Saturday, March 31, 2007

Getting a visit=)

Hey,my parents coming next week!!Though my dad off to work,but he's gonna pay me a visit whenever he has spare time.I surely am all excited about this.My mum and I gonna have splendid trip in Moscow.She's gonna stay with me in the hostel since it's only 1 person.But im quite nervous as well,me + organizing stuff = never really going well.Anyway,going to try my best.Make my mum's trip great as any agency could give,or I could be mocked forever by my brothers for organizing such a bad trip!haha,wont be that bad,I suppose.Hmm,my russian.Gonna brush up a bit on that.Aih,but how?Not enough time to work on that.But Im going to rely on my friend's theory, 'to those who knew nothing bout russian language,will see u as somebody who master well the language.But to those who knows russian lang. they'll see u as ploha of coz!!'So yes!!!She'll be bragging bout me mastering the language back home..haha.Urmm,cant wait to see them,seeing me on how I live my life here.Gonna let them know,Im in good shape here.Russia isnt all bad and it's a nice place to study.Love u ma pa!!

my parents


Have runny nose today,didnt like it.Make me sneeze all the time.Make me squeeze my nose till it gone red and mengelupas.Then it'll looks like Im having dried up mucus over my nose!That is embarrassing.Trust me,people will give u disgusted looks.


Emy,happy birthday!!Love u bebeh!!

205 members

kitchen crew!!hey,im included.It's just that Im the one taking this pic

Bebeh 1 suap bebeh 2

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Al-fatihah buat abg Rafiz

26 March 2007 around 6.30pm moscow time,i receive a sms from papa.I was browsing the net at that time,so decided to read the msg a bit later.The msg goes like this 'Rafizul (abg apis) dah ke rahmatullah sebentar tadi.Sakit leukaemia.'I read again the msg.Still holding the phone for the next 10mins.Only then I told ks.

Im not sure with what I felt at that very moment.Im truly emotionless.Weird huh?I know,this is abg apis we talking about.Abg apis who supplied us with mercun during raya.Abg apis who restricted us from menyibuk with the elder cousin's activities and abg apis who always well-known as the most handsome cousin among us all.But,later that night I kinda felt something when reminiscing the past.I thought I still had the chance to meet him in summer.But he was gone sooner.

Im not good with words but I hope everyone will be given the courage to stay strong,accepting well what has been fated and praying the best for abg apis.Moga seluruh ahli keluarga tabah dan tenang dalam menghadapi ujian Allah.Al-fatihah.....

abg apis n k.nani

erina aisyah-their only daugther

Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Yang Indah

1 statement that cross my mind now is 'musim bunga,musim mengawan'.haha,anyway i cant really remeber the exact statement but it does convey the same meaning.It belongs to my roomate.It was so funny that I laugh immediately when she made it as her ym stat.What a controversial stat!Well,the next morning I heard the guys in my group talking about it.
Musim mengawan,gile seks ape!Aku dah la tgh bace biochem,bile terdengar diorg bace stat tu,terus tak leh tahan gelak.bapak ar lawak,tak leh blah!
To come to think about it,quite true you know!Just see people in the metro,you will see pregnant women.Just this evening,I went jogging at the park and I can see 2 pregnant women.For insects,it's the begining of their mating season.Fatt and I make were having conversation about this.From our observation since last year,we came to a conclusion that intimacy does reach its peak in winter!So no wonder by now,their belly is getting more noticeable.haha.
Basketball practice starts yesterday.All were worn out!Lack of stamina due to excessive eating habit and rest!(sedentary lifestyle acc. to biochem book=p).Made a new resolution,try to jog whenever possible.But today,last only 30mins.Then I went back.Left Fatt alone jogging at the park.Ok la,tomorrow 40 mins perhaps?haha,hope so!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Female Defence Mechanism(FDM)

Tell me bout it,me too cant really understand it well.

Girl A and girl B,r close friend
Girl A have bf and girl B close with her bf
Girl B made a confession that she felt disgusted with herself for having series of 'harmful' flirting with girl A's bf.Promised girl A it wont happen again
Girl A speechless,girl A just laugh to neutralize the atmosphere and get rid of any awkwardness.
Girl B non-stop apologizing,girl A trying hard to say that it's ok
They reach home,they seperated at the stairs since they live in different floor
They say goodbyes to each other

How FDM works:
1.when other female come into the picture with her MAN,threat is in the air
2.Eventhough the motive is purely harmless,the gf will surely goes paranoid
3.Women noe their men are weak.Esp temptation towards female
4.So,FDM starts.Female go all friendly with her female friends
5.But she'll cornered her man,not getting off-guard by any chance

Well I say:
Yeah,it's true.But it depends on the situation,if it's me.Hmm,let me see....
1.I'll keep my cool,stay calm preventing any panic attack occuring(might be done by laughing action..haha)
2.The other girl confessing.It takes tones of courage to do that.That explain she seeks no harm sincerely.
3.I trust girls more than guys.If the guy is not 'flirting-ressistant',he's not worth fighting for.It means,you are just his transit port,not his final destination.

