Thursday, October 30, 2008


Oh well! I’m annoyed with someone. Why? Cause she’s annoying. I don’t mind helping her, but until this 1 particular day, she was blaming me for not telling her we’re shifting a class earlier than the usual time. She was being SARCASTIC to me. HELLO? I CALLED u! U didn’t picked up the phone. I TEXTED u! And furthermore, u know that we are discussing about asking the teacher to shift the class, n u don’t bother to stay with the rest of us to get the conformation. And u just expect people to inform u later. WHICH I DID! Maybe it was 15mins before the class start, but u can still make it to the class. The class wasn’t that far from hostel.

And because I’m nice, u’re STEPPING on me. Still want to be CLINGLY to me. Still ASKING FAVORS from me. I’m NOT ur personal assistance. Well u know that I’m obviously don’t like u after that incidence, but u still have the gut to come asking me favors. And my problem is, I can’t be a BITCH. I always rewind the moment that u come in contact with me in my mind, and I played it back, and somehow imagining that I would throw some nasty words to ur face. But I couldn’t!

Alrite, I will continue to help u. Just that, it doesn’t mean I like u. Or the fact that I’m ok with the way u treated me previously.

I’m emotional right now. I know that. Thanks Mr.S for hearing me rambling bout these stupid things. Man, grow up Pena! This isn’t high school anymore.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Looks

Fuh! Got to admit, this new template can brings u headache. I, as a computer dumb ass, really crawling my way up here to figure out how to put up links, chatbox etc. Down side of this template is, can’t leave comments anymore. So, if u peeps want to interact with me, leave me a message on chat box ;). Have fun browsing my new page template!

P/s : We lost the futsal match. 1-0. I was injured. Badly I guess. Can’t walk properly. Felt like a handicapped. To be exact, I have walking gait like Dr.House! Thank U my fellow friends here for being very concerned about me. They, helped me crossed the street, carrying my bag n a lot more other. My leg is getting better now. I’m gonna kick some asses again this Sunday. May we win the game!!! :)

Ehem, jeles dgn kakak Hid tukar template baru. Jd, sy pun nak tukar gak :P

Ni, formation paling best. Cantik gile bila tengok balik kat video :P

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A little Update

My little brother got his PS3 today. Which to me is SO unfair. I believe in reward system, u gained something, u get something. But after being told that mama gave in advance because my parents are leaving for a Haj, n the 2kids will be left in Ipoh, it cool me down. Haha, yes, I can be strict when it comes to my little brother n sister. I can be such a nagger too! I guess my friends never see this side of me. Well, they said people can be different when they're at home n outside home :P.

Papa n mama r leaving for Haj on 7 Nov. Semoga selamat pergi & pulang, & dapat menjalankan ibadah dengan sempurna. To Izzi, hope u'll pay a visit to Ipoh. More often preferably :D. Kakak Hid, rajin2 suro Ezy balik ek? :P.

Tomorrow, Sunday, will be our 1st futsal match. Hope we'll be the winning team! :D. Some guys say I'm aggressive at playing. Very different from who I am outside the game. Hehehe, but I think, that's the real me inside of outside the game. Cuma, dah besar2 ni, kurang sikit la ganas nye :P. Well, only Ezy knows the story behind the broken plank wall at the nursery once upon a time :D

Till we meet again on the next post. Have a nice day! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today's Song

If You Can Afford Me - Katy Perry

I know, I know, this is still a crappy stuff of mine. But I just love this song. Though I'm not this kind of girl, but being this kinda girl is kind of cool, isn't it? :D

If you want me, a cherry on top, the pick of the peck,
The crème de la crop.
If you want me you better do better than that tonight.
Oh, Oh.
If you want me, it takes more than a wink,
And more than a drink and more than you think.
If you want me you're gonna have to break the bank, tonight.
Cause some don't have the patience, some call me high-maintenance
But you pay the bill, cause, that's the deal.

If you wanna ride, just name your price don't play cheap, with your heart
Don't make a bet if you can't write the check, for me, for me.
Cause I can be bought, but you'll pay the cost
If you can afford me

If you want me, I'm not a piece of ass, a one night stand, a storage shed
I think you better walk by, tonight
Oh, no.
If you want me, then stop begging I don't put out for charity
If you want me there's no discount price tonight
But I don't need your dollar bills I just want something real
Cause, nothing's free, except a lovin' me

If you wanna ride, just name your price don't play cheap, with your heart
Don't make a bet if you can't write the check, for me, for me.
Cause I can be bought, but you'll pay the cost
If you can afford me

If you want me, a cherry on top,
The pick of the peck, the crème de la crop

If you wanna ride, just name your price don't play cheap, with your heart
Don't make a bet if you can't write the check, for me, for me.
Cause I can be bought, but you'll pay the cost
If you can afford -

If you wanna ride, just name your price don't play cheap, with your heart
Don't make a bet if you can't write the check, for me, for me.
Cause I can be bought, but you'll pay the cost
If you can afford me

Friday, October 17, 2008


Urrgghhh.....I hate seeing the content of this blog, empty! Just some crappy stuff rambling about my life with no moral values...
Need some inspiration so it would be more meaningful..till then, i'll just leave blog without any new post...or, another option, i'll chunk this crappy stuff again..Lol :P

Anyway, about today :
Futsal practice.I play as the defender of 'Lunacy' team.

