Thursday, May 31, 2007

Siramat Andu Gawai

Gawai Day or Gawai Dayak is a festive celebrated in Sarawak on 1June every year is both a religious and social occasion. Gawai means a ritual or festival whereas Dayak is a collective name for the natives races in Sarawak(Bidayuh,Iban,Kayan,Kenyah,Kelabit and Murut).Dayak would visit their friends and relatives on this day.

The delicacies~
3.Ngelulun Pulut

The celebration starts on the evening of 31May. In most Iban's longhouse, it starts with a ceremony called Muai Antu Rua (to cast away the spirit of greediness), signifying the non-interference of the spirit of bad luck in the celebration.

So dear,i did some homework here..hehe..Babysteps to be part of bidayuh=p

Plain Busy

Biochem on monday(4th June)..A lot to cover..Very bEeZy.....

Missing them..

Especially this kiddo..

Counting days...~19 days

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Physio Madness

I dunno why we r so berSUNGGUH bout physio..Others r just memorizing the mcq answer but we,r having discussion on it..So we kinda spend d whole day studying physio!And d discussion proc r kinda slow coz we got to reopen d books and start to read it all over again since our knowledge on physio r like POOR..
Yesterday,we did almost everything together:studying, eating and performed our prayers bjemaah..Then Emy came out wif d idea of taking gambar bodo2 due to our kebengongan study physio.There u go~

skema pose

looks like d same as above pic but is nt..look at tgn ks

gmbr emy plg best skali kt sini

ks n I nt ready yet!pemenang expression bodo-Diba

I hv to say,ks won this round!

Oopps,near 11!our study group gonna start soon..Got to run along,bye2..And dear,I wont fall=p


For as long as there hope,I'll keep holding on to it and keep holding on to us

Friday, May 25, 2007

Mr.Fun Trivia

2posts in a day??I am seriously got some loose wire here up in my brain,since my brain is malfunction on deciding other ways to spend my time..Hmm, Mr.Fun isnt here,probably playing ps wif sum other guys..Why am I posting bout him??Dont noe,dont care..Owh,he crossed my mind a minute ago..Here we go,Mr.Fun criteria according to pena...

1.Remind u everyday that he love u
2.Text u telling that he missed u few minutes after parting
3.Tell u how much he would love to be d guy who wakes up next to u every morning
4.A guy who can come out wif some aspiring words when u really need 'em
5.Carrying all ur grocery stuff when it consist of 2kg of chicken, 3kg of rice and 2kg of veggies
6.Allow u to 'pau' him everyweek..nope,anytime u want to 'pau' him..
7.F.O.C chauffer taking u here and there.
8.Good looking wif heart-melting smile
9.A person who do the nodding and agreeing when u in a complain-mode
10.Somebody who disagree wif others saying that I am tembam!=p

Gambar hiasan..Xde kene mengena dgn Mr.Fun


Fuh,what a hetic week!Seriously,this week is super-duper tiring dull long week..Slept for about 5hours every nite(excluding 1h30min in the evening!=p)..This is not typical pena,coz pena always concern bout getting enuff sleep(nt really,she just cant stay up late).But amazingly this particular week,everyday she slept at 3am and woke up at 8am.More suprisingly,during Biochem colloq,she slept at 4am and up by 7.30am!Nice...I am proud to hold this new record of 'Shortest sleep ever'..but this is only in moscow.Once slept for only 1hour back in SSP for making d biggest sand art for Teacher's Day..(We even make it to Malaysian's Book of Record!)

1 hetic week down,next stop is Physio's mcq test!Nt gonna study today,need to play and relax..1h30min cooking in the kitchen really dries me up in and out!Penat,ngantuk and lenguh..Need some massaging (mechanical pressure at substansia gelatinosa which will inhibit the pathway of nociceptor!hehe,a bit on physiology) to ease the lenguh..

Owh did I mentioned dull week up there?Yes I did..No2,nt really dull.Cant be coz I have Mr.Fun 24/7 here wif me..So this Mr.Fun favor me a lot this week,mostly in reminding me to chill..Coz I got so unorganized,panicking for last minute preparation..But finally manage to pull it out well,alhamdulillah..

