Wednesday, June 27, 2007

PD trip

I got TANNED!Went to PD yesterday wif ezy n dayah.And dats it,now my skin has 3tones- red for the face,dark brown for my elbow down to fingers n fair skin for what underneath my swimming trunk!We bathed there for bout 5h ++,haha lame kn?Anyway,it still doesnt suffice me for that long 10 months without beaches n sea in Moscow.Well,Pulau Redang is still there in the list.Next stop,Redang Island!=)

Since I just transferred the pics to the comp,there're a few pics of us at the airport upon arrival.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Routine Summary

It's been long since my last entry,been less than a week though!=p.So I thought y dun I give a brief info on wut ive been doin here in msia since I arrived here.
Starting from day 1-20 june,my arrival.3am

1.Day 1,reached home.Slept at 7am,woke at noon then had my bath again n headed straight to shopping mall
2.Day 2,went shopping again.
3.Day 3,ma n pa had to work.Since the house still need some repairing,pa brought me along to the office.Cant left me home ESP wif the workers.
4.Still day 3,balik Ipoh.From day 3 to day 5,Im in Ipoh.
5.Day 5,back in KL.Had lunch at midval n went window shopping a bit.
6.Day 6,accompanied Ezy to Pusat Spastik.

Owh,well today something embarrassing happened.Teman Ezy to Pusat Spastik.Voluntered to accompany him since I got nothing to do at home besides watching tv.So,when we reached there,Ezy asked me on whether I would like to see the kids.I said, 'Ok,we just pass by their classroom ayte?'.'Yup'Ezy replied.Then,as we walked pass by the classroom,my sandle putus.Shit!I left wif no choice.Walked to the car barefoot.Seriously,dat is really embarrassing!Luckily it didnt happened when we were at shopping mall or some other places where I'll meet somebody I noe.

Lesson learnt,leave extra shoe in the car.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Still Counting

1 day left..Went out to Arbat Street,rechecking 'what to buy' list n I got it all!Met a few malaysian claiming to be Pak Lah's team.Had a short talk then we went our seperate ways.Come to think of it,it is a waste for not taking the chance to meet Pak Lah since they already organize a dinner wif students.They're carrying out the event exactly on the same day I have my flight.Not many of us actually hav the opportunity to meet PM but the craving to be back home is higher than meeting this famous man who doesnt even noe me.So there u go,balik rumah WINS!haha

Our outing pics~

Eating russian cuisine

Suppose to be famous russian's name??I dunno
Fatt keeping me accompanied

budak poyo

Gosh!!Papa told me that if I applied doing elective in his clinic,he can arrange flying wif heli if I want to..ala, but then I dont want to do attachment alone,it's frightening!Interesting stuff I can do according to him are taking blood daily,chamber training n fly centrifuge..Tempting really..Tp malas lak since need to write formal letter.

This summer gonna be another exciting hols for me since gonna hv my car..Xyah rebut dgn Ezy..Papa has his perdana,mama has her accord,well Im gonna force ezy to take kia and then gonna hv honda for myself..HAHA(evil laugh)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Counting Days

Well people on earth!!Behold the existance of Pena.Acknowledge me,since Im coming back to Malaysia within 2days.Whee!!(though it's kinda scary too-->for d two of us,only we noe what i mean)

Yesterday,we officially finished our 2nd course n ready to go on rocking d 3rd course.2nd year has been fun and entertaining.A lot of free time,a lot of hanging out together and a lot of drama!(only those who participate gonna grin hearing this=p).Dear fellow groupmates,Im gonna miss u.Wanie n KS,already been missing u when u left last nite.My roomates,will be missing u guys too=(.So pliz,let meet up n have fun according to what we planned.No more empty promises like last year.N Im totally sorry n nt gonna repeat my unforgiveable behaviour last year..hehe,u gurls noe dat Im all tied up last year=p.But this summer,pliz2 call me out.If not Im bored to death!

