Sunday, January 27, 2008

Portugal and Spain

Alhamdullillah, winter trip 08 has been successfully conducted. Though there are some lacking here and there, but we still had a blast during the trip. And we were so excited to plan the next trip ;p! Our trip lasted for 8days.Starting from Madrid, Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Lisbon, Sintra and Evora. The people of Spain and Portugal are really warm, kind and helpful.They have been a big help for us during our stay!

What makes this trip is interesting is we were on our own there. Mama was so worried about me as im traveling backpacking in a land that don’t use English as their mother tongue. But to me, it didn't stand on my way since living in Moscow has sharpened my skills on 'communicating based on body language’ haha. Seriously, we did that!

I could say we are survivors. We survived getting around with only a map and a guide book on Spain. Fascinating isn’t it? Hehe. There, we stayed in hostels. They are comfortable modern hostels. Fully equip with kitchen and internet. We made friends also with the other tourists staying there. Well, the standards should be around that since we paid 20 euro per night. If to be converted in RM, I should be getting a room in Hotel Seri Malaysia am I right? Haha.

I realized something about the people in Portugal and Spain. The guys there are really handsome. Better looking than the Russians. I remember getting on a bus in Granada. The first time I stepped into the bus, well I thought, ‘handsome nye driver bus ni’. Then we have to changed bus to get to our hostel. As I stepped into the next bus, ‘eh, driver ni pn handsome gak?’ After several times of stepping in and out of busses, we made a conclusion, the guys are really handsome. Even the maintanence worker in metro is goodlooking. Tall and muscular ;p. Well, as for the women, the Russians are prettier. To my surprise, the people in these two countries are not so tall. Standing in the metro, I found myself quite tall than the rest. Most of them height around fatt and diba. In Moscow, I’m an average height.

The people there are warm and friendly. They always greeted us eventhough they don’t know us well. Everywhere we go will always be followed with a warm Hola greeting. Upon our staying there, we learn few words essential to us like mucha gracias, abrigado, salida, consigna and many more. In Portugal, there are few words of them similar to our BM. After all, we learnt in history that we assimilate few words from the Portuguese. We have the word almari, limau, jendela, garfu in common. When I talked with the locals, they mention to me that Melaka was once in their territory and I think they’re proud of that maybe.

Well down here are some picture I would like to share to all ;)

p/s : wanie happy birthday!hope u like the pressie..cantik tau, quicksilver lg tu..haha ;p

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Sometimes there r some songs that I wanna skip.I don't ever wanna hear it.Coz some certain songs would bring me to the timeline where i was once considering myself as the most happiest person on earth alive.I missed the roller coaster ride i was once taken. Feeling happy, heart aching, being miserable, having butterfly in my stomach, jealousy and other 1001 mixed feelings that 1 person could ever felt.I wish I could experience those again..Sigh...

Off to our trip!

Tomorrow, Im off to spain n portugal people! =) Just watched a movie 'The Butterfly Effect'. It's nt a new movie,but i came across it at flickpeek.Read the review and people rating it 4 out of 5.So i said, let's watch this movie.So we did,the whole housemate watched it together.The genre r thriller and psi-fi.What I love bout this movie is,u need to think deeply to understand it.I love this kind of setting.In the end,it turn out that Im the only who find this movie inspiring and brilliant!My rummates dont.It's a great movie, u should watch!

I haven't done any packing yet,MALASnyee...I'll do it tomorrow,promise=p.
KS  sibuk je  nk tanye!hehe.

I don't wanna go anywhere tomorrow.Gonna stay home the whole day.
Tired of going out each day, I enjoying myself lazying around in bed.Though Im on holiday,I find it hard for me to do my laundry or tidy up my clothes in the closet.This is what u call total relaxation, meMALASkn diri. Yes, sgt best! I dont ever want the classes to start just yet.Dont start ever.I havent felt any boredom living like this.

