Monday, June 30, 2008

Zaman dahulu kala

It has been a busy week, going out everyday. No I'm not complaining, I'm enjoying it too well, that I think, later when Izzi return back to college, Papa off to work again, definitely I'm gonna be bored and later start complaining! Lol.

I feel like updating. Didn't I have a new resolution regarding posting during summer break? Yeah, I'm doing it right now. Initially, I wanted to tell a bit about trip to Bratislava, but it has been so long already that I've lost all the excitement to tell. I just flipped through some old albums, and there's this 1 album mostly filled with the pictures of Izzi's and mine. He is my brother.

With age different of only 1 year, we pretty much been a good playmates to each other. Although I remember a lot of incidence regarding him bullying me, I still love to have him around. Guess, it serve me right since it has been my habit to report everything about him to papa. Lol.

When I was small, I always look up to him like some kind of great role model or something. Trust me, everything that he do, I want to do it also. He has a pistol, I want it too. He has a skateboard, I have mine too. We even have the same t-shirts but with different colours. Wait, I'm confuse. Jealousy element might be involved here. Lol.

During Ramadhan, I remember double checking with him whether he still fasting or not, if he's not, I immediately break fast too. I'm not sure if he still remember, but there this one time we watched horror movie, then we afraid to go to bed, so that night, we pushed our single beds next to each other and sleep together! Lol, those days.

Well, as for now, the issue is different. People always thought I'm older than him hence bearing the tittle of being the eldest. And he annoyingly claiming that he is looking younger than his age aka 'cute face' and said that I looked older beyond my age. I beg to differ, but many people have made this statement. So, new resolution, don't care policy. Lol. Anyway, he is a good, kind and gentle big brother, and I’m grateful to have him as MY brother =)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


There’s no place better than home. Yup, that is definitely proven correct! Well, firstly sorry to my 2beloved cousins for not calling n letting u know I’m home. Felt embarrass when u called me today =p **blush2**. Too excited being in Malaysia I guess =D. Oh Kuala Lumpur, Bandar yg ku cintai!!

A little bit about Budapest. Hmm, actually it has been quite sometime I’ve been sitting in front of the PC, thinking what to write, seriously being at home I think I lost interest in blogging, the idea hasn’t kicking in yet. That explain the absence of updates when I'm back in KL last year. Lol. I’ll try to change that this year =)

Arrived there nearly midnight. 11pm to be exact. We hurried to the Metro, catching the last train. Something did happened, kinda funny if I retell it to others, but really terrifying when u experienced it urself. What is it? No, am not gonna tell, am keeping my mouth shut! Lol. To miss Sarah, u really are certified to be our official spoke person. The award for Miss Drama Queen goes to u! Hahaa. People involved know what I meant =p

The weather, so damn HOT! I’m like squinting most of the time. Luckily I brought my cap. I lost my shades in Vienna, the very 1st place that we set foot on. The city is divided into 2 by a river. Buda and Pest. Buda is where the castle is and pest is where the folks live. The two are connected by Charles Bridge.U should see the Metro, the train is exactly like those u see in Moscow. The old ugly blue coaches. After all, the were under USSR before. The trains must be from that time.

As usual, here goes pictures!

To be continue.....

** takziah buat chickorn, ramai2 mari sedekah kn al-fatihah kepada adik nurul ashikin muhammad. Al- fatihah.....**

Monday, June 23, 2008


After Vienna, we move to Prague. 1st thing that I noticed about Prague are their signage. Gosh, the language is similar to Russian! But they didn’t use Russian alphabets, the letters seemed like Romanic. When we were getting out of the metro, heading to our hotel, we heard 2boys were conversing in Russian. I quickly hid my cap. I don’t know why I did that. We possibly didn’t want them to know we’re living in Russia with no specific reason. LOL.

Prague, a city full of historical buildings. It’s a beautiful city. A quiet city, not so busy traffic, people not rushing nowhere, very helpful people and many can speak English. Contradict everything in Moscow, heavy traffic, people rushing in every time and not many can understand English. But of course, Moscow is way bigger and a lot more modernize. After all, 4 fashion city in the world include Moscow ( Milan, New York, Paris, Moscow).

The city is well known for its Bohemian Crystals. My mum, fan of crystal, surely want 1 of those. And of course, her obedient thoughtful daughter decided to get her 1. Hahaha. Since it’s cheaper there, why not? I felt relieved after finding 1. As for papa, coins for each cities visited. No prob, all settled, except Vienna, the shop closed.

Historians said that, conflicts always revolve between the rulers and their people. Kings are said to follow everything told by the priests. Administrators were living in wealth while common people suffer from poverty. Whenever the people try to voice out their problems, the priests will stop them from directly in touch with the king. So does the king, he wanted to be involve directly with his people, but again the priests insisted in being the middle man. U see, the nobles are not so noble.

