Friday, May 30, 2008

1 done

Path phys – DONE. 4 subjects more to go. Then, I’m home baby, I’m HOME!

I am happy settling with 4. Eventhough there’s a slight moment that I thought I could have gotten 5. But it all shattered when Tezikov gave me extra case. A blood test result. Which when I saw a small percentage of myelocytes, I jumped into conclusion that it is Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. I got it wrong of course, no eosinophilic-basophilic association. ‘It’s Leukemoid reaction’ says Tezi. N I got 4. Couldn’t be more happier, since I was scared that I might have gotten 3 the night before.

I’ve always complained to my parents, takut exam, takut exam. N their messages to me every time b4 I took the paper are, dapat ape2 pn xpe, janji lulus! Haha, cute. Whenever I complained studying is hard, they’ll say, papa n mama pn macam tu jugak. Ape kamu belajar, papa n mama belajar jugak. Hope papa won’t drill me with pharmaco questions. I remember last year, Izzi n Hidayah will always be asked by papa on drugs name and usage. He is definitely seems excited about it.

This song is so addictive. Lucky – Jason Mraz

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Was calling mama today evening. I missed her badly that I need to hear her voice asap! Tried to called her yesterday, but I guess she is really busy considering that even at 7pm Malaysia time, she haven’t reached home yet.

Which reminds me, I was on the phone for half an hour talking with Farra. Nothing much, always the same kind of conversation like ‘ Adik tgh uatpe tu?’ ‘Ape abg wawan tgh uat?’ ‘Kat skolah blaja ape td?’ But then, later on I overheard wawan teasing Farra. I was asking Farra how long will her holiday last, since she’s having her semester break right now.

‘Cuti sampai August’

‘Hahaha, ape pulak August, lame gile cuti! Hahaha, bulan pun xtau kire’ wawan menyampuk.

‘Eh, silap. Cuti smp Julai’

‘Hahahahaha, mne ade smp Julai! Apela Farra ni, org cuti smp bulan depan.. Xpandai kire bulan, eee…’ Usik wawan.

‘Mne ade Ara xtau kire, ara silap kire jela!’ Marah Farra.

Bergaduh la pulak 2 beradik tu… Unexpectedly, I joined in with the fight, on Farra’s side. ‘Adik, ckp wawan gemuk’ Wawan gemuk!’Farra mengejek. ‘ Ara BUSUK!’ balas wawan. ‘Adik cakap wawan hitam.’ I added. ‘ Wawan ITAM!’

And the fights goes on, until I do not know when. Cause even when I was about to hang up, I can still hear the teasing continues..

Which, made me recalled those days when I used to have this kind of fights with wawan. Eventhough age difference with wawan is 6years, this endless teasing is impossible to avoid. Guess, the tradition goes on. But the subjects have changed. Wawan n Farra. Age difference 7years. Hahaha =p

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Series Casts I Like

House MD

1. House (My forever bf!)

2. Cameron

3. Thirteen

Grey’s Anatomy

1. Izzy Steven

One Tree Hill

1. Peyton Sawyer

Gossip Girl

1. Rufus Humphrey

2. Lily van der Woodsen

This posting is just for fun! N the header, was kinda bored earlier today, so I started to collect House MD casts pictures and edited them. Those who watch any of the series, name ur fav character! =)

Yesterday was totally time wasting. Watch 3movies. N there’s this 1 movie, ‘ Kissing Jessica Stein’ totally witty n funny. The storyline is a bit taboo, but hey, no NUDITY shown. So it’s okay to watch I guess =p

Thursday, May 22, 2008

UEFA '08 Final Moscow, Luzhniki Stadium

Moneywise – Ouch, there’s a big hole in my pocket

Neglecting study time for Pharmaco test – Haiya, seriously I’m gonna die tomorrow!

The Experience – Is PRICELESS

According to this one MUFC Englishman, “Mate, sometimes u just need to FUCK IT!”