As for today,we went out SHOPPING!What a wonderful feeling.Bought stuff for myself since already baught mama-cristals ezy-t shirs wawan-toys farra-barbies papa-tonnes of cherries n strawberries(papa yg mintak ok,is nt me who wants to give him cikai present)..Shouldnt think bout hw much i spent since it's gonna make me feel like OUCHH!!!Owh,felt it just now..Ouch!
So KS n wanie,for u i attached down there my arrival outfit this year.

indecisive..which 1 look much better?red or brown..It's just a matter of giving d 'oversea impact' on my family..haha

Instead of making poyo pose,should try 'kunun2 cute' pose like emy..Pics was taken while waiting for the bus.On our way to Physio's final.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Ok,ni kitorg dh kebengongan sket..di sebabkan id yahoo wanie is muslimahbestari then we came out wif muslimah-something for everybody in this room

wanie-muslimah bestari
ks-muslimah eternity
emy-muslimah sejati
fatt-muslimah berkualiti
diba-muslimah mithali
pena-muslimah xjadi
ok,for pena they came out wif such unreasonable nick name..mmg jahat tol!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Missing the group's routine

2days left..15th june ->physio..browse thru pics of my groupmate..saje2 nk upload..but only d pic of 3angels,hehe..xde keje

officially finished medical care

On the women's day

Movie day out

On the way to red square

During our physio class

And Im missing all the drama going on in my group...

At McD Pushkinskaya.Our group's fav chilling port

Monday, June 11, 2007

Rindu rumah

UNPRODUCTIVE!That should describe how my day went today..Nevertheless, I managed to call my parents..Miss both of them lot2(hehe,time exam br rindu=p)..Spoke to papa that PPIM is having symposium somewhere in Kota Bharu.
Then papa asked,'PPIM?tu bukan ke persatuan yg nk sebarkn fahaman PAS ke?'
'Ntah le pa,fena pn xtau,org lain sume join,fena pn sebukla join gak'
'Owh,itu ape yg papa dgr la.Diorg kate sbb MMA(msian medical association) byk org cine yg pegang jwtn,so diorg pn bukakla PPIM.Dh la doktor pn sikit,buat 2group plak.'
'Owh,macam tu ke..'I dunno hw to respond to it,since I dont even care if PAS or wuteva party wants to spread their phylosophy.All I care about is to meet my friends and having fun.

Anyway,the converse above is not really the main point..What excite me the most is,they planning to bring us to Pulau Redang this summer!!Yay!!They making me miss home even more..I'll definitely get sun burned like last year(after went back fr P.Perhentian).The only different is I dont gained weight as much as I did like last year.My dad was so bad that he mocked me bout my weight.Oh n wawan too.Wawan said,'Welcome to the club'.Fat Club.

Though I didnt manage to be thin like I used to in high school,at least my weight now is proportionate with my height.Rindu rumah,rindu rumah!!!Yesterday,the guys(room110) were making BBQ.It deliciously superb and taste like BBQ chicken u buy in Msia.So I spoke to papa,y dont we make BBQ ourselves later when Im back in Msia.Papa said ok,but if it doesnt taste good,u have to finish it no matter what.Hehe,last time when we were small,papa always made ikan bakar and it taste bad.So bad that we refuse to eat it.Then papa had to eat it all alone.Haha, mmg anak2 yg kejam.Mulut xde lesen.Xpela,dh besar2 ni,mmg mjadi anak yg sangat baik=)

Today's mood: sangat rindu rumah!!!


8.20pm - I was walking happily downstairs to do the laundry.On my way,I saw my juniors holding a plate full wif currypuff.On my left,Im holding my dirty laundry and on my left my washing powder.As I went downstairs,I swung my hand to n fro.In my head the song Kiss the girl by Ashley Tisdale was played.Then, *debuk* my washing powder fell down the stairs and it caused a lot of mess!The juniors were suprised and offered me their help.Embarrassedly I said,'No,thanks.It's ok.'I blushed.Suddenly I heard mama's voice(makcik yg tlg jage hostel).I tried to clean up the mess,but I couldnt.Bantai cincai2 je,then I left the scene..Sape la yg kne nnt,habis la die..haha..I ran down the floor to find that the laundry shop is closed.Shit!!Went upstairs using another route.Fuh,Im safe.Im off the hook!X tserempak dgn mama pn..Lega...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A doctor's life

What is the life of a doctor?I personally not sure since im not officially one but as far as I can see in TV,eventhough they try to make it look like doc's life is damn busy,the docs still looked stylish and heroes to me.Let me see, House md and Grey's anatomy.I adore both leading role character played in that series.

