Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Few Favorite Things

Tagged by Odah,which i came to realize it when reading syez's blog=p.5 fav things eh??Hmm....

1.The most anticipating winter break!!Gosh,gimme a break,pliz3..Im exhausted here..learning, reading, exams..Arghhh!!!My head gonna explode sooner or later.Cant wait for hols to come.Besides, Spain n Portugal r waiting =D

2.Can I include people in this list??If I could,it would be Dr Lupin.Haha, my fellow groupmates might be laughing reading this.Not that Im obsess with him.But he is so young n handsome n impressively equips with skills.How cant a girl fall with this knowledgeable good-looking doctor.U noe u do to..(referring to fatt, emy, diba, chao yi, di n balqis).U see,a long list of female docs into him=p..haha.

Man, I cant even complete it till 5.Cant believe my life is so dull n nt interesting.But hey, I can write a long list here,but it is not things i suppose.More to people,friendship.That is more precious than all this high tech stuff i have.
Is it possible to include studies?When it comes to practical part like watching an operation,meeting patients..Yeah,I love it!

p/s: went to unity game last sunday.Jd bidan terjun for netball.GS plak tu,haha.Wish they had basketball,definitely will join it.Nway, hepi hr ahd tu..=p

Monday, November 12, 2007

Updating n committing

For awhile,I thought I've lost my passion in writing blog.Too lazy to update but hey,I've promised myself that I'll be pouring so much effort in this and be committed to this blog.

So what happen to me lately~

1. 4 girls(me, mili, fatt n diba) has planned our winter vacation trip.To Portugal and Spain.We already had our trip's schedule and our budget plan.We bought the flight tickets already.
Here comes the PROBLEM, mama knew about this plan since it slips through my big mouth during our last phone call.She figure out that there is no guy with us.She wasnt happy bout it...SOLUTION: still in progress..

2. Went to dr zul's apartment the other day.Damn high class the environment!Surely cost a fortune that place.It doesnt belong to him nway,Msian government rent it for malaysian officers.We ate nasi dagang. Best!Nyum2.

3. Feeling a bit blues lately.Im worried about my studies n Im too lazy to revise.After a lesson is over,i will never touch that book again.If the workbook is incomplete,it stays the way they are until there's urgency of completing it(like colloqs).So the worries began to multiply during exam weeks.All the unresolved doubts bout the topics learnt began to accumulate,and the tension will definitely rise sharply.Owh I should get over my high school life.Im no more the brightest among all!sigh...Ordinary is good,so be content with ordinary.

Winter break,hurry up will u??!
When will be the end of 3rd year?

p/s: im in love with XOXO gossip girls..glad u like it too atil!me like it whole lot!Esp d thing btwn lonely boy n S.=))

kate2 semangat : if she doesnt make u feel important,u can do the same too

Saturday, November 3, 2007


1stly,to layla n fatt: I did it already..pliz refer to stuff bout me

Well as for today posting,I would like to talk a bit bout my cousins.I was a bit touch when I saw a comment from kayrun on myspace.She's been missing me, n I miss u2 couz!=(

Makinuddin's family(my mum's side) kinda big.Cousins consist of 20ppl.And in these 20 ppl, we have 3clicks.The older society,middle n d youngest.Im in the middle society.
In these middle society,we consist of 2teams- girls team n guys team.Haha,too many classification ayte??
As u all can guess,the girls team will be fighting always with the guys team.During childhood of coz!Not now=p

The guys team~

The girls team~

All grown ups now!The older couzies are taking turns to get married.The mid,all counting years to start graduating.And as for the youngest society,havent pass PMR yet.Well, I love this family.Big n loving.Funny n consist of hotties!haha

2nd day raya in Ipoh.Fena,k.Na, abg eddy, abg apis,k.Ida, k.Anis, zarith, abg.shahrul, abg hedir,adzim were nt in this pic.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Super BZ

Fuh,it has been a tiring month!October I mean.3 weeks of continuous colloq starting with path anat then path phys and finally today, microbe n pharmaco.I have less time for myself n spending most of the time 'flirting' with books!=p Though I've been flirting with books a LOT lately but still, I failed to 'tackle' the facts.And I ended up being blur during oral test!

I'm sorry for not returning msgs or chat online.Been busy these 3 whole weeks.
Seriously,3rd year is tough and I keep on complaining to mama.Mama said that I should have finished what I've started, 1 year will pass quickly like how the other years has passed.Be patience.
Alrite, I am patience ,I am calm.I'll get through this.2 months have passed,8 months to go....

Owh,what I enjoyed the most during these 3 weeks is that we learnt catheterization the other day.Feel so cool suddenly,hehe=p

p/s:introducing baby dania.kak Anis nye baby.comey2=)