Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Celebrating Eidul Fitri

We start off the day by performing our prayer at the embassy. For the very first time, on our 4th raya here, we managed to arrive on time, or maybe early actually. We were impressed ourselves, seriously! Lol. Then, as usual, normal routine starts. Taking lots and lots of pictures, we ate then go home. Next, attending open houses held by the students. But, what made me happiest / excited / ecstatic the most was going to K.Zah's house. (She is the director of Malaysia Tourism Department in Moscow)

She was first posted here when we were in the very 1st year studying here. And because Wani's and Diana's parents are colliques of hers, we as Diana's and Wani's friends get the chance to know K.Zah as well. ( Are u clear on the friend's degree of connection I mentioned there?haha ). Open house hosted by K.Zah, was definitely a blast! A lively party that still lighten up my mood until now. The foods served are like Oh boy! Oh boy! Heavenly more than Malaysia (or maybe equally :P). We karaoke all the way, dancing, well everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves! And the students (who have been working for tourism malaysia in performing culture arts ), gave us spectacular traditional dance performance! What so cute is to see the russians and this one american guy, trying to copy and learn the moves :D

Shocking but true, for the very 1st time I danced in front of the public. Very eye-soring indeed! But who cares? Lol. Hmm, and I danced with, jeng3...Haha, name will not be exposed. I guess after 1 month of neuro, obs and endocrine posting, I totally forgotten about the definition of fun. And tonight, I'm just so relieved that I finally get my mind off anything connected with studies and having the time of my life out there. And as for tomorrow, classes will start as usual ( well, it's today's morning actually since it's already 12.40am). But at least, I get the chance to have 1 day of getaway, I am pleased ;). This month new posting, gonna be torturing as well, but I will give a crap bout that later. Right now, let me just enjoy the 1 day of pleasant that Raya brings :)

Pictures will be uploaded later..Wait for it :D

Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri di ucapkan kepada ahli keluarga, rakan-rakan dan juga para pembaca blog ini sekalian. Maaf zahir dan batin :)

p/s : terima kasih en.Stalker yg menangkap foto ini. Malam takbir raya, bertempat di bilik ku - 205.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quick View

1. Raya in another 2days. On Tuesday. ( Yeay, again, we're fasting for 29days!!)
2. Test on monday. Neurology n endocrinology. **Am studying hard (Owh really??)**
3. Had Iftar yesterday in my hostel. (kawan SSP saye join skali, Cik Amy Fareena :D )
4. Grey's anatomy is surely witty! Can't resist temptation of watching it :P
5. Am still waiting patiently for kad raya to arrived. I've send none this year. But I'll compensate by calling everyone in Malaysia later :P
6. Help2!! I need to concentrate in studying!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clerking Patient

Today is the very first day we get to see the patient UNATTENDED by our lecturer. And well, I totally forgotten about it, and left my Russian dictionary at home. As soon as I reached the hospital, I quickly asked the guys in our group all the useful phrases that we should bear in mind. Lucky me, as the guys are prepared for this class! :P

We were given 4patients with neurological disturbances and we should present it to the lecturer on our next class. As we went upstairs to meet the patients, all 4 of them is currently not available. It's like they already knew students gonna do clinical examination on them, and hurriedly find excuses not to let us do our tasks. 1 of patients even has been discharged. Good thing though, only 3 left to go :P.

Balqis, Chao Yi and I were in 1group and together, we are determined to get physical examination of our patient done! As we finally spotted our patient, we rushed to her, and ask permission to do examination. We got rejected! She said she was tired, a group of students have already examined her. Frustrated, we left her and sat in the corner.