Georgery House is sarcastic, cranky,and expresses a profound and innate disappointment in the fallibility and inferiority of other people.His marriage totally over and he's definetely having problems in dealing wif peoples..Despite his unethical behaviour,he is a medical genius and appreciated by his healed patients..
Meredith Grey,professionally shows great potential as a surgeon but struggle in her love-life as she having affair wif Derek Shepherd..
Anyway,both characters show their inadequate ability juggling between their life and carrier.
So is it truly so??Would it be our future life as a medical doctors??

Well my mum and dad told me that in life,you can only choose one path..Being successful in ur career or being a good parents.They also list me down a few 'not dat busy' specialist I can be- dermatologist and opthalmologist.So I opted dermatologist.But I surely show no interest in being specialist.I have done no research about it.For me,getting a degree is d most important now.I'll make up my mind in specializing later after being exposed to certain fields..

My mum and dad,were they life busy?Right now,not really.I can still see them in the evening like a normal parents.Especially papa,he's always home!Mama,kinda busy with paperworks and all since she's wif KKM.But I can still remember when I was small,mama been busy for most of the time.1 day she was away and the next morning she was lying next to me.When mama was on call,papa brought us to hospital,we would played together at the park near the hospital,then we said goodbye to mama.

Do I feel lonely at that time?No,not really.Ezy is around and he always teased me.When papa home,it's time for Ezy to get scared.Pay back time!haha.If papa is not around,mama is always there.So ok la,takde la teruk sangat life as a doctor ni..Anyway,they're both goverment servants so their life might be less busy.Papa said the busiest time ever being a doc is in ur junior years.As you become seniors,of coz u hav greater responsibility but u can leave staying back part to the juniors unless ure a surgeon.Surgeons have to be prepared since u cant schedule when will ur patients get sick.They can just be sick and needed an emergency operation in d middle of the night.

Ok,Im just damn bored and need some getaway from this boredom for awhile.Studying is really exhausting ,boring and stressful since Im not enjoying it.Well,anyway thanx for reading this crap!Have a good day!=)


Sape yg buat ayam BBQ tu..sedapla,nyum2 =p.Thanx a lot,really appreciate it..

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Friday, June 8, 2007

Still Standing!

Wanie officially had just finished her 2nd year course and ready to move on to the 3rd!Right here in my room I can hear her scream over something( I dunno,might be a movie she's watching)..So here I am,still standing,still reading physio (n play a little=p),still bearing the stress of studying..6 more days,and all this misery will come to an end..6 lOnG,DuLL, dePreSSing days..6 more days of patience gonna help me get through this..But,today somebody breaching d law of floating week.That somebody has an exam next week and been spending time splendidly by playing around and having fun!That particular somebody who went shopping today!Pena yg jeles sbb duduk kt umah blaja..Pena staying home because she thinks she need to compensate all the precious time fled yesterday nite when she was having girl's talk wif Emy..Seriously emy,we talked from mahgrib till subuh then went to bed..The funny thing is,the nite before,we were planning jogging at 6.30am on the next day..Morning left us sleeping soundlessly in our warm quilts..The sun shone so bright that it woke me up and then the learning process took place...

What is my tasks after posting this blog?
Studying..sob2..jeles dgn wanie

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jesse Fever

All of sudden,after biochem I had this craving over Jesse Mccartney..Been on U-tube for more than 2hours watching Jesse's videos.And I hv learnt that he's been expose to celebrity life since childhood in a soap drama called All My Children.He also a member of boy band Dream Street in early 2000.His acting and music career both rise adequately as he made a debut album on Beatiful Soul and also been nominated by Grammy Awards for his TV appearances..He's already taken by actress/singer Katie Cassidy..

Due to Jesse Fever,this whole week we'll tune in wif Jesse's songs.

Jesse n his girlfriend..He's '87 and she's '86.No wonder she looks older

Whoa ho,dream street..Cute boy band


Pak Lah kawin lagi

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi akan melangsungkan perkahwinan dengan Jeanne Abdullah, 53, pada Sabtu ini, demikian diumumkan oleh Pejabat Perdana Menteri hari ini.
Majlis akad nikah hari itu akan dilangsungkan di kediaman rasmi Perdana Menteri di Seri Perdana di sini dan akan dihadiri oleh keluarga terdekat sahaja, menurut kenyataan berkenaan.

Jeanne dilahirkan di Kuala Lumpur pada 29 Julai 1953 dan merupakan anak sulung daripada empat adik beradik. Beliau mempunyai dua orang anak perempuan, Nadiah dan Nadene.
Beliau menerima pendidikan di Sekolah Menengah Assunta dan mempunyai pengalaman luas dalam bidang pentadbiran dan perhotelan, serta pernah bertugas sebagai pengelola kediaman rasmi Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan pengurus Kompleks Seri Perdana.

