Monday, April 28, 2008

M2M - Marit Larsen & Marion Raven

Remember M2M? Its Norwegian famous Pop Duo dated back in 2000 with their hit album called ‘Shade of Purple’. I still have the album, I guess, somewhere in my room, just need to do a little bit of searching.hehe. I has almost forgotten about them, until 1 day Diana lend me her Ipod, and I was listening to M2M’s hit single 'What U Do About Me' from the 2nd album, ‘The Big Room’. It was my first time hearing it, and fell in love with it right away. Reaching home, (my hostel of course) I downloaded Shade of Purple album. Intended to download the 2nd album but the file was corrupted. Since then, I can’t get enough of M2M. The songs just stuck in my head, and keeps on playing again and again.

Then, my journey of searching more and more about M2M begins. M2M was disband after their 2nd album didn’t get much sale.Due to this, Marion Raven who was offered a 1 million contract to be soloist, decided that this is her call. So there, she left Marit, whom has been her best friend since the tender age of 5, and move to NY. Marion has took a different path of passion by getting involve in Rock genre. Her music is influence by artists like Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson etc. And new makeover too, I can say looking hot and sexy!

As for Marit, she took few years of silence and in 2006, she is back again with her new solo album called ‘Under The Surface’. Still in the same league – pop. But she define it as Pop with no rule. There’s a bit of country in her music. As I studied the lyrics of her hit single ‘Don’t Save Me’ rumors has it that it is her frustration towards Marion for leaving her over money, I find it quite convincing. If that is really how she felt, poor Marit.

I find both as equally talented and beautiful. I can see Marion is different now, and I prefer Marit more – since she stay decent, humble and I love Pop music. Anyway, I think the breakup is a good thing since as I observed their interview M2M clips, Marit is always overshadowed by Marion. Marion always gets more attention. So now Marit is finally set free, and being a soloist, she shine too! Too bad, her album is only released in Norway. I’ve heard the album, overall it’s a great album as I grade songs for their meanings. Hey, she wrote all her songs! (Nway, both M2M albums are wrote by themselves too – they started writing and recording shade of purple at the age of 13/14. But it got released worldwide 2years later).

I am now officially a fan of Marit!

p/s : Yay, test free already! (mind u, only for a while, since a month from now is the final exam). Please don’t be too happy. Orang kate hepi2 sgt tak elok =p. On Thursday till Saturday are public holiday!( Labor day)Planning for an outing, later we find out what k? On Sunday, Pharmaco class- ganti cuti hari Jumaat tu.

Hmm, sape kat class td complain aku post tazkirah ni? U noe who u r. Want me to expose u here? Hahaha =p

What You Do About Me

Maril Larsen 'Under The Surface'

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kisah Pemilik Roti

I've prepared another tazkirah again. In case we needed somebody to give tazkirah after solat mahgrib. May u gain something from it. Here goes Kisah seorang pemilik roti.

Dahulu kala, dikisahkan la, ada seorang warak ini yang beridah selama 70 tahun. Dia ni beribadah je kat tempat dia tu tanpa berganjak ke mana-mana kecuali 1 hari ni. Al-kisah nya pada satu hari ni, turun syaitan yang menyerupai wanita cantik mendatangi lelaki ni. Maka, tinggallah mereka berdua bersama-sama selama 7hari dan 7malam.

Selepas itu, lelaki ni terasa amat bersalah dan ingin bertaubat. Selalu lah dia ni solat dan bersujud meminta keampunan dari Allah.

Satu hari ni, dia nak stop kejap kat satu tempat ni. Cam singgah jap kat r&r tu. Kat situ adela pulak 12 org miskin tengah duduk. Dia pun duduk kat celah-celah orang miskin tu. Tak lama kemudian, tibe seorang ni yang kerjanya distribute roti-roti kat orang miskin. Semua orang dapat roti, (orang 1st sampai la ke dia) kecuali sorang je iaitu mamat yang duduk sebelah lelaki ni. Mamat yang tak dapat roti ni pun tanya kat org yang agih-agihkan roti tu ‘ kenapa aku tak dapat roti?’ org yang bagi roti tu jawab, ‘Ini je roti yang aku ada, semua dah habis dah untuk hari ni.’

Lelaki yang bertaubat itu pun pandang je roti dia. Lapar memang lapar jugak tapi kesian la pulak tengok mamat sebelah aku ni. Lalu, dia pun bagi roti dia tu kat mamat lapar tu.

