Monday, July 28, 2008

Howdy! Here comes another post from Fareena Zahari  . Well, I’ve been busy lately. Having to do elective, does drain your energy. I used to sleep at 2am, but since I the attachment at Ampang Hospital, for which I need to wake up at 6am every morning, it does tire me, and it made me sleep earlier, 10.30pm

So mama n I will leave at 7am, reach there around 7.30, have breakfast at the café and after that, I’m off to ward round and mama off to her office. I’ll go to her room during lunch break, sleeping on her couch or just simply surfing the net! :P

The specialist who lead the ward round is Dr Malek. He is one funny guy, the patients like him too, I think ;p. I can say, we gained a lot of knowledge during this elective. Having to actually experience a doctor’s routine, I think it’s not easy profession. Patients may present with many symptoms, n it’s up to the doctor’s investigative skills to figure out what’s the diagnosis is. I don’t know how to explain what I think, but I sometime questions myself, what kind of doctor I would be, n I’ll be dealing with people’s life, n I seem to not trusting myself doing that, just yet. I hope this is something that I would pick up in time.

Oh yea, I have a new hobby. My parents are against my intention of learning horse-riding. It does made me pulls a long face, but not for long, as I’m right now eager with remote control helicopter! Papa gotten me a cheaper one, as I am still dummies at controlling it. But, I’m proud to say that my controlling skill has getting better n better  Right now, there’s 4helicopters in the house. Everybody has their own. Sorry Izzi, Izzi xde :p hehe. Of course papa’s n wawan’s way more expensive, since they’re already good at it.

And another thing, Izzi mesti xtau, fena sengaja xnk cite lg. We bought a pair of bird!  Burung Tekukur. Tapi, td terlepas sekor. Sob2. Gatal sgt nk pegang die! Lol

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brief Updates

Hey peeps! Have u watch Hancock? Go n watch it. I really love the movie! =) So today I missed SSP alumni activity, accidentally. Woke up late. I thought I would made it this time, but well, as usual, after school’s over, I lost contact with them. Haihhh..

6 July
Primary School Reunion. The last time I saw them was the last day of school. That is a long hiatus. I can recognize faces, but names? I totally forgotten, except for those whom in the same class as mine. They were all surprise seeing me, to them I turn out to be a very tall person, considering that I’m always in the middle in line. They of course can still remember my signature hair, afro curl! Lol.

7-10 July
What’s weird is, my body is not adapting well to Malaysian foods. I had vomiting, dizziness during 1st few days, then diarrhea. I have no idea what anaerobes is it, and I’m the only one infected! Happened twice already. 1st time was on my 2nd day in Malaysia. My dad’s theory was maybe after being so long in Moscow, my stomach is weak against the hygienic level in Malaysia. Well, maybe, I don’t know.

12 July
Day out with my cousins n my cousin ehem2. Haha. Well, we watched Hellboy at the Gardens. The seating are all design for couples. If u want privacy, go there. Can do whatever there, hard for other people to peek also! Lol. Not that I enjoyed peeking, but sometime I did that. Haha. Well guess who I bumped into there, Dr. Faiz! We chat for awhile n he’s with some1 there. N I’m not telling who! Lol. To my roomies, Faiz kirim salam.
Later that night, around 10pm, watched another movie, Hancock. N I love it! Weee, go Will Smith, I love those witty jokes u make.

As for tomorrow, I’ll be busy for 3weeks. Being in Hospital Ampang doing elective, mon-fri, office hours. May it’ll be very educational, experiencing, interesting, memorable moments! =)