Pictures will be updated later, when I have the TIME =p

It all happened so sudden, no warning, no expectation, no plan. I’m no football fan, nor ever manage to finish watching football match till the end. Any particular football team I adore? None. Me and my friends were just there to have a sneak peek on the atmosphere of a tremendous football match of the year.

But then, as the we stood by observing the crowd, we were approached by so called ‘ulat’ – selling black tickets but slightly with higher price. Guys of our group took the offer and they later persuade us into buying too by saying that it is 1 in a lifetime offer, it’ll be a great lost if we didn’t grasp the opportunity.

My heart still fix, I’m not coming in. For what? I never show any interest in the game. But then, 3girls started to buy tickets. Then KS looked at me, with eyes full of hope, “if u're going in, then I am too”. Torn between money and a lifetime experience I’m about to encounter, plus I’m a person who is hard to say no, I say YES. YES to buying ticket, YES to a seat in MUFC. (since my brother is a MU fan). U can say peer pressure is 1 of the factor too. Dh semua org masuk, layan jela..Hehehe.

We got inside the stadium compound, I’m still numb. What the hell am I doing here? Is this even real? 3 hours ago, I was telling my dad that I’m going no where, staying put in my room for the sake of my safety. Am I in dreamland? No, I am here where millions of people in Malaysia and many other parts of the world would kill for my place, my CONFIRMED seat in the stadium.

We walked around the MU fan site. It was happening, chaotic, havoc anyway whatsoever terms similar, took place there. Music was aired loudly, people were playing games, mascots were playing tricks and many other events. There was where I got my cheeks written MU from.

As it was time to find our seats, we stepped inside the stadium. There’s a lot of people. 2/3 were MU supporters and another 1/3 were Chelsea’s. Majority of them were English. They’re friendly, as expected from many European countries. Very unlikely u can see those qualities in Russians (mengomel la plak).

These people are MU fanatics. There were endless cheering, and cursing too throughout the match. The players were like gods to them, and the game was some kind of religious intervention to these people. I am seriously trying hard to describe how football means to them here! When Ronaldo scored during the 1st half, the fans were screaming hysterically, jumping and hugging everybody within their reach. A guy seating next to me, just hugged me off guard. Some were filled with tears of happiness.

During the penalties, they were so nervous, that they kept silence and were praying that the ball would be goaled in. When the ball strikes, loud cheering was heard.

In summary, I would say, I am so grateful and thankful that I was given a chance to be part of it and experienced it myself. I may or may not witnessed this again, and for that Alhamdulillah, sebab dimurahkan rezeki, for all this made possible to happen!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

UEFA '08 Champions Festival Moscow

Due to piles of books await me, description will be given later. I had fun! =)

Best of Luck

Hey there peeps! This a short post wishing u guys especially 3rd year MMA Sechenov medical students, Best of Luck in this coming final! May we survive through the hardship of preparing ourselves in exams that giving us no study leave and a short period gaps in between exams. May the examiners understood that we are normal students with short term memories and within insufficient period of time, we might have chances of not getting the answer for oral exam correctly.. Hehe =p

Below, is a picture of my group mates. Good Luck people! Let the challenge begins.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Haissshh….. tomorrow Pharmaco then the next day Path phys… No, it’s actually today morning pharmaco n tomorrow Path phys.. My knowledge of path phys r like dangerously LOW.. Warning ALERT, mayday, mayday!!!

Whining feels nice, I love to whine, which is a bad habit. Freaking out is normal I guess, especially when FINAL is just around the corner, n time for preparation is not enough.

