Saturday, December 8, 2007


Hello everybody!Such a lovely greeting as I am free from any test next week.Only for next week,as the following week will be a strenuous one again.Sigh...Gosh,now i noe why my parents enjoy lazying around at home during the weekend.After going thru a long lasting fatigue working days that week,all u can think about is rest as much as possible to compensate those energy that has been sucked out..

It is life without a life..No more cheerful outing coz eventually an outing will give me extreme tiredness at the end of the day..Was reading a blog from a friend of mine just now.She was describing herself as a nerd..Well, i think im becoming one,or is it i already am one?This is confusing,coz i find it hard to consider myself as a nerd.Admitting one feels so wrong.But studying is what i do most.Thinking about exams give me a shiver,though the studying efforts have its long latency but still,exams frightened me a bit..
Exam symptoms : euphoric (sometimes), narcoleptic, depressive state, lethargic.
And there is also post-exam symptoms : movie marathon, increasing talkativeness, long hours of deep sleep.

Im lost suddenly,what am i trying to deliver here?Owh I remember,supposedly I have to study for pathophysiology as I have class tomorrow.Instead,Im writing a post.Deep inside,i was battling against my unwillingness to study.I lost.I was blog hopping, became a facebook n friendster stalker,and watching sinchan.

p/s:1. microbe final is in 3weeks time.Im sucks at microbe!What a boring subject.
2.went to see an autopsy yesterday.Cool!Im loving it.Brag about it to papa,he said he only ate veggie for a week after seeing his first autopsy.But in his case,it was a corpse found dead for a week near a river.No wonder he puke.I dont think i could stand it either=p