Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Congratulation pa.
This is surprising really.I didn't expect any of this.
Syukur, alhamdulillah..
Papa,Im proud of u! =)

p/s: dh dapat kad raye from tok,pah,chu n mak normah!hepi2 =D

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Im all tense up!It's like I have so much to study that I have problem in concentrating one.Too many info, too many to memorize.And Im freaking out.All this mix emotion I have is driving me CRAZY..Stress3x!!I hope I wont be panicking again during patho anat..Sigh...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Usual update

Today during pathology anatomy lecture,the RTM crew members took video on us..Wow wee wuu!!~=p.A lot of thing has been happening in Moscow lately.When I came here 1st year,the astronaut programme started.N now,it's coming to an end.I am not sure if they still have any follow up after this.But if they have,it'll be great.Coz knowing Sheikh n Faiz have been a great pleasure for me.sen

Yesterday,during the Russian class,my russian teacher congratulate us for sending an astronaut up there in ISS.She actually impressed with Sheikh coz he's a orthopedic and most importantly the most handsome astronaut she ever seen.Then I told her,he was a model also.Her admiration grown higher.Then my big mouth friends started telling her that I know him n he's been to our hostel for few time.Well u see,my teacher had a misconception on this.She asked q like this..Ur parents know him?I said yes.Then,her face lighten up,'boyfriend?' she asked.I blushed there and then,and said..No no,we're just friends.My father is the director in charge with this programme.My nakal friends were so excited to play jokes on me like this.Damn,jahat betul..Blame Reza,he started all this!(haha,reza name ko tlh di mentionkn di sini=p)

N owh,since Balqis moved in to our group,we're getting close to each other.She's a kelantanese,and Im half-blooded kelantanese half-blood perakian n totally KL=D.
So,by getting close to Balqis,I actually grow fonder on my kelantanese side..Owh no,my Perakian identity which Im so proud of is diminishing..Perakians,help!Haha,I was just kidding here,not trying to offend any perakians or kelantaneses.Besides,Im both!

p/s:to u whom had received my raya poscard,sile la balas2 poscard tu!=p
(dedicated to u-know-urself-whom-Im-referring-to) =D

Sunday, October 14, 2007


What makes this raya different from other raya?
1.My roommates and I put on our new baju raya.Xmain la last season baju raye.
2.We've grown older 1year,yet beauteous =p
3.Surprisingly I gained weight unlike any other raya before where I manage to loose some
4.The embassy was cheerful and lively,with reporters,politician and VIPs..

Though every raya is different from the previous raya,they share a lot things in common
1.We went to embassy for solat raya
2.We had makan2 n a lot of makan2
3.We had photography session.Mainly for friendster n sending some to family and friends
4.Went back to hostel,held open house and more makan2.
5.Chat till late night,telling jokes and stories..

I enjoyed my raya but not the extend of enjoying it to the max since I have colloq on Monday.Patho anatomy has slacken the joyful and exuberant celebration of raya

Here were some pics taken on 1st n 2nd day of raya~


Raya 2nd day

The blossom flowers of group 9=)

The j-pers with matching partner

3rd year students

Budak ni xnk turun2 after ak dh dukung..Cam nk patah lengan ni..isk3


Bergambar dgn Dr Zul
Kitorg xde pape k,cume bj matching je=p

For more pics,go to sarah shukor page,wanie n fattniniey.=D

Monday, October 8, 2007

That's When I'll Stop Loving You - n'sync

Gosh,I really can't believe that I would actually hear this song again..
Love this song whole lot..

When winter comes in summer
When theres no more forever
Yeah, that's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop loving you
I'm sure you've heard these words before
And I know it's hard for you to trust them once more
You're afraid it all might end
And a broken heart is scared of breaking again
But you've gotta believe me
I'll never leave you
You'll never cry long as I am there
And I will always be there
You will never be without love

When winter comes in summer
When there's no more forever
When lies become the truth
Oh you know then baby,
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop loving you yeah

As long as sunlight lights the sky
Light of love will be found in these eyes of mine (these eyes of mine)
And I will shine that light for you
You're the only one, I'll ever give this heart to
What I'm trying to say is, nothing will change this (ahh..)
There'll be no time you won't find me there (find me there)
Cause I will always be there
You will always have all my love

When winter comes in summer
When there's no more forever (yeah)
When lies become the truth (ohhhh)
Well you know then baby,
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop loving you

And when this world doesn't turn anymore
When the stars all decide to stop shining
Til then I'm gonna to be by your side
Gonna be loving you forever
Every day of my life


Well you know then baby
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop lovin'

That's when I'll stop loving you

When winter comes in summer
When there's no more forever
When lies become the truth (truth... yeah)
Well you know then baby,
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop loving you (ohh..)