Well, better continue studying, after all, I’ve been wasting time browsing the net.. Extremely hard to keep hand off my laptop!

p/s : This week House episode, sgt best! Can wait for next week. 1 tree hill, hmm, mcm biase je.. Gossip Girl, well what’ll happen next? Bella, dh habis dh pn.. Saye suke Scha Al-Yahya aka Sofia =p

Ezy has a blog. How long will it last? Let us just see n observe…hahaa

There’s a new chatbox.. Autorefresh. Hmm, convenient for chatting =D

Monday, May 12, 2008

Down the memory lane

I’m halfway reading Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for tomorrow’s General Surgery class. It reminds me of papa. It was the 1st time I saw him performing CPR with my own eyes. Dated back many years ago, when I was still living in Tasek Gelugor,Penang. Wawan not even born yet.

That day, was a perfect day for an outing. Since Tok, Pah, Chu n Mak Normah were in Penang, my family n Zarith’s family decided it will be fun to bring the kids out for picnic at the beach. To make the long story short, suddenly this 1 Indian guy drowned. The wife was running here n there, hysterically shouting for help. Their children whom were with their father at 1st, swam back to the shore leaving the father there alone. It was the right thing to do I guess, since the father try to grasp anything possible within his reach. He would probably grope his kids and drown them too.

Everybody clear off the sea and heading ashore. They were afraid too, I guess. Papa, Ezy and I were still in the sea, observing people getting panicked. Then papa ordered us to go to the land and find mama. We did as we told. Mama asked us

‘Papa mane?’

‘Xtau, papa suruh kitorg cari mama’

Then mama was mumbling something.. She was kinda angry with papa.

I searched for papa. ‘Tu papa, ma! Papa berenang kat org tu!’

Mama continue to mumble..

Papa brought the guy safely to the land and performed CPR. Then, the guy mouth out bubbles and regain consciousness. The wife was so grateful that she keep on thanking papa several time. Papa asked her to call an ambulance.

After that, papa came to us. He and mama was having a word a little bit far from the rest of us. I guessed mama was concerned bout papa, what if he got drowned etc. As for me, at that time, Papa really looked heroic and cool. He was the man of the day!

I wrote about him in my BM essay when I was in standard 2. But papa laughed at me, since I wrote there that he was pressing the stomach and alternately blowing air into the mouth of the victim. It supposedly to be CHEST.To me, he was, still and always be cool. I look up to him in each and every way. That is when I started to make up my mind that I have to be a doctor!

p/s : This is my 100th posts!

There is a picture. A friend of mine edited it. Might as well put it up here.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


to all mothers out there, especially to Dr. Aishah Ahmad Makinuddin.
I love U ma, thank U for shaping and molding me the way I am now.

Homesick mode : ON. I've lost all family's pics when reformatting my laptop. Haisssshhhhh. The only picture I have is Ezy's. Thanx to his friendster account. Kepada mereka, Rindu rindu rindu!!
Pre-stress syndrome, sume mende xkene... Refuse to study but still struggling and self-forcing to study..

This is my skema-looking brother. And he happen to has a skema-looking sister. Inherited rupenye. Haahaha...

Friday, May 9, 2008

1 with too many crappy topics

Owh no! The weight pointer is shifting more to right. What happen? When will it be turning to the left? Gosh, this evil fat accumulation really annoy me! Go go far away pleaaaaase… *sigh*

I remember somebody told me, the girls envy me back in INTEC. 47kg with 169cm height. Now it’s history. Man, what am I writing here? Regretting all the pleasure of massive food intake? Kind of. Huhu. What to do, all happened already….

Ok, let’s change the topic. Bout studies. Alhamdulillah, finished my Path Anat assignment on Primary Nephrotic Syndrome which include 3 major diseases – lipoid nephrosis, membranous glomerulopathy and focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. But still, I don’t know whether it fits the lecturer requirement or not. Finger crossing until my project being approve.