Getting to know dslr camera. My 1st shots. Hmm, kinda bad. Oh well, that's why they labeled this kind of group as amateur, don't they?
Camera : Canon EOS 400D - Borrowed from a friend :P

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A song in my head

Yes I Will - Backstreet Boys

This isn't a new song but lately, I keep on listening to it, over and over again.. ;)

I open my eyes I see your face
I cannot hide I can't erase
The way you make me feel inside
You complete me girl, that's why
Something about you makes me feel
Baby my heart wants to reveal
I'm down on my knees, I'm asking you
So these three words I wanna hear from you

Yes I will, take your hand and walk with you
Yes I will, so these three words I promise to
Yes I will, give you everything you need
And someday start a family with you
Yes I will, take your hand and walk with you
Yes I will, baby I promise to
Yes I will, give you everything you need
And someday start a family with you

Oh yes I will

This is no ordinary love
And I can never have enough
Of all the things you've given to me
My heart , my soul , my everything
Every night I thank you lord (I thank you lord)
For giving me the strength to love her more
And more each day I promise her
As long as I hear those three words

Yes I will, take your hand and walk with you
Yes I will, so these three words I promise to
Yes I will, give you everything you need
And someday start a family with you
Yes I will, take your hand and walk with you
Yes I will, baby I promise to
Yes I will, give you everything you need
And someday start a family with you

I stand beside you, in everything you do
Wherever you go, whatever you do
Baby I'll be there (oh baby I will be there)
As God as my witness
I will carry this through
Till death do us part, I promise to you

Yes I will, take your hand and walk with you
Yes I will, Baby baby yes I promise to
Yes I will, give you everything you need
And start a family with you, baby
Yes I will
Yes I will
Yes I will, I promise you
Everything's gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right
I will

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Me, as told by a simple test

Today morning, before I made my move to urology lecture, I did a personality test. I can't tell if this is me. Well, can u? :D

Introverted (I) 75% Extraverted (E) 25%
Sensing (S) 82% Intuitive (N) 18%
Feeling (F) 80% Thinking (T) 20%
Judging (J) 50% Perceiving (P) 50%

ISFJs are characterized above all by their desire to serve others, their "need to be needed." In extreme cases, this need is so strong that standard give-and-take relationships are deeply unsatisfying to them; however, most ISFJs find more than enough with which to occupy themselves within the framework of a normal life. (Since ISFJs, like all SJs, are very much bound by the prevailing social conventions, their form of "service" is likely to exclude any elements of moral or political controversy; they specialize in the local, the personal, and the practical.

ISFJs are often unappreciated, at work, home, and play. Ironically, because they prove over and over that they can be relied on for their loyalty and unstinting, high-quality work, those around them often take them for granted--even take advantage of them. Admittedly, the problem is sometimes aggravated by the ISFJs themselves; for instance, they are notoriously bad at delegating ("If you want it done right, do it yourself"). And although they're hurt by being treated like doormats, they are often unwilling to toot their own horns about their accomplishments because they feel that although they deserve more credit than they're getting, it's somehow wrong to want any sort of reward for doing work (which is supposed to be a virtue in itself). (And as low-profile Is, their actions don't call attention to themselves as with charismatic Es.) Because of all of this, ISFJs are often overworked, and as a result may suffer from psychosomatic illnesses.

In the workplace, ISFJs are methodical and accurate workers, often with very good memories and unexpected analytic abilities; they are also good with people in small-group or one-on-one situations because of their patient and genuinely sympathetic approach to dealing with others. ISFJs make pleasant and reliable co-workers and exemplary employees, but tend to be harried and uncomfortable in supervisory roles. They are capable of forming strong loyalties, but these are personal rather than institutional loyalties; if someone they've bonded with in this way leaves the company, the ISFJ will leave with them, if given the option. Traditional careers for an ISFJ include: teaching, social work, most religious work, nursing, medicine (general practice only), clerical and and secretarial work of any kind, and some kinds of administrative careers.

While their work ethic is high on the ISFJ priority list, their families are the centers of their lives. ISFJs are extremely warm and demonstrative within the family circle--and often possessive of their loved ones, as well. When these include Es who want to socialize with the rest of the world, or self-contained ITs, the ISFJ must learn to adjust to these behaviors and not interpret them as rejection. Being SJs, they place a strong emphasis on conventional behavior (although, unlike STJs, they are usually as concerned with being "nice" as with strict propriety); if any of their nearest and dearest depart from the straight-and-narrow, it causes the ISFJ major embarrassment: the closer the relationship and the more public the act, the more intense the embarrassment (a fact which many of their teenage children take gleeful advantage of). Over time, however, ISFJs usually mellow, and learn to regard the culprits as harmless eccentrics :-). Needless to say, ISFJs take infinite trouble over meals, gifts, celebrations, etc., for their loved ones--although strong Js may tend to focus more on what the recipient should want rather than what they do want.