So folks, I'll be updating more on my trip later next week.Will be posting pics too.Pray for my well-being n safety out there...

p/s : 1.The birthday of 2 important people for me gonna be soon, during my trip.So early birthday wish.U noe who u are=). Happy Birthday.Wish u health and happiness.May u grasp whatever u wanted to.
2.Gossip girl last week was really astonishingly impressive!Can cover the dissappoinment I had on the previous episode.Blair is now in the shoes of Serina back then.Cant wait for this week episode coz i wanna see how's Blair coping wif all these 'highschool social status' =p

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Foxy pena

It's already 3.35am and i still cant sleep..Due to holiday,my biological clock has been changed..I am now sleeping at 5-6 am daily n woke up at noon (the earliest that i can recall!=p)..My mum gave me a nickname for that, miss foxy fena..Hmm, sexy!haha..
Right now,daylight is so much more shorter in comparison to night..When i began to sleep,it is still dark n when i woke up,i could only witnessed 2hours of not so bright daytime then it is dark again outside..Cool!Im officially the creatures of the nite..=p

For the past 2days,I've been going out..Went to IKEA to buy stuff n for the sake of just being out of my room.Coz i found my room as a cozy n comfy place to hibernate but Emy just couldnt stand the sight of me lazying around in bed doing nothing for days..So i decided that i need to get a life,went out to shop..

We bought a cupboard for our house..The cupboard hasnt been assemble, so the great pena n superior ks,were joining forces,hand in hand contribute in fitting the component parts together!Well,soon these 2 people thought that if they couldnt make it as doctors,they would turn out great in being carpenters..Nah,in ur dream pena!hahaha..

The next day,after went shopping in IKEA,we were out again..We were on a search for shops that can repair acer's laptop..We never been to that place before and it's -17C outside..We couldnt afford to be wandering around or being lost in these kind of situation.Remember,it is DAMN cold outside,any mistake means fatal..haha,kidding.It might not be fatal but getting urself in the cold for hours in -17C is really torturous..Trust me,u wouldnt like it either..We need a proper planning..So we search for d map n studied it carefully..The outcome was satisfying!We managed to be at that place without being lost.That was really cool and adventurous ..Independent yet manage to be successful!=)

So there it is,the life of pena during winter hols..Pena's nite life were spent majority on playing uno game,movie marathon, k-drama, mengumpat,playing games, n other non-beneficial activities you could ever came out with=p

p/s:watched gossip girls,wasnt that thrilling as i anticipated..I was expecting more sweet scenes from rufus n lily or any moment that would make that episode such a cliffhanger.Instead,they present us a flat drama.I couldnt sense any twist there.Such a disappointment! Sigh....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Birthday N a Happy New Year!!=)

30 DEC 07

First of all,I would like to take this opportunity to thank my roommates for organizing such a lovely birthday party party for me..In fact,there's two birthday celebration..First,we had it in our room on d nite of 29 dec n d 2nd one is in d guys' room on d nite of 30 dec..Wow,it's like i had my bday celebrated on d beginning of 30 dec n also at d end of it..THANK U my dear friends...really appreciated it...
N d gifts dat i receive, thank u again...i really appreciate d fact that im appreciated by my friends..u really are a great,loving ,caring bunch of friends!!

And to mama n papa(though u nt gonna read this since i didnt tell u d presence of this blog), thank u for dat lovely bday card n d advance present!I found it so sweet of u guys send it through FedEx coz u afraid it might not reach here on time..The pak guard even came knocking on my door and pass the card to me,real special kn kn??hehe..
And sorry for ruining ur surprise..U guys stay up to give me a call but i called home 1st..That is really sweet too,ur princess really2 appreciate that!

Addi, Im just glad we've cleared up our misunderstanding..thank u for coming n thanks for d gift..i like it=)..

31 DEC 07

To my beloved brother, Mohammad Izzi Zahari - Happy Birthday..U're another year older n i hope u'll be another year wiser..n i do hope u lost ur cuteness or jambuness since even my friends here mistaken u as my younger brother, that is really a big OUCH for a women to hear..So be OLD brother!!!I command..hahaha..
U're 21 now..Be mature!N where's d picture i ask u to send me??it's alrite,send it later..I noe u've been bz nowadays..Even for ur bday,u didnt come home..But i noe u're in good hands since hidayah is always there..hahahaa..=D..Tk care of urself bro..I love u n i always adore u since d day u become my brother..

1 JAN 08

it's a NEW YEAR!! Happy New Year people out there!!I hope it will give u health, prosperity n lots n lots of happiness..
A semester has gone,n another semester yet to come..After that,i'll be coming home again..Home again after a year has passed..Home again to see d familiar faces i have missed..Home again to mustered d strength to be strong again n remember d reasons of my whole life-long journey..
thank U people for a great experience n memories of 2007..

Bye year 2007
Welcome 2008