Yay!!Gonna be in Malaysia soon..20June,nantikan kemunculan Pena..Anda semestinya bakal terserempak dgn pena di shopping2 complex yg bhampiran bermula dari tarikh itu...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Learn Another Russian Song

Те слова, что ты сказала
Словно камни, бросив мне
Не за что б ни написала
Их в прощальном ты письме
Зачем словами больно бьешь
И так ты уйдешь
Ты свободна вполне
И не надо вдвойне, мне хватит и взгляда

Ты должна рядом быть
Ты должна все простить
Выбрала ты пустые мечты
Пусть и нечаянно стала отчаянней
Наша любовь, в жизни не все так просто

Я люблю или ревную
Но спасая и губя
Ад мы сделали вручную
Только сами для себя
Я в ледяном горю огне
Болью холод это мне
А ты свободна вполне
Пойми не надо вдвойне
Мне хватит и взгляда

Here goes the direct translation by IMtranslator~

Those words, that you have told
As if stones, having thrown me
There is nothing has written
Them in farewell you the letter
What for words painfully you beat
And so you will leave
You are free quite
Also it is not necessary doubly, the sight will suffice me also

You should be a number
You should forgive all
You have chosen empty dreams
Let and unintentionally became more desperately
Our love, in a life not all so is simple

I love or I am jealous
But rescueing and ruining
We have made a hell manually
Only for itself
I in ice burn fire
Pain a cold it to me
And you are free quite
Understand it is not necessary doubly
The sight will suffice me also

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sleepy head

Sleepy3..Just woke up,fell asleep after reading physio lecture on sleep..Heh,seems like I did the practical part before finishing the theoritical part!
Gonna hit d shower,going to k.Zah's house afterwards..
Till then,pen-off,
pena yg rajin...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Gosh,4 colloq in a week!Seriously dead..Or half dead..
thursday-russian language
Ok,better start studying now!(as if I will do that!=p)
OMG,final is in the corner..Bang in the head!
Ngeh3,false alarm..Didnt work.Havent start panicking yet
Owh pliz,gimme the strength and enthusiasm to study HARD...

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Last nite there was a heated argument on murtad..Then somebody sent me this interesting video that i would like to share with others

U noe,sometimes I wonder..Why do we have Reverends converting into Islam and I have yet to hear Imam converting to other religious..Yes,I heard some muslims converting but what are the level of knowledge they noe bout Islam?Im not critisizing other religious,it's just my thought

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Presents for adik2

Wah, I did a lot of posting lately!Hmm, that would explain on why I kept on procrastinate my task...Owh and there's new stuff Im addicted to, ANIME..No way,cant believe I am 1 of them..
I always have a theory for anime lovers..They r unrealistic..No offence,I like cartoons especially those fr Disney.Just name it,i noe 'em all..Kim Possible,Lilo n Stich,American Dragon,Emperor's New Groove,School Recess etc..But then,I learnt my lesson, dont easily jump into conclusion when havent experience any..So, I began to love this 1 anime,Detective Academy Q.Might be bcoz I like to read Penyiasat Remaja last time in high school..

It was hard to admit that I was once stated that anime totally nt my type,boring and all related words expressing the degree of 'dislikeness' I have towards anime..And as the consequence, Fatt was mocking me the whole day!Haih,I blushed..Then laughed bit denying the fact that I am embarrassed..Wuteva,the cover up wont work!They noe me too well now..haha

Owh,today I went out,teman Chao Yi buying present for our Biochem's teacher.Since we went to Deiski Mir(equivalent to Toy' r Us),got rambang mata,lalu bought presents for younger bro n sis of mine..They r so lucky to hv me as their sister!(hehe,angkat bakul sdiri)Miss 'em a lot,so went overbudgeting..Tapi xpela,seeing them only once a year..Would love to see them smilling getting those presents,especially on the very 1st day of my arrival!