When winter comes in summer (yeah)
When there's no more forever
When lies become the truth
That's when I'll stop loving (well you know then baby)
That's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop babe
I'll stop babe
Loving you

Saturday, October 6, 2007

More makan2

I looked at the time,11.10am. Alamak,dh lmbt ni!I quickly dress up n stuffed all my patho physiology books in the bag,then dash off.I ran n ran all the way from hostel to uni as fast as I could,but of coz it's not continuously running all d way,I need to gasp some air.Im not fit like I used to!I realized that.There's r a lot of intervals in my running..hehe=p.But still,I made it on time.Prof is not there yet.If not,I surely prohibited from entering the class.Yes, my effort(strenuous physical exertions) r worth it!Though the pakcik2 at the market gave me a strange looks(for running like hell),for all one is worth..=D

Nway,the purpose of today's posting is a brief information of what me n my roommates did last thursday.We held a berbuka treat for JPA's 1st year stud here,since they r all consist of our former schoolmates.We're in the same age.We were enjoying ourselves that night.But Amy(my schoolmate) couldnt make it that night.She had some health's issues.Nevertheless, we tapau the food for her,so at least she get to taste the dishes served.

Okay,there r few pics taken.Here it goes~

pena fatt n balqis-melepek kt katil fatt

ni daos afi n davai mbelasah katil wanie

ni kitorg beramai-ramai menjahanamkn katil diba
Yes,nmpknye katil aku terselamat dr di nodai..haha=p

ni mknn2 yg dihidangkn,only a portion of dishes seen in this pic..othr dishes served were nasi aym n spaghetti..we had air bandung served too!slurrp,sedap2=D

p/s:this sunday Jappers will have mkn2 kt embassy lg=)
owh,jappers stand for JPA's scholar..ntah sape ntah introduce term tu

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

Tiring Weekend

Seriously,last weekend was the most tiring of all.Supposedly my weekend r usually spend by watching movies,playing games,lying on the bed,calling back home and all sort of indoor activities.Too lazy t go out since 3rd year is the busiest year and i have class till Saturday.So practically I'll miss my weekend if I went out on Sunday!Get it?Weekend = relaxation.If dont have time to relax = no weekend.It's not like Im boring or a dull person,it's just I need at least 1 day to recharge back my energy for the following week.

On Saturday last week,we had berbuka at the embassy.The food was nice n terawih was great too.Got the chance to meet new faces(the 1st year stud) n the familiar faces of coz(the seniors).Had fun,we had lots of conversation,help washing the dishes,taking photographs.Basically,that's the routine when u go to embassy.Later that night,around 11.20pm we reached our hostel.

Back in the hostel,my 2 good friends were waiting for me.Impatient to spill the summary they made about this 1particular matter(more like gossiping=p).The funny thing was,she made it like a counseling session.I was about to have a rest on my bed,then she push me.She lie there n said 'Ok, u can now proceed'.Haha,I was laughing.Then, I continue to play her game.'Alright, how do feel?U see,Im sorry for facing the laptop instead of making an eye contact with you,since Im jotting down medical history'.Then she laugh since she noes that I was actually chatting online n not paying attention to her.

At midnite,we celebrated Balqis birthday.It lasted for 1hour.Then went back to my room again.That night,Amy had her sleepover here.We havent met for years since INTEC,n there's a lot of stuffs to talk about.The conversation lasted up till 4am.It was still wasnt enough.But due to our plan to wake up early and going to Ashan at 9am,we adjourn it till there.

With only 4h n 30min of sleeping,we forced ourselves to wake up n gettin ready.Went to Ashan,bought all the necessity stuff,then went home.Poor Amy,she knew nothing bout russian language and completely depending on me to buy all the stuff needed.I know how it felt,away from family,didnt have a good grip on the language,different surrounding.....Haih,u felt like u're alone.I hope I really did my part as her friend.Lessen a bit her grief..

In short,eventhough i didnt have time for myself,Im glad that I relief the burden carried on my friend's shoulder.That's better than lazying at home for self benefits.=)

This is funny..We were trying to pose like Heliza(kunun2 mate bulat n comel)but the outcome is hillarious=p

Was waiting for taxi.Near our hostel.Off to embassy~

Posers after terawih

Posers before moreh=p