Ting! An idea came to our minds, why don't we just ask the russian students whom examined her previously! Arranging our words properly 1st, then only we approached the russians. The guy is really helpful, telling us all the findings they managed to collect. So here they are :

1.vision - intact
2.nystagmus to the right
3.no deviation of the tongue
4.chin reflex - normal
5.dysdiadokinesis of left arm (plucking fruit examination)
6.macrographia on writting
7.intention tremor on left hand (finger nose test)
8.dysmetria on left arm
9.hypertonia on right leg
10.Rhomberg test - positive
11.Sensory - intact
12.Steward Holmes syndrome - positive
13.Babinski reflex - positive
14.Disturbance of gait

Syndromes? Well, judging on this findings we think might be :
1. Cerebellar ataxia. Both static atxia and dynamic ataxia.
2.Upper motor neuron lession

Level of lession? Possibly,
1.Cerebellum.Both on hemisphere and vermis
2.Precentral gyrus. Upper part.(patient complain of weakness of leg)

Here is different a bit from Hospitals in Malaysia. 1 hospital have a lot of department together in one compound.While here, for neuro subject, we went to 1 hospital with all neuro patients, for endocrinology, we went to another hospital with all endocrine disturbed patients, and for obstetric, to another hospital with only pregnant women. Luckily, all these hospital are nearby, walking distance only! :D. But still, it's 20-25mins walk. I'm not sure my brother would walk that long to hospital as he already own a car :P Lol. Tgk, cian fena tau, jalan kaki je.Huhu :P. Tapi kurusnye xjugak :D. Talking bout weight, reminds me how much I hate winter. Boy, my weight surely going up the scale, then only when in Malaysia, I can finally loose some. Haiya, nnt kn gambar muke2 yg tembam lepas raye ni. Hahahhaa :P

Gambar hiasan,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A weekend's night

Last night, we were invited over a friend's house at a different hostel for dinner (berbuka pose ye kwn2 :P). Of course we were thrilled, free food, who wouldn't! :D. It was nice, making new friends n eating yummy meals.Hehe.

So anyway, that wasn't the main story I'd like to post up here. Something totally embarrassing happened on the way back home after leaving friend's place. Sometimes, when a group of girls went out together, we kinda become overtly excited and didn't notice existence of others. Hmm, still confuse huh? Oh well, we just over the moon and start taking pictures excessively! Lol. We've been doing it in the buses n metro. In the metro, we thought there's nobody around give a damn in our whereabouts. So we just take pictures of ourselves happily. Until suddenly, ks told us someone from the next coach were laughing at us. I then turned to him, only to find that he(the russian guy) was laughing hysterically at us. He laughed so hard that he actually had to press his stomach. Out of shame, Diba n I slightly slip down the seat, so he can't see us through the glass windowpane anymore, we were sitting sloppily for quite a sometime. Haha. Moral learnt, look left, look right, when the coast is clear, then can only act! Lol.

N again, still on the way back, there were beautiful fireworks filling the dark skies. Girls, pose pose pose. Hehehe :P

p/s : Help, help! There's a song stuck in my head. Dibo the gift dragon (blame it on my lil sis. Watching it everyday, and I have no option but to join her too.)
"Hello, hello, my name's Dibo. There is something u should know. When u want a thing say this. Di Dibo Ding Dibo Dibo Ding!"
Can somebody just get it out of me??!! --> I guess, i missed my little baby sis :(

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obstetric Practical Class

I felt the urge of writing, but I just couldn't figure on what should I write. So anyway, today for obstetric we have practical class. As for now, we didn't get to do anything on real patient, but am not sure if next semester we'll have the opportunity to.

There, a lot of dummies and sets of rubber va-j-j lying on the table. Whoa, I was so excited to see what will we learn today! We learned bout vaginal examination, inserting 2 fingers and feel the cervix opening. ( Haha, felt kinda like a pervert. Excited bout vagina exam. Lol ). As I stated previously, there were several sets of va-j-j and they consist of different level of cervical opening. By using two fingers, we explored the opening and estimated length of it. Cool! Feel like want to do it on real person.
All of sudden a friend of mine said " Ey, u girls can just do it on yourselves! "
Me "Erm, haha, no. I don't know, I couldn't find mine.Haha"

Then, we moved to the next station/table. So now, by using fingers, we have to identify the position of the baby. During the 1st few time, it was a normal position of baby. We should felt the frontanel, sutures etc, and tell the lecturer what is the position of the fetus. Then, she changed the position again and ask us to figure it out. A friend of mine examine it 1st, and then he said breech position. And the lecturer ask, boy or girl. He puts his fingers in again and examine. Then he laughed, " It's a boy!" I'm like, what's so funny? So while examined the vagina, I can felt structure like scrotum. Yeah, a boy!

