Monday, April 30, 2007

Personal update!

Fuh!!lots of thing happen and im just too busy to keep my blog updated!
Nothing interesting i guess,but updating the blog is like having my own diary(but nt THE DIARY which u tell ur secret2 stuff!).Maybe later on,years ahead,I could scroll through my blog n go down the memory lane, 'hey,i did this,i did that last time!'Those kind of thing,which might turn out to be hillarious later in life..

So,starting from previous 2weeks 20 april 2007,we were given 'safety holidays' by the university to prevent hit n bash cases by skinheads towards foreign students.At 1 point,it is a good preventive step in order to protect us but in another point of view is,the policemen here are not strict or efficient enough to stop this madness and insane act!Videos were captured by local and international reporters on how souless this group of people were.

Week 23-27 april was indescribably hetic and tiring.Full of never ending colloqs(tests).I got 3tests to be pass in dat week itself.It almost turn me into a permanent nerd!Glad that it's over now and alhamdulillah,passed all succesfully.That week really turn me nuts!I even uploaded a bodoh2 pic in fster..dah mmg xde keje..

29-30 april,Malaysian Games!!!So great and exciting..I played basketball.We had a great game but luck was not at our side..We manage to win 3games and lost 1.We were supposed to have 2nd place but then,the host told us we need to get into semifinal,had to go against Volgo team,which had 2loses and 2wins.I wonder why we have to fight with volgo in order to get into final,where rsmu already in the final just bcoz they had 4wins.It was supposed to be like this, rsmu-mma(against 1st n 2nd placing) and volgo-nizhny(3rd n 4th placing).Anyway,the saddest part is to loose againts volgo.We knew we can beat them easily but like i said,luck is nt at our side.So frustrated,but nothing left to do except redha je..

So now,im so damn tired and need to lay down(nt to get laid,ok).Get enuff sleep and tomorrow need to read biochem.Malasnye......Wut to do,on wednesday has biochem...Huarghhh,ngantuknye...Zzzzzzz,destination slumberland reached!=]

nad, me n ks..on the very 1st day of msian games.notice my new haircut?

a bit of warming up b4 we go against RSMU

some crazy pose u'd loved to share wif ur frens

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have this crazy thoughts..if i could ever turn back time, corrected some of my decisions which im not proud of,will i lead a better life?There are some things happened which I wish I could just escape but then,I have another thought again,if I just dodge it then I wont have these cascade of events which led me to what I am now.I wish I know what I want.Dont misunderstood me,Im happy for what I have now.It's just Im searching and wanting for some thing that Im myself unsure of.What my dad would say is, grow up,live in reality and stop reading those novel that will make ur stomach fly.If u keep on wanting those happy created fantasy life,then u'll never find one..Real world is harsh and never spare good person from any of it..U'll try to dodge but it will find it's way to u later..
Yeah,true.. So pena,stop ur persuit of 'hapiness'..Be grateful for what u have now and appreciate the people around..This is just an absurd post when pena has some disturbances running over her head

Friday, April 13, 2007

Tido Yang Paling Comel

Pemenang Pertandingan Tido Paling Comel di menangi oleh, jeng jeng jeng.....

kan comel budak tu tido..sopan je=)

friends forgive and forget..everything's gonna be alrite..

Hope i've been doing enuf to get this from u..

Well I say, U're too good to be true,must have done something good to meet U=p

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Holiday's Over

Right now im enjoying my Xtra Delicious tom yam maggie specially shipping all the way from malaysia to moscow.Nothing can beat the taste of malaysian's maggie mee!!My parents might have landed in klia anytime soon.Last weekend was the best ever I had in my life.We utilize well all the time we have.It's a job well done according to my mum.Special thanks to pena's team!(shaun, ammar, afi, davai, emy, fatt, diba, wani, ks, sarah, hatim n sha).My mum was so suprise on how close we are to each other.We were like siblings and care so much on each and everyone of us.I dare to say,even 5years of ssp cant beat this.

My parents arrived on friday morning 5am.Check in at Grand Marriot.Around 8.30am, I went to their room,had breakfast together then we started sight-seeing around moscow.Brought them to Red Square and Arbat.We also went to see the place where I have my lectures and classes.

On Saturday,papa left to Kazahstan for work.Mama and I went went to Ismalovski Park,where we had our souvenirs shopping.Owh,Shaun was there too,our f.o.c bodyguard=p.It was great!My mum really impressed with my russian lang when I was bargaining and translating few words for her.But it was really nothing,the makcik uses some easy grammar to understand.No biggie actually.Then,shaun sent us back to the hotel and that night my friends,my mum and I went to Leningrad Train Station,and we're ready for St.Petersburg.

Sunday morning,we arrived at St.Pete.Had some tea and we start our journey.We went to all hot tourist spot except Peterhov since we running out of time.It was a wortwhile trip!The city is extremely stunning.The hermitage(palace),whoa..really big,spacious and symbolize the wealth of its owner.It was a breathtaking experience.Franky speaking,Im someone who does not easily impress with,so this hermitage is really something when I use the word breathtaking.St.Isaac Cathedral has quite unique architecture.What suprises me is it was 300 years ago,though they make some preservation work there,but still they came out with a great idea of layout for that church 300 years ago.