These are what I bought~

To my punching bag->Wawan.After showering him wif good stuff,I can punch him even more..haha,kidding

I think my gurly sis will like these..She even clapped her hands when I text my mum that I bought her barbie sets

Thursday, May 10, 2007

GRA- spidey3,playing arcade games

Im bored,yes i noe dat..People around me r reading biochem..Should I read too?Nope,nt taking mcq test tomorrow.So dat would spare me from it..But u noe,I need to start reading anytime soon since next wednesday need to take 2mcq tests..Previously, I planned to take the test tomorrow but,a bit of changes take place since i make fren wif 'MALAS' who is apparently predominate in me this whole week..

Owh,I watched Spiderman 3 today..SERIOUSLY, spiderman never disappoint me!I enjoyed every minute and every part of the movie.2thumbs up fr me.This is another GRA(group recreational activity) for group9.We wanted to watch it in english but they hvnt released it yet though spidey was aired for a week now.At last we decided to watch it in russian.Not bad,since we can understand the plot.
No synopsis will be written here..Go and watch it urself.I gave the recommendation already!

'Jangan Pandang Belakang'.Not bad for a malaysian horror movie.Gave me a scare a bit.No,it creeps me out since my heart beat were over the roof whenever I went to toilet later dat nite!Smart la jugak cite tu.I even watched it twice since my fren requested it.They dont have the guts to watch it,hehe=p.

'Perfume.The story of a murderer.'Ok,this film is a bit weird.I mean,the ending is weird.But it's interesting to see how a man is too obsess wif smells that he would do anything to preserve the smell he likes.And unfortunately,he love the smell of women.So he killed those women who smelt great(according to his definition),extract it and put it in d bottle like perfume.Well,the story line is too complicated to retell,malas nk tulis.This movie is nt bad,coz i like to see his psychopathic act!

I just realized that we had GRA twice this week..Nice,really enjoying myself this week!We kinda spent a lot on arcade game last tuesday,since most machine cost us RM4.Moscow indeed the most expensive city in the world!Doesnt matter,pleasure comes 1st ayte??

Scenes at the arcade~

paan,di,reza n shashi

shaun n me

Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan is a well-known singer here in Russia.Heard a few songs of his.Ok la,he can sing.I can say he has a beautiful voice.Somebody dedicated this song to me. Я тебя помню = I remember you.Well,mainly the song is about this guy who always remember this gurl.Duh,u can even guess that by looking at the title itself!

Этой волшебною , бархатной ночью
Я не могу уснуть , что - то мешает
Может случайно , а может нарочно
Только тебя опять я вспоминаю
В небе загорится новая звезда
Яркий луч её взлетит ко мне в ладони И ,
возможно , ты почувствуешь тогда
Я тебя помню , я тебя помню
Это наедине кажется странным
Может быть , эта грусть утром растает
Сердцу порою так непостоянно
Только тебя сейчас мне не хватает
В небе загорится новая звезда
Яркий луч её взлетит ко мне в ладони
И , возможно , ты почувствуешь тогда
Я тебя помню , я тебя помню
В небе загорится новая звезда
Яркий луч её взлетит ко мне в ладони
И , возможно , ты почувствуешь тогда
Я тебя помню , я тебя помню .

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Interesting Physio Lecture!

Yesterday[070507] was really such an outstanding,superb lecture by Prof.Vaguin,our physio lecturer.The topic delivered was 'Sex function in the human being'.At first it was like a typical info on female menstrual cycle.We kinda learnt it d whole time,in bio form 3&5,bio 1st year and also in histo.I think even the guys r experts in our cycle.And the lecture goes bla3,hormone this and dat,secretory phase and wuteva so on....

Suddenly,he talked about libido[sexual drive]..Whoa,ppl stopped writting and looked into his eyes with sudden intrest!He did mention 9-18th day of cycle r d dangerous days for it might cause unwanted pregnancy.What make us burst into laughter was he used the statement that we female began to search male partners few days before the dangerous days!Well, the guys enjoyed it more than we did for sure.

Owh,and this is an interesting info.Our sexual drive is actually driven by androgen[male hormone].This essential hormone is what makes a female attracted to male.Too little of this hormone makes female dodging any sexual contact from male and nt wanting to have kids.

