,we celebrated Balqis birthday.It lasted for 1hour.Then went back to my room again.That night,Amy had her sleepover here.We havent met for years since INTEC,n there's a lot of stuffs to talk about.The conversation lasted up till 4am.It was still wasnt enough.But due to our plan to wake up early and going to Ashan at 9am,we adjourn it till there.

With only 4h n 30min of sleeping,we forced ourselves to wake up n gettin ready.Went to Ashan,bought all the necessity stuff,then went home.Poor Amy,she knew nothing bout russian language and completely depending on me to buy all the stuff needed.I know how it felt,away from family,didnt have a good grip on the language,different surrounding.....Haih,u felt like u're alone.I hope I really did my part as her friend.Lessen a bit her grief..

In short,eventhough i didnt have time for myself,Im glad that I relief the burden carried on my friend's shoulder.That's better than lazying at home for self benefits.=)

This is funny..We were trying to pose like Heliza(kunun2 mate bulat n comel)but the outcome is hillarious=p

Was waiting for taxi.Near our hostel.Off to embassy~

Posers after terawih

Posers before moreh=p

Friday, September 28, 2007

Depressing Moment

Bosan2,help needed here!!!!!!!!
I cant study,was watching emil emilda but stopped halfway since no mood to watch it..Been blog-hopping, friendster-hopping and hopping setempat di bilik..Oh no,too bored to do anything and cant sleep!Im not myself tonight.Something is disturbing my mind.I cant think properly.HELP2!!

Met Amy,Hazrul(bf Deli=p) and nadia.Had berbuka together then me paan n reza send them off back to hostel.We r like super kind senior(kunun2=p).So on the way to their hostel,which was previously my hostel during 1st year,I had this disturbing,depressing feeling.What is it?I dont know myself.I just hate the atmosphere.I really hate my 1st year.Homesick, struggling for adaptation, personal love-life problem, and suiting in with new set of friends.

Yeah,that's it.Guess that's the reason.That place has brought the bitter sad memories i had during the 1st 3months surviving Russia.Fuh,feeling much more better!Now I noe the source of this problem.But as I recalled the next 3months here,life has become more easier fun n exciting each day.Looking back,I realize how strong I become since then.Maturity has nt yet been earned,but resistance-wise has increase vastly.Friendship has becoming more n more strong.There's a lot of thing changed.Im evolving,to someone better.I just cant express it.

Btw,there is a pic taken while we're at Simbad'sFrom left:nadia,pena,amy,reza n hazrul.Paan was the one who took this pic

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Joyous Evening

Wohoo, colloqs on microbe n pharmaco finally has ended!Nt really has ended coz there r still colloqs in few weeks later,so might called it an adjourn.Haha whatever.First thing that came across my mind the minute we passed up the paper is,sleep SLEEP n lots of sleep.But I couldnt.Im just too tired that I cant get a decent sleep.So I got up from bed n sat in front of my laptop.

So people,in case u were wondering,I slept late last night.Trying hard as much as possible stuffing input inside this little tiny brain that forgets easily.So I end up sleeping at 4am n woke up 4hours later for class.

Y studying at the very last minute?Not really last minute,supposedly according to my planning I would had finished revising on time but under some circumstances,schedules aren't followed.What r the circumstances?Well,this is the best part.We had guest yesterday n it is such a wonderful evening we spent.Dr Zul, the astronauts, the scientists and tv crew members r the guests.Guests of honour.

So basically yesterday,right after class we dedicated the time on tiding up the house n preparing the meal for berbuka.Im in charge of the cleaning since ehem2,nt really good at cooking=p.
What makes the evening so meaningful is they actually telling us their experiences and the profile of each and everyone of them are really amazing.We look up on them,they r really successful academicians.And it is very close to us,familiar to our environment since 1 of them is a doctor,a clinician with a PhD.He gave us few advises on our career.I was a bit touched actually,it's like I was very near to my parents.Since they r the ones whom I seek advises.Especially regarding medical profession.So actually when Prof.Rahman giving advises,he remind me of papa.