Family? Well, papa on his way to US now. Probably has few hours before landing. Earlier today, he messaged me saying he’s in Stockholm. Wishing him to land and be back home safely. Wawan? Hmm, that guy begging me on the phone asking me to buy him action figure which cost 100usd. Boy, if u get 8As or 7As (since u’re not confident wit agama) in PMR this year, ask me anything, I’ll surely get it for u. As for now, belajar rajin2 k. U see, akak n abang after high school Alhamdulillah, xde nk sshkn papa mama lg =p

Well this are overdue pics from last week BBQ held at the embassy. Jgn komen pape, sy dh jd minah yg ske upload gmbr sdiri..haha.. Paan le yg rajin bebenor amik gambo teman. Lagi gemor le teman mengupload gambo sdiri..hehe

p/s : I wrote this last nite. And today evening, I’ve made a morning call to papa. Called his hotel room. He still sounded sleepy at that time. ‘Hellooo…’ Then I go shouting ‘ Papa, MORNING!’. He just laughed. Hehe.

I'm wearing skirt! Very rare indeed! =p

Friday, May 2, 2008

Holidays = Have fun!

30 April 08

It’s only 1.06am, but then, I’m so tired right now that I can crash any time soon. The only thing that hold me back is, just had my shower, hair still wet, so gonna wait a little while till it dry and then only I can sail swiftly to dreamland.

Have u ever been on fishing trip? Haa, surely some haven’t right? As I recall, my 1st experience was when I’m in standard 1. Yup, in Felda Endau, Johor. My kampong, father’s side. Although it isn’t renting a boat and go to the middle of the sea kind of fishing trip, but still okay la kot even though near the stream in ur grandfather’s small palm plantation. Hehe. So today, for the very 1st time, we went fishing in Moscow!

We went to Avtozavodskaya Metro station which took about more than 1hour travelling time (Moscow outskirts plus, we were having trouble finding the place). After long hour of walking here and there, asking people around, we finally arrived at the pond (our fishing port). Then we start fishing, using pieces of bread as a bait (xmampu cari cacing gamaknye =p).

I don’t really interested in fishing so I started snapping pictures with Paan’s camera (I’m not patience enough to fish, didn’t manage to get anything, so I gave up..hahaha). What else I did there, owh yeah, finishing the foods that we brought. Well, that is just great, the guys were busy setting up their fishing rods and patiently waiting for fish where else the girls were on the mat gulping foods they set their eyes on..hahaa..

At the end of the trip, we got 2fishes. Jadila.. Better than nothing kn? Then we went for sushi. In conclusion, the joy we had today wasn’t about the fishes, but it was when we spent time together. Gosh, I really love holidays =).

1st May 08

Labor’s day, it’s a holiday people! I told u guys I’m going out somewhere today didn’t I? Well, my roommates and I went to PFU (people friendship university) for Colors of the World event held there. More or less some sort of Cultural Day I guess. Basically, there were stalls set up by different groups of students from different country, exhibit their culture and heritage. A lot of country participate there, but sadly no Malaysian stall there, since the Malaysian government didn’t recognize the University and no student was sent. Even Indonesia and Thailand have their own stalls. It was so crowded there, it’s like an ocean of people! Even when entering the compound we need to queue up.

Stage performances also exciting to watch. There are Russians wearing sari and dance like what u see on Bollywood movie is definitely interesting to see. Anyway, Russians folk dance really caught my eyes. Seriously, I just stand there and without a blink my eyes were all set on the stage. Hmm, during my 1st year here, the Malaysian once perform Asmara Dana dance there. Memang best la!haha. I was cheering like mad there. I think that was the 1st and last time Malaysian ever participate in it.

Soon, after we got tired of seeing everything there, we headed to Davi’s (Halal Indian Restaurant) and later went home.

p/s : Happy Birthday Yani (2nd May)

Mama sms saying she misses me. I know I should have call home, but last week really a busy week, and my house phone line isn’t functioning. Hope it won’t be any problem for me to webcamming today. Miss u2 ma =(

Special thanks to Paan. All credit goes to him, for the lovely pics we got up there- fishing trip.