Then we move to male reproductive system,and he made another joke by drawing funny picture on male sexual organ.We laugh again.Actually I cant even remember hw many times we laugh,seems like every 10mins.Then,he was talking bout why younger women like older man.It's bcoz older men hav high testosterone,high libido.So basicaly they are a sex machine gun.Younger women need some searching to do during the dangerous days,and the older men fits!since they cant make these women pregnant.Not for me,obviously.But I did laughed,coz it was funny.

There is an experiment made by the scientists on how important sex behaviour exposure in a community.2 young monkeys of the opposite sex were brought up without the presence of adult.So when they reach puberty,there is no sexual intercourse taken place.Then they introduce an experience male monkey inside the cage.Only 1 time of witnessing the event makes the monkey able to perform the intercourse.Well Vaguin said it's important to noe the right way of 'doin' it by watching movies or etc.No way!Lots of ppl dont noe where to stop after having this kind of entertainment.And I wonder,if these ppl hv a wife,hw his wife ever gonna compete wif the gurls the husband fantasise everytime he watches porn.Euww,disgusting!

Anyway,it is an eye-opening lecture yesterday.The 1st time ever I didnt yawn or fall asleep!
Everybody was like over-excited on this lecture,both guys n gurls.Learning human behaviours and mechanism are somewhere somehow interesting!=]

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Crystal-Hunting Day!

Wohoo!!my cousins started blogging,and im like SO happy[felt we kinda hv a special COOL connection all of sudden!] my fav cousins who have just started blogging[kayrun n ieka],keep on blogging!!

Well today I went to cristal factory which located somewhere far fr Moscow.It took us 5hours of travelling to reach there.Hmm, KL-Johor is even nearer since it only took 4h30min by car.But it is a worthwhile effort since the cristals there are considered very cheap!

We push off at 5am,reached there by 10am..Shopping for 2h till 12pm and then headed home.Reached Moscow by 5pm..Owh,b4 the journey begin,we prepared our own bfast n lunch since there's no available food source nearby there.My roomates and I prepared egg and sardin sandwiches and nasi goreng..In the bus,our activity solely restricted to eating and sleeping!

Bought only 2items there,a vase and a bowl.Wish I could hv just bought more,but then maybe next year..1st trip,a bit blurr and unfamiliar wif crystal speciallities..Gonna borong them next time for sure!

Mine are only the colourless standing bowl on ur left and red vase on the very right of this pic

tengok dari atas!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Break-ups; How To Survive Them

Stumble across this page..might share it as well..

The loss of a relationship can be incredibly hard - you can feel so much pain. There's not only the grief from losing someone important in your life, but the pain of seeing your hopes and dreams of a future life together disappear as well. Sometimes this is the hardest part - having to totally readjust your view of how you saw your life unfolding in the next 5 to10 years. Suddenly, you can't see into the future and it's scary.

Feeling Like You're Starting Over

You may feel like you're starting over - that you've lost everything that was important to you and you're not sure what to do anymore. It may be hard for you to imagine your life without your partner - your lives have been so intertwined.
Let yourself know that you will get through this.

Having Difficulty Trusting Again
You may find yourself questioning who you can trust, including your own judgment since you may not have expected the break-up. You may wonder if you were wrong to have trusted your partner. You may begin to question how real your relationship was because if it was real how could it be over?

Your ability to trust may feel shaky. You probably trusted your partner, and expected your relationship to last. You may feel alone and abandoned, even if you're the one who decided to leave.

While it takes time, you can re-build trust in yourself and others again. Even though this relationship is over that doesn't mean that you were wrong to trust her/him, and even if you were that doesn't mean that you'll make that mistake again. You can learn from this.

Having an Identity Crisis
You may experience an identity crisis, not knowing who you are any more without your partner. Not necessarily because you didn't have your own identity while in the relationship, but that your relationship had become part of that identity.
This too will change and you will feel more secure in yourself again.

