Tuesday, August 14, 2007


PD, Redang, Tioman then PD again??Seriously,Im getting a lot of tan for these 2months.Hope 10 months of total coldness will improve skin colour.From super dark to drophead fair=p,.

After lunch today,took a tour around kl.Got nothing else to do since Im home alone.Did all the housekeeping yesterday,so nt really into house chores today.Then I decided to stop by Tmn Tasik Perdana.So may changes,a lot of new exciting playground built.I could swear I played there even when Im already 16!

Wow,I just couldnt believe I grew up so fast.I grew up here,in the hearts of kl.Here in the playground.I could still remember papa brought ezy me n wawan there in the evening.Of coz,Farra was nt born yet at that time.

Now,Ezy has his own partner,his gf of coz.Wawan has become as tall as I am (man,he hasnt reach adulthood but still reach my height!wonder hw tall he could be).Farra,she still small.She sees me as perfect.She idolize me a lot.Which is so nt true.I hv too many flaws n always werent satisfied wif wut I am nw.So nt good for her to idolize me.And for me,I felt nothing has changed,just the fact that I am an adult nw.

My life has been exactly like what I dreamed of.It turned out great,Im very grateful for that.As for my lovelife, it wasnt goin so well.But hey,you win some you lose some.Well,doesnt matter,it'll come,slowly.Just be patience for the time being.

2more weeks n Im heading back to Moscow.I dunno what awaits me there this term.Funny,coz every year unsuspected things happen.What will happen next year?Anyway,definitely gonna miss home.All my loved ones r here.Hope I wont cry this year,coz when the lights turn off n evrybody went to sleep,I felt homesick.Nah,it will turned out fine,I noe emy will always makes me laugh even if she tells me sad stuff.Sorry emy for laughing when u told me u lost ur wallet n hp.I couldnt stop smilling when I saw u at the airport last year.Haha.

Everything gonna be fine,for as long as you keep ur friends close to u.Emy,Ks,Diba,Wanie n Fatt,welcome aboard to 205 year 07/08.=)