Bottom line is, I love attending pratical classes. So refreshing, so exciting! :)

p/s : A friend of mine fell during her horse-riding practice.Please get well soon!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I guess many doesn't know that I've cut my hair during the recently summer break. I mean, REALLY SHORT! I dislike it actually, because it's hideous and very boyish (something that I wouldn't try to look like since high school, haha).

Well today is ur lucky day (yes u, the reader!). It's the day of disclosure. See it 1st on this blog (LOL, as if it is interesting enough :P ).

p/s : I haven't even upload it on friendster and facebook. Only in myspace, kui3 :D

Yes, yes, have a hard laugh. Because I'm already immune to it. 1stly from my family then friends, and now U!

Friday, September 12, 2008


After seeing so many surveys posted by a friend of mine, I feel like doing one too..haha

Would you eat a bug? - I wish not to

Would you bungee jump? - Hell yeah, sounds fun!

Would you hang glide? - Would love to!

Would you kill someone? - If only they r so irritating and getting on my nerve everytime.Lol.I dont hv a gut to be sarcastic, n now we're talking bout killing?Lol

Would you kiss someone of the same sex? - Hmm, depends...Haha

Would you parachute from a plane? - Urmm, am I allowed to close my eyes? :P

Would you walk on hot coals? - Only if u give me a million dollar

Would you be a vegitarian? - Meat lovers would never ever cheated on meat.Haha

Would you instant message a stranger? - If the stranger is f**king hot, y not? :P

Would you sing karaoke? - Till I’m out of voice

Would you run a red light? - No, papa will gave a long lecture if I did

Would you shoplift? - Not tempted to

Would you dye your hair blue? - If only I'm prepared to look like a fool

Would you be on survivor? - Nope, Im a shy shy person..Lol

Would you wear make-up in public? - Yes

Would you not wear make-up in public? - Errr...

Would you cheat on a test? - Nope

Would you make someone cry? - I wish!

Would you date someone more than 10 years older than you? - If that someone is still good looking, why not? Lol


Thank God It's Friday!!Well said, huh? Gosh, today the most anticipated day above all. I’m totally feel like puking over all those neurology notes. It’s like how much effort u put in it, the next thing u know is the teacher gonna screw u no matter what! LOL. My heartbeat raised over the roof in every neuro class. Just wait anxiously until the time she splurged u with dozens of questions. (Haha, I’m just exaggerating too much here! :P ). Correction, she wasn’t evil, in fact she’s good at teaching. It’s just that being in her class is SCARY SCARY :P

Weekends, weekends… Here u come, yippie ya yeay! My head is not functioning really well for the time being. Weekends is the remedy for all these weekdays madness.

I'm taking my refuge today!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello Hello! ;)

Moscow again. Here I am now, as a 4th year medical student. Skipping 4days of classes wasn’t a good start of a new beginning, but I can’t really say I’m regretting it, since after few years of being away from a land called home and fellow family, 3days of fasting month in Malaysia bring so much excitement to me.

Right now, life is pretty hectic. With killer subjects such as neurology, obstetric and endocrinology for this month, my time is made full use with educational reading. Plus, not to mention, long fasting hours where imsak is at 4.30 am and mahgrib is 8.20pm. Fuh! I’m hoping for a weight loss by the end of this month .Lol.

A word that can describe me at this very moment, perseverance! Seriously, books and I are like SO close!(no choice actually :P )

P/s : Why do I feel like a pedophile? Liking Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers feel so wrong.They r like 6 years younger..Lol :P