A joyous evening.We chatted,making jokes,having a good laugh and the best part was when we get to be interviewed by a journalist and his crew member.Eventhough Nizal said it'll be aired in radio,doesnt matter.Still thrilled!
Yestersday night might be the last visit for Sheikh n Faiz to our hostel.I dont think they have any reason to still be in Moscow after their mission to ISS.Time flies so fast.I could still remember meeting them when I was still in my 1st year.Now,Im in my 3rd year already.Gonna miss them.I am not certain on whether can still meet them after this,coz they'll be having their own agenda n we have our own.There is no more factor or reason that will drawn us into bumping each other again.But who noes,we might just still keep in touch.
So here is some of the pictures taken yesterday~

p/s: tonight gonna meet amy.Amy Fareena.Haha,funny.Felt like writting my own name.
Futhermore my roomate's name is Emy n I am Fareena.The person Im gonna meet tonite
is Amy Fareena=p

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Weekly Update

Owh well,next week I have 2colloquiums in 1day, pharmaco n microbe..Im working my ass off here..Real hard!(at least that is what i think=p).Bored actually reading all this material,so to stay away from this boredom, i take refuge to this blog.Entertain myself a little bit,cheering up and muster all energy to continue later.

What actually happen today?
Well, papa told me k.raha is flying off to egypt today.So I managed to give her a call n wish her.Then call home,talk to mama.Asking a bit what's happening there,then she told me that all Malaysian are currently feeling sorrow,for what had happened to adik Nurin.All cant wait for justice to be prevail n prosecution to be conduct.Even the Malaysians here are feeling it.

Then after having few chats about the matter,I asked mama how's Farra coping with puasa?As I suspected,she can only fast half-day..Haha,kelakar lak dgr.Owh well,she still a kid.At least she has the willing to wake up during sahur n actually has intention to fast.That's fair enough .But I can still remember,I did managed to fast for 15days or so when I was at her age.Haih,ank bongsu manje!=p.
For whatever she did,she will always be regard as the youngest one,the one whom can never be blame n win all the time!She will always be my little sister who know my soft point,snuck in n melt me.N get everything done her way.Nevermind,this is her charm that makes her so adorable!

Pena in her missing family mode~

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stuff bout me=p

I've been tag by Odd..At first I wish to just ignore it but since put dat sad emoticon at my chatbox,i didnt hv the heart to do so..8 things bout me??Haiya,hv this funny feeling writing bout myself..Well nway,here it goes..for u Odd~ =D

1.I'll be singing by myself while studying,bathing n cooking..Any critics delivered cynically or mocking will not be entertained..Singing showbiz will still be continued.
2.Love to steal the limelight but will never admit it.
3.Highly equip with self-defense mechanism.
4.Easily fall for tricks.Easily deceive.
5.Whenever tried telling jokes,it will abruptly end since cant stop laughing about it.Thus,the funny part of the story wont be delivered.
6.Like to tease people especially those who r shorter than,emy n ks.
7.Eating is my pleasure
8.Like to borrow homeworks from my roomies.Unchangeable habits back in ssp=p

Friday, September 7, 2007


New semester, I wish to have a fresh start
Get up on my both 2feet n start rocking d world again
Though I noe, some ppl would have a different thought bout me
A different perception, a different interpretation
That eventually tarnishing my image
Do I care?
I'll be bluffing if I say I dont
Cause the fact is I do care
Explaining was never my expertise
So I decided to let them judge me
Judge me!And u'll never find out who i really am
See through my eyes
See through my soul
See through my heart
U'll see a watery eyes
U'll see a pure soul and a broken heart

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Home again-Moscow

Back to classes again!It's gonna be fun,Im very sure of that, but right now im still in my homesick mood.And megafon bengong lak.I cant send msges to celcom users.So I had a hard time msging papa n mama.I tried to restrain myself from calling ma n pa too frequent.Cause then,they'll be asking 'is everything fine?I hope ure okay there dear'.Yeah, im fine.Just missing them a lot.Not wanting to admit that,I told them I called cause I overheard Emy talking wif her parents on the phone.They just laugh.