Esoknya, lelaki yang insaf tu meninggal dunia…..

Kemudian, ibadahnya yang 7o tahun tu ditimbang dengan maksiat yang dia but 7malam maksiat lagi berat. Lepas tu, timbang pula dengan kebaikan dia memberi roti tu, kebaikan lagi berat.

Oleh itu, segeralah kita menginfakkan harta ke arah jalan Allah. Selalu lah kita bersedekah kawan-kawan, mana tau jadi macam kes lelaki ni ke. Kalau kita terlalu tamak an bakhil sebab nak kumpul harta je kerja nya, nanti sendiri yang menyesal..

p/s :At this exact moment I'm thinking about a documentary show i used to watch back home on Discovery Channel. If I'm not mistaken the slot called Human Science (am not too sure). Interesting how science describe why men attracted to women who have curve, blossom breast etc. And also what type of guy that women desire during their ovulation aka maximal peak of libido. Many other interesting fabulous topics were aired in that slot. If I have the time, maybe I'll post a thing or two in this blog. Making my blog more educational..hahaha, in case u readers tired of reading my daily routine..hehee

Patho anat colloquium is on Monday, need to study STUDY and study. Best of luck to me! Till then, a tout a l'heure (toodle-oo)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Tonight I'm in charge in delivering tazkirah. After browsing the net, I think I'll pick this story on "Kisah Seorang Pendita"

Ini adalah kisah seorang wali Allah yang memang terkenal kerana doanya selalu demakbulkan oleh Tuhan. Namanya Ibrahim al-Khawas. Dia memang biasa menziarahi Mekah tanpa kenderaan dan kafilah. Tiba-tiba pada suatu hari, dia tersesat jalan dan pada ketika itu, dia terjumpa seorang rahib Nasrani (pendita Kristian).

Lalu, rahib Nasrani pun tanya sama ada dia boleh turut serta dalam perjalanan ke Mekah. Wali Allah ni pun kata, ok join jela. Mereka pun meneruskan perjalanan bersama-sama.

Dah 3hari mereka berjalan tanpa makanan. Rahib Nasrani ni pun dah tak tertahan lagi laparnya, lepas tu dia nyatakan kelaparan nya kepada wali Allah ni. ‘ Aku sebenarnya tak tahan lapar ni, dh 3hr tak makan. Berilah aku makan dgn apa-apa yang kau ada’. Lantas, wali Allah ni pun berdoa kepada Allah ‘ Wahai tuhanku, jangan lah engkau malukan aku depan seteru mu ini’.Belum sempat doa dihabiskan, dengan serta merta turunlah makanan yang sedap2. Dua orang ni pun makan dgn gembiranya.

Lepas tu, mereka pun meneruskan perjalanan mereka lagi. 3hari berlalu lagi. Kini, giliran wali Allah tu pulak meminta makanan dari pendita Kristian tu. Pendita Kristian tu pun berdoa, lalu turun makanan dari langit seperti makanan dulu tu. Wali Allah tu berkata ‘ Demi kemulian Allah, aku tak akan menyentuh makanan itu sehingga kau memberitahu hal yang sebenarnya.’

Rahib tu pun berkata ‘ Semasa aku bersahabat dengan kau, aku telah memeluk agama mu. Sesungguhnya sebelum ini aku telah banyak membuang masa dalam kesesatan dan sekarang ini aku ingin mendekatkan diri dengan Allah’ Maka suka hatilah wali Allah ini mendengar penjelasan rahib tu tadi. Mereka pun sambung berjalan ke Mekah.

Mereka pun tiba di Mekah dan menunaikan haji bersama-sama. Beberapa hari selepas itu, rahib itu meninggal dunia. Sedihlah wali Allah ni kerana kehilangan seorang sahabat. Malam tu Ibrahim bermimpi berjumpa rahib ni. Rahib ni kelihatan begitu berseri-seri sambil memakai baju sutera. Ibrahim pun bertanya ‘Bukankah engkau ini sahabat aku kelmarin, apakah yang telah dilakukan oleh Allah terhadap engkau?" Dia menjawab, "Aku berjumpa dengan Allah dengan dosa yang banyak, tetapi dimaafkan dan diampunkan-Nya semua itu kerana aku bersangka baik (zanku) kepada-Nya dan Dia menjadikan aku seolah-olah bersahabat dengan engkau di dunia dan berhampiran dengan engkau di akhirat.’

