Sunday, March 30, 2008


Tests over, yay!! So I'm gonna have 2weeks of test free, before the next pharmacology colloquium take place. A weekend not to be contributed to studying =). Last night went to see futsal league, since Diba participate in it, we roommates went there to give support. But as happened before, just as soon as we stepped in, the referee blew his whistle indicating that the match has ended. Anyway, it is the thought that counts kan? Hehe, at least that is what I thought.

At first I was kinda reluctant to go out, but after considering for the last few weeks I've been staying home and do a lot of I dunno, studying, so I said to myself, y don't I just go out and have fun tonight. After all, I've been watching 3movies non-stop, I'm to tired to repeat the same activity again. It was a right choice made, I have fun. Instead of just watching futsal, I get to play badminton and kicking football. And the best part was, later that night, Fikri belanja makan. We reached home around 1am. Since today we starting to use day-light saving time, kirenye smalam we reached around 2am. Lambatnye!! =p

Hmm, I went through all my pictures 3-4 years back, and noticed I've been gaining a lot of weight. If I met SSPians, they'll say something like this ' Eh, dh berisi sket'. No joke man, I've been getting that everytime. Last year, I ran into my mum's friend, and she said 'Lain pulak skarang ni, dh besar sket'. Haha, what to do, my eating habit is hard to cut down, and Im not as active as before =p. Compare picture~

Monday, March 24, 2008

Testing Skills

On Saturday 22nd march, was damn bored. So I went all out to find something interesting to do. End up with trying out Paan's new camera. But the pic were not good of course, amateur. Lots of pics coming up~

p/s : still excited bout Rihanna. Trouble with sleeping =p. Esok class Pena. Tido2, syuh2..

Entertaining Nite So Far

After few weeks of counting down D-day, tonight was the D-DAY! The most anticipating night of the year! My first trip to concert (well, the 1st one was when Syez brought me to AF concert, but i guess that doesn't count kot =p). What a night, so great, in fact TOO GREAT. But ironically, I've been attending 2 very contradict events in a day.

Let me tell you something, earlier in the morning, I went to a talk organized by PPIM in conjunction to Maulidur Rasul and election day for the new committee members. I went there wearing the most appropriate attire ever in order to respect the occasion held. See picture ~

Later few hours after that, I had Rihanna's concert on my list. Totally different attire worn. But of course still decent. No make up as usual (casual selebet Pena style). What a 180 degree turning of event. From religious to 'social disturb' environment. I really enjoyed tonight. Hard tobelieve in such event, Pena was spotted losing herself to wildness of music. Pena menari2 xsedar diri. Eventhough she knew she dance terribly, but who cares? This is what we called having fun!
Camera was not allowed in.That's sucks! But we managed to take few pics but with camera phone though. Pics will be updated later.

p/s : eying on other coming concert =p..Yg diminati of course, not some random artist

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bridge to Terabithia

An awesome movie by Walt Disney production! It's about how powerful imagination is and a beautiful friendship it built between this two people. It has an unexpected twist which made me flooded with tears (to those who noes me, they noe hw stony my heart is! The story really moved me). But still, it is beautifully written- the plot. Although it is just a movie with bunch of kids but it moves the hearts of all. I would give 9 out of 10 rating. So people, u got to watch this! =)

Bridge to Terabithia Movie "Bridge to Terabithia"
Genre: Fantasy / Adventure / Drama / Family
Release: 2007 February
Rtg: 8.9/10 (511 votes)

N owh, to those who wants to listen to the OST, can ask me directly from YM. I have 2. Both are pretty nice songs.

Note : Next stop, pharmacology.
After that RIHANNA! =D

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Bz week!! Exams on Monday(17.03.08) n Friday(21.03.08).
Pathology anatomy n Pharmacology. Wish me LUCK.

p/s : Rihanna concert coming up on 23.03.08
Papa off to London today,too bad he can't stop by Moscow.
Wawan n Farra down wif fever.
Kayrun is coming home for winter(NZ), so I'll be meeting u couz this summer break =)
Wondering, what is the feeling of going to work wif ur mum?
Addicted to Poker application in Facebook. I'm a GAMBLER!hoho.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dr M

Dr M: No regrets over Anwar’s jailing

ALOR STAR: Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad reiterated yesterday that he felt no guilt whatsoever over what happened to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. 