First week here in moscow.Nothing much we've learn in classes.I hvnt paid my hostel fees,renewed visa.But will be doin that soon.Been sleeping early every nite, jetlag still.All of my rummate actually.By 11pm,all will be seen tucking themselves in bed.I already have my own stethoscope.Yay,1 step closer on becoming a doc!Just excited coz finally medic was nt all about books.Finally I own my special tool.

As others had warned, 3rd year will be the most challenging time ever.Right now,frankly speaking I didnt feel any momentum or any force that pushing me towards studying.Holiday mood still.Anyway,wishing all of u a very splendid year of education this year 07/08.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


PD, Redang, Tioman then PD again??Seriously,Im getting a lot of tan for these 2months.Hope 10 months of total coldness will improve skin colour.From super dark to drophead fair=p,.

After lunch today,took a tour around kl.Got nothing else to do since Im home alone.Did all the housekeeping yesterday,so nt really into house chores today.Then I decided to stop by Tmn Tasik Perdana.So may changes,a lot of new exciting playground built.I could swear I played there even when Im already 16!

Wow,I just couldnt believe I grew up so fast.I grew up here,in the hearts of kl.Here in the playground.I could still remember papa brought ezy me n wawan there in the evening.Of coz,Farra was nt born yet at that time.

Now,Ezy has his own partner,his gf of coz.Wawan has become as tall as I am (man,he hasnt reach adulthood but still reach my height!wonder hw tall he could be).Farra,she still small.She sees me as perfect.She idolize me a lot.Which is so nt true.I hv too many flaws n always werent satisfied wif wut I am nw.So nt good for her to idolize me.And for me,I felt nothing has changed,just the fact that I am an adult nw.

My life has been exactly like what I dreamed of.It turned out great,Im very grateful for that.As for my lovelife, it wasnt goin so well.But hey,you win some you lose some.Well,doesnt matter,it'll come,slowly.Just be patience for the time being.

2more weeks n Im heading back to Moscow.I dunno what awaits me there this term.Funny,coz every year unsuspected things happen.What will happen next year?Anyway,definitely gonna miss home.All my loved ones r here.Hope I wont cry this year,coz when the lights turn off n evrybody went to sleep,I felt homesick.Nah,it will turned out fine,I noe emy will always makes me laugh even if she tells me sad stuff.Sorry emy for laughing when u told me u lost ur wallet n hp.I couldnt stop smilling when I saw u at the airport last year.Haha.

Everything gonna be fine,for as long as you keep ur friends close to u.Emy,Ks,Diba,Wanie n Fatt,welcome aboard to 205 year 07/08.=)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Seldom update

Sorry guys,for not updating the blog for a LONG long time.Being at home giving u plenty of idea on what to do beside blogging.hehe.Well,life here now is either being at home or going out.I enjoyed both.Hmm,im sure im gonna do a lot of posting when im back at Moscow!=p

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

PD trip

I got TANNED!Went to PD yesterday wif ezy n dayah.And dats it,now my skin has 3tones- red for the face,dark brown for my elbow down to fingers n fair skin for what underneath my swimming trunk!We bathed there for bout 5h ++,haha lame kn?Anyway,it still doesnt suffice me for that long 10 months without beaches n sea in Moscow.Well,Pulau Redang is still there in the list.Next stop,Redang Island!=)

Since I just transferred the pics to the comp,there're a few pics of us at the airport upon arrival.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Routine Summary

It's been long since my last entry,been less than a week though!=p.So I thought y dun I give a brief info on wut ive been doin here in msia since I arrived here.
Starting from day 1-20 june,my arrival.3am

1.Day 1,reached home.Slept at 7am,woke at noon then had my bath again n headed straight to shopping mall
2.Day 2,went shopping again.
3.Day 3,ma n pa had to work.Since the house still need some repairing,pa brought me along to the office.Cant left me home ESP wif the workers.
4.Still day 3,balik Ipoh.From day 3 to day 5,Im in Ipoh.
5.Day 5,back in KL.Had lunch at midval n went window shopping a bit.
6.Day 6,accompanied Ezy to Pusat Spastik.