Begitulah persahabatan di antara dua orang yang berpengetahuan dan beragama itu akan memperolehi hasil yang baik dan memuaskan. Walaupun salah seorang dahulunya beragama lain, tetapi berkat keikhlasan dan kebaktian kepada Allah, maka dia ditarik kepada Islam dan mengalami ajaran-ajarannya."

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jappers' potluck

Opened my friendster account, Zarith dropped a comment. So then I clicked her page and saw this 1 new uploaded picture. Baby K.Anis. OMG, sgt comel okay!! Geram2, rase nak peluk2 je. She is yet to meet aunt Fareena..hehehe, dh tue rupenye aku ni =p

19 April 08

Jappers' 3rd year potluck. Hmm, yummy! The guys cooked Nasi Ayam and salad, while the girls made few desserts. First, we held a meeting and after that EATING!haha. We played a game called Mafia. It's almost as the same as Pembunuh n Polis ( yg main kenyit2 mate then mati tu). I get to be mafia twice, and I dunno y, they get to point me out as the mafia. They told me it's all written on my face. Haih, down je.. Even when I get to be a spy, they voted me out thinking I'm the mafia. Xpaham, xpaham.

18-22 April 08

It's holiday! But, we're grounded. It's Hitler's birthday, so due to our own safety, we r required to stay home, preventing any chances of meeting skinheads. Days passes by without purpose aka uselessly. No more fooling around, today I need to open my books n study as Pharmaco n Pathanat r in the waiting list ( 'tests need to be passed' list). Go go STUDYING!

Lastly, purposely wanna upload 1 scandalous picture..HAHA.. we're innocent, we're just one of the subject on Paan's photography....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Practical class

Y am I updating the blog once a week only??Guess my lack of skill in elaborating stories maybe? Like last week quote 'What's hot n buzzing this week?' Well, this is definitely gonna be hot n buzzing all these week! Last night, during futsal league held at PFU, a fight has took place. It doesn't only include cursing each other, but REAL fight man, which involve both extremities (hands and legs). What can I say, they are bunch of guys with really2 low anger threshold n really2 low maturity level. Wind up hitting each other in the face. What a gangster!

08 April 08, Tuesday

Flight confirmed! I'll be home on 27 June 08, Friday 8am. Owh, I really miss home so much. Miss the ' stress FREE zone ', n of coz all the family members.

09 April 08, Wednesday

We had Internal Disease practical class in Profsayuznaya. Learn about sounds of lung n heart pathology. Too many sounds to memorize especially heart. Due to a lot of practical in respiration chapter, I think I managed to distinguish sounds on lung auscultation. Remember Dr Pulin? I once stated him in one of my posts, n guess what, I HAVE PICTURE WITH HIM! hahaha.. He surely notice our gedikness that day =p.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pena's new look!

It's Sunday again..7 days just gone by in a snap..What's hot and buzzing this week?Hmm, must be Pencalonan for Kelab UMNO Moscow..People were campaigning, n there's a bit of 'war of words' filling the atmosphere..But as I am not registered as a UMNO member, I couldn't be bothered by it..Know only a bit, coz the guys were talking bout it in front of us (all my roomies r not members too).

30 March 08, Sunday

It's Emy's birthday. We held a party, n familiar faces are invited as usual. The same group of people seen in every event thrown by this community =p. We ate the food served and laughing out loud as Zai showing off his Geli Mat skills in front of everybody. Later that night, after cleaning up, my roomies stayed up watching Anugerah Bintang Popular. I was freaking tired, that I straight went bed to sleep. Woke up late at 9.40 am next morning, missed Patho Anat lecture n chaotically searched for my Patho Anat book, n began memorizing the mcq.

31 March, Monday

Bowling time!!! The jappers went outing in conjunction with Emy's birthday

4 April 08, Friday

Here comes Pena's new image! I cut my hair short today. Lot of people asking why, my answer is simple, I'm tired of having a long hair. In fact, felt more lighter, it is like excessive burden on my head gone in split seconds! =p. Kayrun, u'll be seeing me with my original hair this summer insyaallah.. Been receiving a lot of comments, the most unacceptable comment was from Reza.

"Ey, rambut ko macam Sufiah Yusof"
'Sape tu?'
"Ala, budak genius yg blaja kat Oxford tu, pastu yg......."
'Yg jd prostitude tu? Bengong la ko!'

6 April 08, Sunday

Playing badminton in front of our hostel. Nice weather outside +19. We played with great difficulty - it was windy outside. Adrenalin rush made me happier!
Moral : Exercise is good for health =D