Like most Is, ISFJs have a few, close friends. They are extremely loyal to these, and are ready to provide emotional and practical support at a moment's notice. (However, like most Fs they hate confrontation; if you get into a fight, don't expect them to jump in after you. You can count on them, however, run and get the nearest authority figure.) Unlike with EPs, the older the friendship is, the more an ISFJ will value it. One ISFJ trait that is easily misunderstood by those who haven't known them long is that they are often unable to either hide or articulate any distress they may be feeling. For instance, an ISFJ child may be reproved for "sulking," the actual cause of which is a combination of physical illness plus misguided "good manners." An adult ISFJ may drive a (later ashamed) friend or SO into a fit of temper over the ISFJ's unexplained moodiness, only afterwards to explain about a death in the family they "didn't want to burden anyone with." Those close to ISFJs should learn to watch for the warning signs in these situations and take the initiative themselves to uncover the problem.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'm not fond of being tagged by someone, but today I'll make an exception. Why? Because KAKAK Hidayah aka 'Future' Sis in law (uhuk2, excuse me, i have sore throat and cough :P) stated the word COMPULSORY. Me, not wanting to disobey and thus becoming a treacherous ' Future' Sis in law, agreed to do it. Plus, answering the questions can be quite entertaining too. I hope u readers are as entertained as I am :P

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
What I have in mind : Castration! Lol
Actual reaction : Frustration to the max :P

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
Be the smartest, richest, gorgeous woman in the whole universe!! Muahaha

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
Wawan. His butt love being kick by me :D

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
Spend, spend, spend then invest. So i have enough money to spend again :P

5. Will you fall in love with your bestfriend?
Tricky question. If my bestfriend is a woman, what would that made me? :P

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
Being loved maybe?

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
Until somebody else swept my heart away.. Wakaka..Move on man, move on... :D

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
Mourning for awhile. Then I'm back on the game! Kui3.. Kumbang bukan seekor.. Hahaha

9. What do you pray each day for your loved one?
Ampun dosa, umur panjang, sihat walafiat, murah rezeki.

10. What takes you down the fastest?
When I couldn't get what I wish for.

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
31 y.o.. Hmm, mother of two, juggling between master degree and family.. Hehehehe :P

12. What do you really want at the moment of responding to this tag?

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
Uhuk uhuk..Saye xtau ape saye fikir tentang kakak hidayah..wakaka.. Feel old hidayah, when I adressed u as KAKAK? :P

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
I would agree with Hidayah, rich n single, then get married! :D

15. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
Oh, need to shower STAT!!

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
Give all? What will that benefits me... Take all perhaps? Lol. Just kidding guys :P

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
Love 2people simultaneously? Is that possible? Guys maybe, me hmm, NO. So I pick the one I love ;)

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
Usually yes.. Jadi, saya maafkan anda2 sume yg penah buat jahat kat saye.. Har har har...

19. Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
Single, but secretly in relationship.. Is that possible ? ;)

Wont be tagging anybody. Lucky u!! To whom I have in mind to do this tag :P

Monday, October 6, 2008


There's this one conversation I had on the way back home, which made me smile whenever I think bout it :P

C planning to put Amsterdam in her Winter Trip list. Which draws attention of R. R was teasing C on her purposes of visiting Amsterdam (referring to Amsterdam Red Light District). C said, she's there to see, not to touch. R can't see if the two differ from 1 another. C, in an attempt to justify her innocency and decency, gave out an example of differences between masturbation and sexual intercourse.
" How do u think people masturbate? No touching? " R said.
I was laughing at the side there.
"No, I just wanna tell u, that there's a difference between the two!!" C.
C was practically pissed off for not been able to dodge from being teased by R. Anyway, who could dodge R? I know I couldn't. Lol.

** Haven't heard bout Amsterdam Red Light District ? Click the link :P

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can't Wait

13th October, and I can't wait for it! Why? Well, that day coincide with PMR and also my little bro birthday, he's sitting for PMR by the way. Must be a very special day for him. Lol. But, that's not it! It's because Marit, THE MARIT LARSEN from the previously M2M pop duo gonna release her 2nd album called THE CHASE. From last Friday onwards, I keep on checking her myspace profile everyday since she'll add 1 new song from her upcoming album each day, and took it out and change with another new one on the next day. Right now, my favourite is TEN STEPS. 2nd would be IF A SONG COULD GET ME YOU. Personally, I think she's great. She wrote her own song and even play different musical instrument for her songs. Her concerts showed how she was juggling between different other musical instrument and still managed to deliver a good entertaining performance!

If u a fan of pop country genre, check her out! She define her genre as Pop with no rules! ;)

p/s : She even gets good remarks from Perez Hilton :)

If A Song Could Get Me You

The Chase

This Is Me, This Is You

Ten Steps

I wish her great success for this album!