Feeling Triggered

Break-ups can hurt immensely and shake us to our very core. They can throw us right back to the feelings we had in our first relationships - the ones we had with our parents.
If as a child, your relationship with your parents were loving and supportive, you may find yourself wanting to be with them, even wanting to be a child again when it felt safer and easier.
If your relationship with your parents was difficult, lacking, or abusive you may feel some of the feelings that you felt with them (even if you weren't aware of them as a child.) You may feel as though you are drowning in grief and feelings of abandonment. If you feel as though you are being punished or that the break-up means that you are unloveable, or unworthy of love, you are probably triggered - those are messages, beliefs or feelings that usually originate in childhood.

At times of loss, it is very common for feelings, beliefs and memories from past hurts, traumas, and losses to come up. Not only are you dealing with the present loss, but your past losses as well. No wonder, it hurts so much! And, there are ways to cope with triggers.

How To Survive The Triggers

It is really important that you try to separate out which of your feelings, beliefs and responses belong to the present situation and which ones belong to the past. This is hard to do when you're feeling overwhelmed but it can also help you to feel less overwhelmed. Separating past and present feelings will help you to attach less of your pain to the break-up and can help you to feel more hopeful about getting over this break-up, because maybe you are not as upset about the break-up as you thought. You're still just as upset but it can be helpful to know that it's not all about the break up, that some is also coming from the past.

When you know that you are triggered (past feelings and issues are coming to the surface) you can find ways to comfort or reassure yourself, or to deal with those issues in other ways. The first step though is to separate the past from the present.

Ways of separating the past from the present include:
Ask yourself where your feelings are coming from, and notice what you become aware of, including later on in the day.
Notice whether your feelings are familiar to you - whether you've felt this way before - and if so remind yourself that some of your feelings are probably coming from the past.
Spend time being aware of the past origins of your feelings if you know, and if that's not too overwhelming for you.
Let yourself know that even if you don't know where all of your feelings are coming from, it's likely that some of how you are feeling is from the past.

Stages of Grief

You will get through this, even if it doesn't feel like that right now. Grief moves in stages - it has a beginning, middle, and an end phase. It might help to know where you are in the process.
In the beginning, you may feel in shock, denial, or numb. It may be hard for you to believe what has happened. It may be hard to make sense of it all. You may find yourself expecting to come home to your partner or for her/him to call at a regular time only to discover that's not the case any longer. It may take awhile for you to fully comprehend that the relationship is over.
During this phase many people operate as if the relationship is still on even as they grieve the loss. For example, even though you may be really upset, you may not have fully accepted that the relationship is over. Deep down you may be waiting for her/him to come back. (People do this even after a death, it's normal.) This period of disbelief or shock is the body's natural protection against pain.
You may try to get back together even when you know it's over. You may go over and over in your mind and with everyone you talk to what you think led to the break up or what might have made a difference and resulted in a different outcome. This is the “if only” stage - “if only I had...or, if only I hadn't...” we might still be together. If you are doing this, you are likely trying to make sense of what has happened, trying to understand and take it in, and trying to change it too. It's hard to take in that a break up is permanent. You'll need time to fully absorb this reality.
At this stage, you may have trouble remembering things, focusing, and feeling a sense of purpose or direction in their lives - you may feel as though you are drifting through the day. This is a natural initial reaction to loss.

The Second Stage of Grief
The second stage involves feeling fear, anger and depression. This stage often lasts the longest and can be filled with feelings of insecurity, panic, worry, crying, anger, and feelings of depression. Some people don't allow themselves to feel, while others have trouble letting go of how they are feeling. Both are essential - feeling and eventually letting go.
Some people worry that if they let themselves feel that they'll be overcome with emotion and never come out of it - they'll drown in their feelings and not be able to function. Others feel their feelings but can't seem to let go of them even after a lot of time has passed. Either way, it's important to give yourself permission to feel and at some point to let go so that you can move on.

In the beginning, you may think that you will always feel this way, but you won't. Your feelings will pass. You'll discover that the time between down periods increases. Too often with break-ups we don't feel that we have the right to feel upset much longer than a few weeks when the truth is it usually takes longer. I have found that grief tends to run a cycle of at least one year unless of course the relationship wasn't very important, was short-term, or you were grieving before you actually left her/him. But, if you spent a number of years together, and the person was important to you, even if you're the one doing the breaking up you can still be grieving for approximately one year. Of course with very long term relationships, it can take even longer to feel back on your feet but it is still possible to recover.