Agaknye Pak Lah kenal time die jd TPM kot....

Monday, June 4, 2007


Pak Pandir dan Taik

Nak dijadikan cerita, suatu hari pakpandir melalui satu lorong yang keciksemasa hendak pulang ke rumahnye.
Entah macamana, di tengahperjalanannye tadi dia terjumpeseketul taik yang masih panas. Tapi dia masih konpius sama ada betul kebende yang dia jumpe tu seketul taik.
Oleh kerana kemusykilan yang teramatsangat tu, pak pandir ambil keputusanuntuk mengkaji sampel najis berkenaan.
Pak pandir tengok ngan lebih dekattaik tersebut, lalu diaberkata, "Bentuk macam taik."Lepas tu dia pegang pulak taik tu,lalu dia berkata,"Lembik...macam taik."
Lepas tu dia ambik sikit taik tu laludia hidu taik tu, lepas tu diaberkata, "Bau macam taik."Oleh kerana pak pandir ni masih ragu-ragu dengan taik tu lalu dia punmengambil keptusan untuk mejilatsedikit taik tersebut.
Sebaik sahajadia menjilat taik berkenaan dia punmenjerit...

Kisah Mat Salleh dengan Awek

Pada satu hari,ada la seorang awek nikan terlanggar seorang mat saleh,lepas tu apalagi dia pun minta maafdengan mat salleh tu begini:
Awek : I'm sorry….
Mat Saleh : I'm sorry TOO…
Awek : (awek ni jawap balik) I`mSorryTHREE
Mat Saleh : (mat saleh tu dalamkebingungan dan bertanya)What Sorry FOR?
Awek : (awek ni pun jawap lagi) I'msorry FIVE….
Mat Saleh : (mat saleh tu pun dalamkebingungan dan terus bertanya lagi)ARE YOU SICK?Awek : (awek dengar mat salleh macamnak marah aja..awek pun jawap) I'msorry SEVEN….
Mat Saleh : (mat salleh tanya lagi)You must be having Stomach ACHE…
Awek : (awek jawap) Im sorry NINE..
Mat Saleh : (mat salleh naik panasterus jawap) Im sorry TEN…

A gay and a plumber guy

Some jobs can be dangerous, even for a guy.


Getting 4 for finals is indeed my mark..The only mark I deserved is not lesser or higher than 4..I totally fine with it,never a regret or expressing negative emotion towards it until today,on my biochem..For these 2years living in Russia studying medicine has taught me that it is okay to be average in the society for I havent felt it for the past 5years in SSP..So I learnt that life is indeed like a wheel.Once ure on top and then at the bottom low.So last year I realize Im no longer own the higher seat of social status and I have to pay the debt-get use to be an average..

What's making me so upset?Basicly because I can answer all the questions,and she didnt point out my mistake until dat 1bottom question where I misunderstood the question's requirement..So she read the question out loud to me and on the spot I realized that I gave a non-related answer and I said the correct 1..So she said yes,and asked me to write down the formulas(gluconeogenesis n glycogen synthesis).At the side there on the corner,I wrote the formulas.After that,she went through my formula and give me 4.Ok,there u go,4.She's the easiest teacher I ever known in that room and I got 4!Yeah,I bet some other ppl even got 3 from her but hello,they didnt manage to answer the Q whereas I got to answer her Q!

Basically I made me felt like Im nt smart or anything that holds the same meaning.Then,I said to myself,Im not dumb.It's just,things happened for a reason.I dont noe it now,but later I might.It calms me down everytime I felt things havent gone my way or the way I planned it.What had happened was the best thing that could happened to us.It is fated,it is destined.For I cant change what others think about,I persistenly convinced myself that I am not ordinary,nt even close to it.I am beyond average,I am unique.

By stating all the facts above,I declare myself that I am no longer bound to inferiority complex that have been running through my mind since this afternoon..The thing that got me all awake in this evening regardless the fact that I only slept for 4hours last nite.So to people who read this,I am ok,I am fine now.Thanx for wasting ur time reading my expression of dissatisfaction and annoyance for what had happened today.

Telah menyambut Hari Gawai dgn makan pizza di Pizza Hut=p