Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why should/shouldn't a female doctor date another doctor?

Ha! Nice topic isn't it? Well I've recently join a group in Facebook the "10 reasons on why u should date a doctor". For fun. And as I browse through the discussions, they're really funny to read..Like this one I read today morning.(Instead of reading newspaper online like most people do, I read crappy things online :P). I never grow interest in newspaper, which is very bad people. It made me left out when people are conversing bout current issues..Lol.

So, as I read it, here some answers that I thought as interesting!

SHOULD NOT..IF ur a Radiologist & he's a Surgeon :P
SHOULD..ummmm....Think about massaging :P U could say: lumbar, paravertebral, tibial.. easy without pinpointin :P

SHOULD NOT - Damn! She's a doctor!!!
SHOULD - Damn! She's a doctor!!!

SHOULD- double up on treatment...
SHOULDN'T- the sex is soo anatomical...

Should not...She knows he touches other women undressed !!
SHOULD....She know he is good at that:P

should : no time for each tension...easy life.
shouldn't : no time for each other...only tension...tuff life. :-)

shouldn't coz medicine is enough outdoor
should coz it's a funny thing to discuss love in medical term

shdnt - coz u need 2 have a life beyond medicine too
shd - coz i'm available!

So male doctors out there, should we or shouldn't we....Lol

P/s : Due to unbearable complains lodged in to me, I finally have time to change the skin.(haha, padahal customize skin je :P) Sorry, my camera has taken all the attention from me. I unintentionally forgotten bout this blog :D

Here is an event took place recently, which I haven't write in this blog. Thanks to roomy, Cik wanie, I hereby present u with the link KUMOS Community Games

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Name : Fareena Zahari (Fena/Pena)
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Location : Moscow, Russia
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Itch & Scratch (in a good way) :P

Yikes! I can't really recall why do I ever think about becoming a dermatologist? Oh well, probably because my dad told me it is an easy branch of medicine. Right now, I’m thinking twice for that option. Why? Cause right now, we’re having our dermatology included in our cycle, n the current topic is Syphilis. While preparing materials for classes on this topic, I’ll get itchiness by just looking at those pictures of affected person. I forced myself looking at them, n my hands keep on scratching my head, my back and my arms. I’m a kind of person who’ll get imaginary itching whenever I encountered things that I consider unhygienic or when I get disgusted. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!!

On the other hand, I’m loving my Therapy classes (aka medicine posting), also included in this month cycle. I love to know that I can finally read ECG! :D Oh well, I really hope I can still remember reading it after the end of this posting.Lol.

And, I’ve gotten myself a new dslr camera. Happy happy happy! The downside, not much pictures of me anymore…..LOL. But I’ll be happy providing my friends good quality pictures. I can see now they’re roaming widely in Facebook. Hahaha.

Weather update : It’s snowy n getting colder here. I hate it. -4 celcius. And this is just the beginning. -4 supposed to mean nothing. No no no, go away winter, I detest U! :P

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ready to fall

I have a strange feeling whenever I hear this song. It’s like so near and so close to my heart.

Ready to fall - Joey Fatone

I get a feeling I can't explain
whenever your eyes meet mine
My heart spins in circles
and I lose all space and time

And now that we're standing face to face
somethiing tells me it's gonna be OK
that I'm ready to fall in love tonight
ready to hold my heart open wide
I can't promise forever
but baby i'll try
cuz I'm ready to fall in love tonight

I know you've been watching
choosing the moment
I've been dreaming of that day
no one before you has gotten to me this way

And now that we're standing face to face
something that I need to say
and I'm ready to fall in love tonite
ready to hold my heart open wide
I can't promise forever but baby I'll try
cuz I'm ready to fall in love tonight

Nothing is certain
this I know
wherever we're heading
I'm ready to go

I can't promise forever but baby I'll try
cuz I'm ready to fall in love tonight
yes I'm ready to fall in love tonight
yes I'm ready to fall in love tonight

Monday, November 3, 2008


Remember that I had a futsal match, where we lost and I got injured? Well 1week past, and still have this funny feeling at my knee area. I can feel protrusion of hard masses on the lateral part of my left leg. I got freak out, BIG time! I was screaming hysterically thinking I might fracture my fibula bone and might have to bear the consequences of being a handicapped. Exaggerating right? I know! Well, that’s just me :P. My roomies told me to get a grip and be calm. Told me to get an x-ray. So I agree.

At first, I decided not to tell my parents cause I know their reaction, they’ll definitely will nag me continuously. I’m not ready for that. But in this situation, to avoid any panicking that I have for myself, I decided to call papa. Even though it’s nearly 12am Malaysia time. Told papa the whole thing, his question was simple, lateral or medial. I said lateral part. Then he came out with diagnosis, I think u fractured ur head of fibula, or maybe there’s internal bleeding. It would both manifested that way. X-ray will confirmed the diagnosis. And I told papa that I suspected the same thing.

And he is right! The doctor here said the same thing too. Well, I’m just so thrilled that papa suspicion is right. The same thing happened when I told him about KS illness last semester, and his suspicion is proven right again. Man, he’s my idol. He can just came up with diagnosis by listening to patient’s history. I want to be like that too. Still, a long way to go.

So, doctor’s recommendations, wear knee guard, rest for 3weeks. Then go for an appointment again after 3weeks. Papa’s recommendation, no sports for another 3months. Mama’s recommendation, no sports ever! Lol. She’s funny, she got freak out more than me. And the usual phrase of hers, “Nanti apa2 susah, mama jauh. Kamu dekat sana siapa nak tengok2 kan.” My usual response, “Ok ma, fena akan jaga diri baik2. Fena tak kan main dah.” But, I don’t really do what I said sometimes. Hehehe. I promise I’ll be more careful next time :).