The Third Stage of Grief
This is the stage where you begin to accept that the relationship is over, and that you're going to be okay. You realize that you haven't thought about your ex-partner in awhile, and that without realizing it you are moving on. You've gained back some of your zest for life, and are beginning to see a future ahead of you.
Sometimes the process involves a little movement forward and a little back. This is okay and perfectly normal, after all you need to get used to your forward steps and occasionally may need the comfort of what you were feeling before. Try not to be hard on yourself, change is not a linear path. It's full of up's and down's. It's okay to feel good and then feel hurt and angry again, especially if you see her/him in the community or dating someone else.
In the acceptance stage, you've done a lot of thinking about the relationship and the break-up and you realize things that you hadn't before. You understand yourself better, and you aren't as angry or hurt. You find yourself laughing more, and feeling hopeful. You begin to notice that you're feeling better and that you are ready to trust again, or at least to try.

Try not to lose faith if you fall back into a funk - each time that you feel better will have an accumulative effect. Grief comes in waves - up and down.
Sometimes letting go just happens after you've let yourself grieve and rage and whatever else you need to do. Other times, people have to deliberately and consciously focus on letting go. It is tempting to hold on, and scary to let go. Saying to yourself that you are letting go of your ex-partner can be helpful. Interrupting yourself when you get stuck thinking or talking about her/him and redirecting your focus onto something else is all part of letting go.

Filling your life with activities that you enjoy - creative, playful, sociable, soulful activities - are all ways to nurture yourself back to health.
Breaking-up can feel unbearably hard and so permanent. Let yourself know that you won't always feel this way and in the meantime let yourself grieve your losses fully. You will feel stronger and lighter for having done so.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Raja Pemaisuri Agong rasmikan Sekolah Seri Puteri!!

high gle sspians..fuh,ni bangge nih!Gambar adlh sumbangan piya..

fr utusan msia...
CYBERJAYA 10 April – Penstrukturan Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri (JPN) merupakan proses berterusan dan dilaksanakan mengikut keperluan semasa yang sentiasa menuntut kepada perubahan.
Menteri Pelajaran, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein berkata, mereka yang terlibat dinasihatkan supaya tidak bimbang kerana beliau tetap memberikan keutamaan dalam memartabatkan profesion perguruan.
Beliau berkata, penstrukturan semula itu bertujuan memastikan sistem pendidikan sentiasa mantap dan boleh dibanggakan.
“Jangan bimbang dengan apa yang mungkin berlaku kerana keikhlasan saya untuk memartabatkan profesion perguruan tidak berbelah bahagi.
“Kalau kita tidak melihat penstrukturan secara berterusan, kita akan ketinggalan dan saya harap semua pihak memahami bahawa ia satu usaha berterusan,” katanya.
Beliau berkata demikian pada sidang akhbar selepas majlis perasmian Sekolah Seri Puteri oleh Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Nur Zahirah di sini, hari ini.
Penstrukturan semula JPN yang melibatkan kemasukan Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik (PTD) telah menimbulkan bantahan semua kesatuan, pertubuhan dan badan dalam perkhidmatan pelajaran.
Wakil-wakil kesatuan dan persatuan yang mempunyai kira-kira 500,000 ahli itu sebulat suara membantah kemasukan PTD yang disifatkan menimbulkan situasi janggal kerana mereka tidak berpengalaman menerajui JPN.
Yang Dipertua Persatuan Bekas Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Malaysia (PBPPM), Abdul Manan Mohd. Noh berkata, banyak perkara perlu dirundingkan terlebih dahulu bagi mewujudkan situasi menang-menang kepada semua pihak.

Pemaisuri Agong and the board of ministeries

our teachers in uniforms!funny,haha

Our principle during my time

Hishamuddin and my juniors?

ni la piya,penyumbang gambar

Something's Gotta Give preview

Well this is tiring..Pena has to read biochem because she failed mcq test on wednesday.Pena felt bored reading biochem by now,although she just started reading..Pena misses her routine on thursday nite,where she would just lazying around,watching movies and series,and seeing her roomates suffer reading biochem..Now Pena is one of them..