Owh,well today something embarrassing happened.Teman Ezy to Pusat Spastik.Voluntered to accompany him since I got nothing to do at home besides watching tv.So,when we reached there,Ezy asked me on whether I would like to see the kids.I said, 'Ok,we just pass by their classroom ayte?'.'Yup'Ezy replied.Then,as we walked pass by the classroom,my sandle putus.Shit!I left wif no choice.Walked to the car barefoot.Seriously,dat is really embarrassing!Luckily it didnt happened when we were at shopping mall or some other places where I'll meet somebody I noe.

Lesson learnt,leave extra shoe in the car.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Still Counting

1 day left..Went out to Arbat Street,rechecking 'what to buy' list n I got it all!Met a few malaysian claiming to be Pak Lah's team.Had a short talk then we went our seperate ways.Come to think of it,it is a waste for not taking the chance to meet Pak Lah since they already organize a dinner wif students.They're carrying out the event exactly on the same day I have my flight.Not many of us actually hav the opportunity to meet PM but the craving to be back home is higher than meeting this famous man who doesnt even noe me.So there u go,balik rumah WINS!haha

Our outing pics~

Eating russian cuisine

Suppose to be famous russian's name??I dunno
Fatt keeping me accompanied

budak poyo

Gosh!!Papa told me that if I applied doing elective in his clinic,he can arrange flying wif heli if I want to..ala, but then I dont want to do attachment alone,it's frightening!Interesting stuff I can do according to him are taking blood daily,chamber training n fly centrifuge..Tempting really..Tp malas lak since need to write formal letter.

This summer gonna be another exciting hols for me since gonna hv my car..Xyah rebut dgn Ezy..Papa has his perdana,mama has her accord,well Im gonna force ezy to take kia and then gonna hv honda for myself..HAHA(evil laugh)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Counting Days

Well people on earth!!Behold the existance of Pena.Acknowledge me,since Im coming back to Malaysia within 2days.Whee!!(though it's kinda scary too-->for d two of us,only we noe what i mean)

Yesterday,we officially finished our 2nd course n ready to go on rocking d 3rd course.2nd year has been fun and entertaining.A lot of free time,a lot of hanging out together and a lot of drama!(only those who participate gonna grin hearing this=p).Dear fellow groupmates,Im gonna miss u.Wanie n KS,already been missing u when u left last nite.My roomates,will be missing u guys too=(.So pliz,let meet up n have fun according to what we planned.No more empty promises like last year.N Im totally sorry n nt gonna repeat my unforgiveable behaviour last year..hehe,u gurls noe dat Im all tied up last year=p.But this summer,pliz2 call me out.If not Im bored to death!

As for today,we went out SHOPPING!What a wonderful feeling.Bought stuff for myself since already baught mama-cristals ezy-t shirs wawan-toys farra-barbies papa-tonnes of cherries n strawberries(papa yg mintak ok,is nt me who wants to give him cikai present)..Shouldnt think bout hw much i spent since it's gonna make me feel like OUCHH!!!Owh,felt it just now..Ouch!
So KS n wanie,for u i attached down there my arrival outfit this year.

indecisive..which 1 look much better?red or brown..It's just a matter of giving d 'oversea impact' on my family..haha

Instead of making poyo pose,should try 'kunun2 cute' pose like emy..Pics was taken while waiting for the bus.On our way to Physio's final.