He said the video clip containing his remarks about the former deputy prime minister that had been distorted by the opposition to say he regretted the jailing of Anwar, was taken at a ceramah (political talk) he (Dr Mahathir) gave two years ago. 

“I was making some sarcastic remarks because there were still people who believed I was responsible for his jailing when the fact is, it was the court that found him guilty,” he said at his home in Kampung Titi Gajah here . 

He said that the Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser was an opportunist and would use whatever means available to get what he wants. 

Initially he wanted to join PAS. But when he saw he would get nowhere in that party, he asked to join Umno ... not that we invited him in ... I did not bring him into Umno. 

“Two days after joining he wanted to be the Youth leader, a year later vice-president and a year after that deputy president. I only got a chance to be an elected representative after 18 years in the party and a minister after 28 years. 

I was willing to be patient but he wanted to become prime minister straight away and even got his boys to take swipes at me and accuse me of practising nepotism and cronyism when in fact, he was the one doing it,” he said.  

He said that now even his close friend Dr Chandra Muzaffar was criticising him when then, Chandra had taken Dr Mahathir to task for purportedly oppressing Anwar. 

Asked about his son Mukhriz’s chances in the Jerlun parliamentary seat in the election on Saturday, Dr Mahathir said Mukhriz’s chances were bright so long as he had the full support of Umno members. 

Mukhriz is up against PAS’ Idris Ahmad for the seat. – Bernama 

at 6:34am on March 6th, 2008
Attended PKR ceramah p/raya last night, just out of curiousity n since they held it just outside the housing gated area... cakap berapi-api and stuff.. their boys were chanting away REFORMASIsss (?!!#@!) even went all out to play the said Dr Mahathir's video clip over and over. Desperate measure. Stupid Opportunist. But hey, if there's any consolation rindu kpd Dr M terubat sket.. its like back in the old days - we get to see Che Det on the news etc..,on TV. Rindu terubat sket ;-) WE MISS YOU TUN !!!

Chat up with few ppl/neighbours.. Chinese, Indians (the Malays present lasnite seemed to be staunch supporters of DSAI (the 'has been'). The sentiment is the same. Malaysia/ Malaysian were 'okay' 'good' 'better off' we were fine under Dr M's reign... Consumer prices kept in checked, we stood tall as M'sian.. potential harm n harm done to the country Tun had boldly n handsomely 'tai-chi' them away... the spirit of Muhibbah was evident... but noww aaaaaaaaaahh...!!! WE MISS YOU TUN. 

I noe I heard it somewhere when I was in standard 6.(regarding the newspaper cutting).

This term election shocking results r due to this 1 person. THANKS to KJ!

blajaq2 la bersabaq, xkn nk ikut org tu kot.xsabaq nk jd PM =p

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Keratan Akhbar Utusan


Gaji doktor naik 2010

PUTRAJAYA 5 Mac – Bermula tahun 2010, semua pegawai perubatan yang menamatkan latihan siswazah selama dua tahun akan menikmati gaji baru membabitkan kenaikan kira-kira RM1,000.

Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan, Tan Sri Dr. Mohd. Ismail Merican berkata, dengan kenaikan itu gaji pegawai perubatan lepasan siswazah akan meningkat kepada RM3,028.90 berbanding RM1,999.19 yang dinikmati hari ini.

‘‘Dianggarkan seramai 2,000 pegawai latihan siswazah lantikan 2008 yang kini mengikuti latihan akan menerima gaji baru itu pada 2010,” katanya dalam kenyataan di sini hari ini.

Beliau menambah, di bawah skim perkhidmatan baru untuk pegawai perubatan itu akan menyaksikan gred gaji pegawai perubatan lepasan siswazah dinaikkan ke UD-44 berbanding UD-41 sebelum ini.

Menurutnya, langkah itu akan memendekkan jangka masa kenaikan pangkat dari gred UD41 ke gred UD-44 yang sebelum ini mengambil masa antara enam hingga lapan tahun kepada dua tahun sahaja.

‘‘Urusan kenaikan pangkat ini dijangka melibatkan tambahan perbelanjaan sebanyak RM1.7 juta setahun,’’ katanya.