Monday,back here again in Moscow.Went to shopping mall finding stuff for wawan and farra.We totally forgot bout Izzi,xpela skali skale=p.Had a rest in our hotel room,papa was not there,he went out for window shopping.Papa came back,we looked through papa's stuff.It was beautiful.Papa bought cristal paper weight with ISS(international space station) design with the earth's globe.Can even see msia's map there in the globe inside the paper weight.

Tuesday,they were going back to msia.Sad,really.I send them off at the airport and wait with them till the departure time.I cried,though I tried not to.Anyway,only 2months left for summer hols,that's what mama said.Felt homesick till today,but papa said it will only take a few days.Then I'll be ok again.Hope so.Love u ma n pa

me n mama.forgot the name of the building but at st.pete

me and ma on the train on the way back to moscow

shaun, me n mama.on cruise trip

walking around the

st.pete again



Wednesday, April 4, 2007


This whole week I cant really concentrating on my studies.I kept thinking bout my parents arrival here,Moscow.My studies was a chaos,disastrous.Kept day-dreaming in class,on where to bring my parents,how Im gonna use my russian skills,basically on what Im gonna do to please both of them.Not wanting them to think that Im incapable in organizing stuff.Anyway, today Im in a mood to describe a bit bout my family..

Well,let me start with papa.Obviously,he is the breadwinner of the family.He is a military doctor, Brigadier General Dr Zahari Jusoh.But last time,whenever the school was going to send my exam result to my parents by mail,i refer him as Haji Zahari on top of the mail's address..haha.Make him look old like atuk.
Papa came from a 'bottom of the food chain pyramid' family background i can say.My ancestor from his side were all fishermen in the east-coast.Then,my grandparents migrated to Johor when the Felda programme took place.Last summer,they have 1 tv ads bout Felda.My siblings and I kept saying 'Papa,tu papa waktu kecik2 dulu!' then we laugh.The ad was about a boy grew up in Felda settlement and become successful nowadays.We were just mocking him coz he kept on repeating stories on how hard it was for him to earn money back then.Kene toreh getah,amik upah berkebun and tangkap ikan kat hutan malam2.At first when he told us,it was so aspiring.Later on,it was just plain boring!
It doesnt matter bout his background,Im really proud for who he is.He talks a lot,like to brag bout himself sometime(he thinks he's somekind of a cool dad..haha) and in short he's an all-rounder.He knows well bout politics,cars,gardening,mechanical stuffs and stocks.That what makes him extraordinary!He knows a lot of stuff,too many stuff..

Mama.She's a doctor too,admin docs in Putrajaya.Ketua Penolong Pengarah if Im not mistaken.She does a lot of things regarding allocating nurses in hospitals.Find which hospital need more staffs.Basically she's the one in charge in nurses.Hmm,mama came from different background than papa.My moyang from tok din's side were the Bendahara Perak and Puteri Zabedah.From pah pulak were the Orang Kaya Bukit Larut.Well anyway,they became poor by the time of Japanese oppression.Pah's dad was killed by the Japanese and pah's siblings were all still small back then.So they end up selling all their possession instead of running it in order to survive.If my moyang werent killed,i might indulge myself with their wealth by now..haha,who knows!Mama met papa at UKM.Papa said she was 1 famous girl back then.Papa was aiming for her a year and a half baru la dapat tackle.Funny hearing all the tackling tactics he made in order to get my mum's attention.What I can say bout mama is she's a great mum!Pa and ma are a great partner.When papa lacking some criteria,mama has him covered.So do mama.Both correlates each other!

Izzi.Hmm,a nasty big brother who like to pick on his younger sis!haha,that was back then when we were still small.As we grow up,he looked after me,a lot!I know he misses me much though he never express it.Last summer holiday,I was helping him carrying his stuff to hostel.On my way in suddenly a guy sapa me. 'Adik Izzi ye?Macam mane Russia?' Haha,that very moment kantoi already,my bro always talk bout me.And during the holiday,we were so close.Never felt this close before.
He's more like papa.Emotionally stable,easy going,degil(like papa jugak!) and i dunno why the kids love him.Just give him any kid,they'll surely love him!He's now in UiTM pursuing medicine studies.

Wawan.My nemesis.Competitor of my parents' attention.We had uncountable fights.But deep down i know i love him dearly.There this 1time I cried non-stop cause he was hospitalized for more than a month.I had multiple thoughts of losing him.Promised to Allah nt ever gonna fight with him again.but of coz,promise was unkept!Couldnt ressist the temptation of bullying him.haha.He's form 2 now in Victoria Instituition.Same school like izzi last time.Wonder why our family always from single sex school.Papa ex-SAS,mama ex-SSP,Izzi ex-VI and me ex-SSP.Hope farra will be in co-ed school later!

Farra.The yougest and the most spoilled among all of us!Papa said she's the exact reflection
of mama in behaviour point of view.Penakut,tak tahan lasak and kuat merajuk.But she really good in getting to other ppl's soft side.That is why she is pampered to the max.
She really look up to me.Im her idole,role model.She wants to be me!At such tender age she told me that she wants to get into SSP,she wants to study abroad and copied my every footsteps!
Wow,so much adoration she puts in me!
Sometimes seeing her and wawan is like a deja vu.They always fought like wawan and me did before.It's like im passing the torch to farra..haha,funny!