Saturday, January 31, 2009

Miss Independent

I love the lyrics and song. Go Ne-Yo! ;)

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah

[Verse 1]
Ooh there's somethin about just somethin about the way she's move
And I can't figure it out
it's something about her.
Said ooh it's somethin about kinda woman that want you but don't need you
And I can't figure it out
it's somethin about her
Cuz she walk like a boss talk like a boss
Manicured nailed to set the pedicure off
She's fly effortlessly
Cuz she move like a boss do what a boss
Do she got me thinkin about gettin involved
That's the kinda girl I need

She got her own thing
that's why I love her
Miss Independent
Won't you come and spend a little time
She got her own things that's why I love her
Miss Independent
ooh the way you shine
Miss Independent
yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
Ooh there's somethin about
kinda woman that can do for herself
I look at her and it makes me proud
It's somethin about her
Somethin oh so sexy about
kinda woman that don't even need my help
She said she got it she got it
No doubt, it's somethin about her
Cuz she work like a boss play like a boss
Car and a crib she bouta pay em both off
And the bills are paid on time yeah
She made for a boss only a boss
Anything less she tellin them to get lost
That's the girl that's on my mind


Her favorite thing to say Don't worry I got it
And everything she got best believe she bought it
She gon steal ma heart aint no doubt about it
girl ur everything I need, said ur everything I need
yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah


Miss Independent
That's why I love her

Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Trip 09

Hey there people, I'm back!! How was the trip? Fabulous! But as usual, at the end of the trip, all I want is to be back home and stay on my bed all day long. Missed home so much, my Moscow home, my Moscow bed. Lol. And him also. He just got back today, while I, 2 days ago. 3 weeks journey, I'd say a lot of unexpected things happened. Meeting strangers and became instant friends. The unthinkable also took place.Did we just got lucky? I'd say yeah! In Athens, we were in a very unsafe neighborhood, well, mostly that was my fault that I drag my friend into it. A fight broke off in that alley, we both scared as there's a lot of men perhaps 15 of them beating up a man. It was pretty intense, and I've never been in that kind of situation. My friend froze. I held her hand and we went off from the scene as fast as we could.

Well, that's the only scary part ever happened. Others were pretty much awesome! I was several time thought as Korean, Japanese and Chinese. They even asked, "Excuse me, are u from Japan?" or " Are u Korean?". Haha. My friend told me my face can fit into several different races. Lol. But anyway, Caucasian see Asian all the same, same as we Asian perceive them. So no, I don't look anything like a Korean or Japanese :D.

All the way throughout the journey, we met many Malaysians. It's like almost every city we visited! And I am very spontaneous to ask, " Malaysian? " whenever I heard Malay Language was conversed. Well, it's my nature to be excited seeing another Malaysian in foreign country. Lol. And also, met Russians in every stops we had. They're everywhere! And like a reflex, I'd make some facial expression whenever I heard Russian words. I have no idea why, maybe because I understood what they're saying.

We stayed in hostel. So, we had the opportunity to mingle with people from different parts of the world. So we talked about where we are from and we do. And when we told that we are a medical students, I can see they looked at us differently. Some even said, ' so u're gonna be a doctor after u graduated? wow, a doctor. That's cool! '. Some would ask us about diseases that they have, and ask for an explanation. Some would change the way they talk. Like, 1st we converse in Malay, then after knowing we are med stud, the conversation took place in English. It somehow give me a determination to equip myself well, since it's a noble profession and people really looked up to u. So I will try not to tarnished the respect given.

Wanna see pics? Hundreds of them uploaded in Facebook. Feel free to browse! :D. I'll add some here ;)

Switzerland - Zurich, Luzern, Interlaken
Italy - Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome
France - Paris
Greece - Athens

We wanted to go to island initially. But due to unpredictable weather, we decided not to take any risk. Maybe next time.

p/s : During our flight back to Moscow, in Air Berlin, the stewardess asked us, " Sorry to ask, but how old are u?" " Err....21.. But why did u asked? " "Oh, it's just that people under 12 can't sit near the emergency exit. It's OK, u can sit here." " U thought we were under 12? We're flattered. Haha" "Oh well, u should take it as a compliment when I thought u guys as 12" And we all just laugh. She did mention something like Caucasian does look more mature than Asian, something like that. I can't recall the exact words.
But, under 12??? Lol, I can still take it if under 18. Under 12?? Very impossible. Lol!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A note to him

I'll be leaving tomorrow, and before that I'm gonna state it again.

No more hide and seek,
No more running around,
I'm here now, for u and for us.
I can't promise forever,
But I'll try, I promise to try.
I'm new to this,
Expressing in the public,
So much of believing in jinx,
See? I'm ridiculous,
Ridiculously in love perhaps?

Lol. I better stop here. The words are getting sappy and sappier if I let it run wild. I don't want to make anyone choke, especially you, YES u!

I have no idea what I wrote back in 2005, seeing u keeping it safe in ur wallet, did somehow moved me. I wanted to read it again, but the sight of that little note enough to make me flush!

My watch. I can't believe I still have it for more than 3years now. Never even get passed a year before.I always lost it. So tell me, is it because it was from u?:P

I've got to admit, I always made wrong choices, made a lot of mess, always running back and forth to u. And u're there, u're always there. I just couldn't see it before. I took things for granted. I know that now.

Thank u, for everything and for everytime I haven't said it ou loud.

Truly, gonna miss u during this whole thing.
<3 u :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Despite rumours that the concert here would court controversy because of Malaysia’s strict guidelines, no problems have arisen so far.