Pena started to kacau Shaun.but then,Shaun just woke up and felt hungry,so he went food hunting..So Pena had to find other sources to kacau.Pena wanted to kacau emy,but emy was busy doing something(other than studying),so at last Pena started blogging..
Crap,this is a piece of crap!

Owh,Pena watched this wonderful film the other day..Something's gotta give..Were aired in 2003,but i missed it,so i watched it last friday..Let me give u a brief summary on this film...

Harry Sanborn is a wealthy New York businessman who has a habit of dating women under 30. When he and his latest conquest, Marin Barry, drive to her mother's Hamptons beach house on the coast, however, his life turns upside down.
Expecting to be alone, Harry and Marin are surprised by Marin's mother, successful playwright Erica Barry, and her sister Zoe (Frances McDormand). After an awkward dinner, the night turns disastrous when—during foreplay with Marin—Harry has a heart attack and is rushed to hospital. The handsome young doctor, Julian Mercer , tells Harry to stay in the area for a few days, and so Harry ends up staying with Erica. Their differing personalities initially make for awkward living arrangements, until the two begin to get to know each other.
Soon, the two have fallen in love, however their very different lifestyles—Erica's determination to be single and independent, and Harry's constant desire for new women and experiences—combined with the fact that Harry is dating Marin and Julian has fallen for Erica, leave the two struggling to deal with their current relationships with others, but also work on their own. Marin soon breaks up with Harry after she suspects that he's in love with her mother. However, the break up is not out of anger, but rather she wants her mother to be able to have a relationship with him and for her own life to move on. Harry and Erica spend yet more time together and the relationship they have with each other gets even more serious. However, Harry's improving health means that he no longer has to stay with Erica, and in a very awkward decision, he heads home.

Meanwhile, Marin receives news that her father, Erica's ex-husband who she still allows to direct her plays is getting remarried. Although Erica is unaffected by the news, Marin is devastated, exhibiting self-centred behaviour which implies that she is the only one this concerns. She pressures her mother into going to dinner with Marin to see her ex-husband and his new fiance. At the dinner Erica is the life of the party until she sees Harry at another table with another woman, and is crushed, because she realizes that she still loves him. Harry spots Erica and tries to convince her that the woman was just a friend and that they weren't in a relationship. In the argument that follows, Harry suffers from what he believes is another heart attack and is rushed to the hospital where he is told that it is only a panic attack but he must rest if he doesn't want to end up in the hospital every week. The female doctor tells him that if he was her 'Dad' she would not want him out alone so soon after a heart attack, clearly emphasising his age. Harry goes home in an attempt to get some rest.

Erica on the other hand, also goes back home and breaks down to tears. However, although she is heartbroken, she figures that the events that are happening in her own life, would be great to use in a play, and thus she starts to write a play on the whole experience. While at lunch with a friend, presumably an actress, Harry hears her ramble about a new play that she is auditioning for and starts to summarize it while explaining how funny it is. Harry nearly chokes when he realizes the play is about him and rushes to the stage where it is being rehearsed, and sees Erica. They don't manage to heal the wounds that have been made however and Erica tells Harry to get on with life.

The story then opens up six months later in Paris where Erica is spending her birthday with her new boyfriend, Julian, whom she met when Harry had his first episode. Harry shows up to the restaurant where she is eating because of an agreement they made earlier, that they'd spend their birthdays (Erica in January, Harry in February) together in Paris. Harry and Erica are extremely happy to see each other and once again realize how much they love each other. Erica's boyfriend however interrupts when he enters the restaurant a little late. They never have time to really tell each other their true feelings until hours after the dinner.
While Harry is gazing over a canal in the Paris night, Erica pulls up in a taxi. She gets out and explains to Harry that Julian figured that they both still loved each other. Harry and Erica kiss and it's assumed that they get married. The movie resumes about a year and a half later at another restaurant in New York. Erica and Harry are eating out with Marin and her new husband with their year old daughter.