A lot of things I wanted to throw up here, but then I have probs in retelling stories and getting it done in sequence. LOL. Owh, I made a friend here too. She’s local, her name is Veronica. We were sitting next to each other on the bus to Budapest. We were minding our own business at first, keeping quiet. Then the steward made announcement in their language, and I saw her fasten her seatbelt. The announcement then is translated in English. N I said ‘No wonder u were wearing the seatbelt’, she laughed and that’s the start of long hours conversations. Trust me, she’s really talkative and friendly. She did all the talking, and even asked whether she’s giving me a headache. I’m like, ‘No no, not at all. I love to hear ur stories. Beside, I prefer to do the listening rather than talking.’ And she also mentioned that she loves my features. I replied, I love European features too, different hair and eyes color unlike Asian, only black. Well, the grass on the other side always looks greener.

Let see some pictures! =)

p/s : I'm going home today! WEEE!

to be continue......

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vienna, Austria

Alhamdulillah, I am very thankful and grateful for given the time, strength, ability and opportunity to plan this wonderful and exciting journey. Well, due to summer and long hours of bathing under the burning sun which the temperature is usually above 32⁰C, I got tanned and darker. Good news is, we are now physically and mentally prepared for weather in Malaysia! Lol.

A brief information about the trip, it’s a 5-6 day journey throughout Eastern Europe ( Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Bratislava). We spent only a day or two in each city. Yeah, sounds rushing but we got the whole city covered, we think =p. So, 1st stop, Vienna, Austria.

It is a small, but wonderful city. People are warm and friendly, willing to offer help, without us asking for one. Since we will always comparing them with the Russian’s attitude, Vienna and many other Europeans will always be on the winning team. Haha. The most popular spot to be are Schönbrunn Palace, Wien Ferris Wheel, and the centre where u can find numerous souvenir shops lining up.

On our way to the palace, we accidently made a new friend. Funny how we met, all thanks to the cap that I’m wearing, for having writings in Russian alphabets. This girl approached me at first, Vi gavarite po ruski? ( Do u speak Russian?) Da, chut-chut. No ne ochen harasyo. ( Yes, a bit. But no so good ). Well, that’s the initial few lines that lead to many other conversation between us. Her name is Tomoko, from Osaka Japan. She’s studying linguistic in Moscow. And because she not comfortable speaking in English, we converse mainly in Russian, the other language that we both know. Instead of walking in a group of 3 ( Fatt, Ks n Me), we were now 4.

At the palace, we've met 2 couples from Holland. Most probably they were in their 50’s but, they certainly are still fit n such a loving, fun, romantic pairs. They were very nice to greet us and asking we are we from n etc. They know Malaysia, thanks to our famous Petronas Twin tower (Go Mahathir! Ure such a genius =] ). And they were shocked hearing that we are studying in Russia, and already surviving there for 3years. Guess, Europeans have their own opinions about the Russians and I don’t think I need to elaborate on this. Lol.

Wien Ferris Wheel is famous for being the oldest in the world. We bought tickets and went for a ride. Being inside there, u can enjoy panoramic view of the city. Owh, have u ever watch a film called ‘Before Sunrise’? Starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. It is shoot around Vienna. I love that movie. When I walked around Vienna, I’m like, yeah I’ve seen those in the movie. So exciting!

Down here are some of the pictures taken. So many picture, it was hard picking which one to upload. Hahaha =p

To be continued......

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Due to incorrect information from a friend of mine, I’ve already wish papa 1week earlier..He must be wondering, is it really father’s day last week. Hahaha. What to do, wished him already. Well, on today’s posting I just want to thank him for everything he has done, still doing, and willing to do again in the future, for the sake of the well-being of our family.

Who is papa to me? In the eyes of his beloved daughters, he’s more than just biological bond that connecting us named daddy. He’s a protector, savior, our knight of shinning armor, superheroes, a role model and a benchmark. We are the proud daughters of Dr Zahari Jusoh. Me as ‘Sayang Papa’ n Farra as ‘Sweetheart Papa’.

I’ve guess people who knows me well, definitely agreed that I talked about my papa, more than anything or any person in the world. Since high school n even now, in university. The same line will be used, Eh, my papa told me this n this……. Some might be tired hearing this, even some complained to me and giving me bad remarks bout it. Maybe I’m just too proud of my dad, kept telling stories bout him, till it annoys others my bad. ( Nway, it wasn’t like few people giving bad remarks, it is ONLY this 1 particular girl, a high school friend, whom I tot as a bestfriend, was telling me this. Whatever! I hate u for that. A friend should be happy for whatever the other friend is happy about. Not telling the other person to shut up n saying that she’s bragging.)Bodo!

Wow, an anger has been unleashed from the bearer. A relief, but the scar is still there. Hmm, my dad, he knows a lot of stuff. He told me the stories of politics, economy and even car engineering. For a person who dislike reading books, my view about what’s happening, is influence a lot by him.