Beliau menambah, pada masa sama bagi pegawai perubatan gred UD-41 lantikan sebelum 2008 juga berpeluang mendapat manfaat kenaikan pangkat ke gred UD-44 dan UD-48 dengan lebih cepat melalui pelarasan yang akan dilakukan sewajarnya.

‘‘Proses ini pula akan membabitkan lebih 7,000 pegawai perubatan dan perbelanjaan sebanyak RM9.8 juta,” katanya.


Looking foward upon graduation day 2011..hahhaha..Only after 2years of housemanship we get to enjoy the increament of our paycheck!

Monday, March 3, 2008


People,do u believe in reading horoscope?I noe I don't. Never bother to noe anything bout them. Except when they're in magazine. I do read them sometimes..hehe. So here a story I would like to share to all viewer.

1 day, as I opened my mailbox (at fster), there's this 1 msg from an unknown guy. The message was written like this "STABLE". So I replied to this guy, what do U mean by stable? There goes the flow of our conversation. He is superstitious, he confessed to it. But I'm not. He asked for my birthday details,to prove to me that he can simply describe me by just knowing the detail of my birthday. I think it won't do me any harm,so I gave it. Y not,let see what the horoscope would tell about me, I told myself.

Well, just received his prediction about me. Weird, but it is kinda true. But I guess it isjust a  coincidence. It might suit me but maybe not to other people who r born on 30 dec. Let us see the qualities that a capricorn who r born in 30 dec. I'm not sure if it applied on others capricorn as well.After all,  I noe many people who's Capricorn especially Jappers..hehe

-since u were a little kid, u love adventures, always looking for something new,something bigger than u ever witnessed,u love to expand your mental wide spread,explains why u love medic,those related with psychology,observation n PHILOSOPHY,keeping your mind wide open
-when u r feeling low,u keep feeling good by smiling or enjoying movies,which can bring your smile in a tragic way
-u r civilised person inside,although people think that u r kinda conservative,but actually u know u right in every debate u involved because u consider everything and keep your mind wide open
-a person who is trying to act as an intelligent in front of you could consider as a fool,hahaha,n i konw u r right(Capricorn always win)
-in love,u love sharing everything with your loved ones,your principle,mind-set,opinion and thoughts,n u expect he will be an open minded person too
-u r watcher,means u discussing some topics,you will put yourself in the same situation, n at the same time u put yourself outside the situation,for a larger point of view
-u like to do something with a fresh start,speed,accuration, n spontaneous,n sometimes u want to be the first of all things u've done,n u'll getting boring faster than everybody,but u r good in taking first action,n people may not realize those qualities in you
-u r positive-never look back-your past is your past(stable)

u knew big things much better than anyone,but u never show it to anyone else,you will only be a great quality just in front of people who you think you deserve to show strength..

every inch of it is true! conservative, smile in a tragic way, bout getting bored, love, nvr look back.Gosh, everything is correct i tell u! But unfortunately, my I still decided not to believe in reading horoscope. It does excite u when it tells correctly, but I noe, many of it is just some random facts. It might hit u n it might not. Do tell me if u find these qualities fits u =p

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Eating ur meal while watching a movie? That is just great. Fulfilling ur hunger need in a relax enjoying way. But having fish full of bones for dinner and set ur eyes on screen for movie, was never a good move. U'll end up chocking. Yeah, now I noe since Im experience it an hour ago.

I used a big spoon and eating it carelessly. My eyes are all laid on Adam Sandler and Jessica Biel "I now pronounce u Chuck n Larry". 10 minutes later, 1 piece of fishbone was felt in the middle of my throat. I'm panicking. Draging my two other friends Wanie n Diba along. The 2 straight running to the kitchen and made me a riceball and force me to swallow it. Didn't work.

Attempt 2, swallowing a mouthful of water. No use. I can still feel itching at my throat. Attempt 3, go stick ur finger inside ur mouth and throw up. Negative. My face went all red, and tears start dropping. Im no bullimic, I just don't noe how to do it. I started to cough a lot and what make it worse was suddenly there was blood along with my sputum. Panic attack button pushed.

Diba n Wanie panicked as well. Both of them started to call other people. Their advise are the same. Eat riceball. This time, Diba made me a very big riceball. It was hard to swallow but it works! No more fishbone irritates my throat.. Wanie n Diba, thanks a LOT! It was really life saving.