Bf come and go,bestfriend stays

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday boredom

I had microbe class today,it was plain boring!I think i fell asleep for a moment there.Im not sure what he babbling bout in front there,but i did catch some interesting words he said: condom,rubber,ultraviolet light n april's fool.Though im half asleep,i did jot down on what he said(incomplete,jumping sentences-at least i wrote something!).Anyway,that's not the point.The point is,i wrote down a word 'condom' there in my book.My eyes wide awake!I asked Di about it,and Di whom was also living in her own world said, "Hah,ade ke die ckp camtu?"But nevermind,our microbe teacher is always like that,rich with jokes of the geniuses like Puzhakov last time.Jokes that can only be perceive by exceptional intellectual!

Then,later after class ks and I went to Ashan.Actually,the whole housemates intended to go together,but then they changed plan since they didnt sleep last night studying biochem.They were all sleeping like a baby by the time i left home to Ashan.I told Shaun my plan to Ashan,and he was so hard on letting me go to Ashan with ks only.He insisted on accompanying me,but it's ok dear,im a big girl and ks was there with me,i'll call you or message you when i reach home.If you didnt get my message,you come and find me,ok?I guess,he was relief a bit.I appreciate his concern.Alhamdulillah,i got back safe and sound.And i did remember to message him.

We got back at 9pm, and as i walked home,i could recall those beautiful night scene we saw when we had our GRA at TGIfriday.Moscow is beautiful indeed!Their nightlife was happening and energetic.Though i've been here for a year and a half now,i've never been to a single night club.Im just scared for what's inside there.Biarlah sampai bila2 aku dijauhkan dari tempat2 camtu.Hmm,the conclusion is,Moscow is beautiful city and i enjoy being here.

GUM-shopping complex
Metro station escalator

Red Square

Red Square

Thursday, March 22, 2007


'Such a nice day today!'That's what i though when i leave the hostel to russian class.The bus was there on time,reach the class on time.In short,i can say everything goes well.We,the groupmates were so excited with today's plan.It's GRA time!We even make up an excuse to finish the lesson early (which is i said, we urgently need to be at the dean's office now) and it did works!We only had our 1hour lesson and then off to GRA plan.

So the plan was like this:
1.Go to the cinema
2.Watch back to back movies.Spartans 300 and Ninja Turtle
3.Have lunch before watching the movies

Then it goes like this:
1.Had lunch at Arbat
2.Had non-stop talking there for 2hours
3.Bought a lot of popcorns which in the end,didnt manage to finish it and we gave the leftovers to a bunch of gipsi kids'
4.Spending at the archade machine.(we were so addicted with this 1 shooting and car race game!)
5.Watch a russian movie,'lubov markov'.Which turn out to be great and worthwhile watching!
6.7 people running,trying to catch a bus home.We did manage to board in time.Fuh,lega!

We really indeed enjoying ourselves there and i felt content myself seeing this bond between us, since last sem our group really had a lot of drama going on.

the guys

the gurls

the shooting game we're addictted with

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A brief introduction

Hurray!!today im officially obligated in sustaining my blogspot.Previously i had been posting blog at friendster and abruptly ended its usage.I channelled my anger,frustation and all sorts of negative emotions in all of the posts.By mid december,the blogging-enthusiasm terminated and that's it,my blogging-free period took place.Now,the posting a blog mood is in the air again!

So for today's post,im describing myself and who i think i am.Well,im from kl and very proud of being so-called 'kl people'.Schooling at sek.seri puteri cyberjaya in 2000-2004 and now here i am,in Moscow Medical Academy 2005-2011.Have 4siblings and am the 2nd.
I see myself as plain and boring,prefer to keep quiet if im in unfamiliar surroundings but quite a talker with my close friends.Very old fashioned,not stylish and naive.I wish i can see myself and actually be someone who is confident,knowing how to have a decent conversation,great personality,have sense of fashion and being ahead than others.

A brief info about today,just had my biochemistry test which i didnt manage to finish in time,but dont care,think im going to pass the test.We had our basic surgery right after that.Our surgeon drain out pus from an amputated man's pleural cavity.I felt pity for him to undergo all this pain.And there's another patient in front of his bed.That guy breathe with the help of respiratory machine.Muhasabah diri there and then,thankful for being healthy today and not suffering from those medical procedures.

Well,the picture below was taken during our GRA(group recreational activity).Those are the people in my group.We've been seeing each other for almost 2years now and will continue stuck to each other for another 4years=p.