Papa, I just want u to noe, that I love u. This is an unconditional love. I love u for whatever u are n whatever u r not…

Saturday, June 14, 2008

3rd year - completed

Exam is finally OVER. That is a big YAY for me! Seriously, I'm so excited bout it, most probably because I got 5. I was so cheerful and was talking non-stop on the way back to hostel. Then I went out to Subway, still so perky and talkative, and even when we went to Arbat Street enjoying coffee at Starbuck, I can’t keep my mouth shut! Well, that is really a long hours of talking. Haha.

Ironically, after sipping a cup of coffee, I felt so lethargic that I decided to went straight back home. Quite a waste of time, since I could have just take pictures around that place. A lot of foreigners were there. It’s normal for times like this - Summer.

After taking a nap, I seriously don’t know what to do. No more studying need to be done, watching movies? Nah, bore to death! I guess I’ve been spending too much time watching movies to the extend that I can’t watch it anymore.

So then, I turned to the window, observing the people out there. Some were playing football, and some were just walking and talking to each other. My heart whispered, let just get fresh air outside. But it’s already 9.30pm! What the heck, u have nothing interesting to do, just move ur lazy bum and get out there! Managed to persuade Diba, and we two headed to the park nearby. Down here are the results of our camwhoring session. Lol. =p

Yippie, I get to post up picture again! =p

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yippie, yaa be da be dooo!!! Pharmacology is officially, finally OVER. Wow, that’s a big relief there! I’m telling u, pharmaco, is like the worst nightmare ever if u have to sit for that paper.. The waiting, gosh, really mentally challenging. Every exam here is conducted orally, n the examiners took bout 30 minutes for each student. And I was waiting in line from 11am and I finally get to answer orally at 9.30pm. Can u just imagine how long I wait there at Pharmacology Department, 10 freaking hours of nausea! While waiting for my turn, it’s not like u can read stuff n register it in ur brain. My heartbeats was jumping over the roof. Almost everyone who came out from the examining room got 3. MOST of them. The professors were drilling everybody real hard, asking every details. I was scared like hell, as I am pretty sure I haven’t mastered on Antibiotic topic. I know a thing or two, but definitely it’s not my strong topic.

While waiting anxiously outside, my thoughts keep running on the same thing, I want to go inside, asking for 3 and just walk away. The same line keep on playing in my brain ‘ Madam, I’m so tired of waiting, I think my brain is not functioning anymore, so just let me pass, I’m happy n u’re happy.’ Well, of course I didn’t have the guts to say those. Haha, that is just insane if I did that! =p

Then, I just grab Paan somewhere in the hallway, n just talk to him. Talk n just talk. I hate the books, I can’t even looked at them. I’m not sure if Paan still need to do the readings, I don’t care, I’m selfish, I drag him into having a conversation with me. Sorry, hehehe.

Later, my turn came. So I stepped in, n take my question card. I looked at the card, wow, no antibiotics! Yay!!! And, insyallah, all 5 questions there are my strong points. I was confident of course. On my oral, the prof asked me details bout each of the questions, and Alhamdulillah, I managed to answer all correctly. She then asked me to do an additional question. Meanwhile, when I was preparing to answer, she was doing oral questioning with another girl and decided to give the girl 4, but instead, she accidentally took my credit book and wrote me a 4. I heard, the prof said ‘oh, it’s the wrong one’. Deep in my heart, Owh no.

Then, she called me again to answer my question. I answered, and

she said ‘ U see, I accidentally wrote u a 4.’

‘But I answered u all correctly, about nystatin, vibro cholera, superinfection..Everything’ I said

‘Hmm, u noe anything about antiviral drugs?’


She flipped over my credit book. ‘ But u already have so many 4 before, it doesn’t matter if I give u another 4’

Whaaaat?? Haih, I gave up. I know it’s hard for her too, she cannot just liquid the marks she put there. So I say, it’s ok madam, I’ll take the 4. It was sad at first, thinking I should have gotten 5. I noe, she wanted to give me 5 initially. But, luck is not on my side. It happened before, and I cried. But this time, I take it more calmly, I think positively. I noe my stuff well, and that is all what matters.

So anyways, YEAYYYY.. mari bercuti!!hahaha.. Still have Internal Disease to sit, but dh boleh tolak tepi kot..muahahaha

p/s : cik sarah, i nk uat u jeles ni, i nk lompat2 n joget2 atas katil u ni! muahahahahhaa( devilish laugh in d making since u said it wasn't devilish enough!) =p

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Euro trip : Chapter 2

An announcement is about to be made….


Yippie!!! Counting for the day. Meanwhile, Pharmacology still stood there, waiting. Shit! I still have a lot to cover!! Panic, but then too happy with the plan... Sabar2, kene belajar rajin2 dlu =p

What is the difference between UEFA and EURO 2008? We seemed to have problem booking a hostel on the 16th since Germany vs Austria game is about to take place there.