“The whole entertainment world is aware of Malaysia’s regulations and restrictions when it comes to concerts. Rihanna’s management team has been informed of the sensitivities of holding a concert here,” said Razman Razali, managing director of show organiser Pineapple Concerts.

Just read it from The Star newspaper online. I have no idea what happened during the 1st Pussycat Dolls concert, but last year, when they came to Malaysia 2nd time for MTV Asia Awards, when interviewed, they said something like they're now wearing proper attire and abiding the rules. Lol. I laughed instantly when I saw it on tv! :P

Gaza school was clearly marked with a U.N. flag and its location had been reported to Israeli authorities.
But still, the Israeli troops fired mortars at the premises. Killing dozens and dozens of innocent civilians. Sigh...

Couple of days until the trip, anyone wants to help me packing up? Pray that I'll get home safely ;)

Monday, January 5, 2009


Called Farra(my little sis) today, and guess what, we're having kittens again! :D Two of them. Still few weeks old. I really love cats. I once had 2cats. Lost Scooby in 2006 and Lucy in 2007. Pretty sad when I got to know about that. I was here in Moscow when the cats went missing. I can still remember their birthday, 28th March 1998, on Saturday. I was so excited to go home, at the time papa picked me up at school after my extracurricular activity. The night before we knew Jasmine (their mother) gonna deliver anytime soon the next morning. Papa the one who prepared all the old blankets and put them in a box for her.

Scooby and Lucy were part of the family. Witnessing and welcoming the new member of the family, Farra, whom was born in 2000. Yeah, those two were older than her :P. They followed me whenever I had my evening walk,and even waited for mama in front of the car porch every time mama got home from work. Anyway, I'm just glad we're adopting cats again, yeay!

Few days left for our winter trip, so whenever I called home, I always get the same advises, and all I did was nodding and said yes ma, I'll be careful, yes ma, I won't do that. Lol. And the same story of people broken their legs while snowboarding popped up every time too :P. I don't blame them, it's their job to go on worrying about their kids 24/7. Haha. And it's my job to give them assurance that I'll abide everything that they've told me.

Today, I've been out again. The normal routine nowadays is, sleep at 4.30am or later, woke up at 12pm, went out by 2pm. So, rarely can see 'F&F'. And today,when I get to see him, we were asked to go back to our rooms by mama(the lady in charge of the hostel). Lol. Can't really blame her, it was nearly 3am at that time:P.

Life has been good to me, wish to have it always like this :)

Down here are pictures taken today ~

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hike Up Price

Nowadays, I can say we, the students started to be more calculative in pretty much everything. Why? Cause Russia is under economy crisis, and ruble has gone as low as 30 per dollar, which in turns causing a sky high increment in price of almost everything. 1st, the metro pass. From 180 rub to 255 rub. Trust me, others will follow too, soon.

U can see it coming actually. In August 2008, when Georgia invaded South Ossetia. Medvedev responded with a strong show of force. This resulted in Moscow facing global isolation and pressure. This was made worse by the price of oil fell from a high of $147 a barrel in July to less than $40 a barrel in December, and now even neared to $30 per barrel. Take note that oil is one of the country's main export earner.

Then, it got me thinking, year by year, my spending power getting smaller and smaller because of increment of prices of goods. But this year, the increment is more than we have expected, resulting in major reduction in the spending power. Looks like allocations for savings, traveling and shopping have to reevaluate again. Saving is vital to me, so does traveling. So, sorry shopping department, ur allowance need to be cut down. Bye2 fashion, hello outdated. Lol :P

Isn't he cute? :D I love many of his songs.

We've run out of words we've run out of time
We've run out of reasons really why we together
We both know it's over baby bottom line
It's best we don't even talk at all

Don't call me even if I should cross your mind
Hard enough I don't need to hear your voice on my messages
Let's just call it quits it's probably better
So if I'm not returning your calls it's 'cause

'Cause I'm not comin' back I'm closing the door
I used to be trippin' over missin' you but I'm not anymore
I got the picture phone but baby your picture's gone
Couldn't stand to see your smile every time you dialed

'Cause it's over
Girl you know it's over this time
So when you call I'm pressin' seven
Don't wanna hear your messages messages
I'm tryna erase you from my mind
'Cause it's over
I swear girl it's over this time
So don't keep callin' leavin' messages
Don't wanna know where you been
Baby 'cause it's over

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year 2009

The word 'Loser' came up from someone when the clock strike 12 am last night. Why? Cause everybody is celebrating new year, whereas we were sitting in front of our laptops doing stuff of our own. By 12 am, we wished each other then, continue again with whatever we were doing before. Lol. I'm not even be bothered hearing screams or people running around the hostel or the fireworks outside. I was in my friend's room at that time, a bit scary to go to my room alone at 2.30am, so I called my friend to accompany me. Previous year experience, some drunken pervert man try to mess with us. He grabbed my friend, and like a reflex I pulled my friend's arm towards me real hard, then I screamed RUN!!!!!!!, and we ran as fast as we could downstairs and get ourselves into the room. And I locked the door immediately after that. :P Lol, it's funny now whenever I think about it :D

Anyway, back to the story. To not feel so much of a 'Loser', we went ice skating at Gorky Park. Few info on Gorky Park, U know 'A wind of change' by the Scorpions? It did mentioned Gorky Park. My dad has this song in his playlist. So when I heard the song, I told my dad, hey that park is in Russia :P. And the park was 1st opened in 1928.

A lot of people there, skating. There were few skaters that caught my attention. They were seriously good at it, and they even dance to the music aired at that moment. Spectacular moves they made. Wish I can do that too ;)

Lastly, happy new year people!
May this year brings me a lot and lots of happiness, health and wealth :P
Hid, in few hours ure free from exams. Hooray!!! :D