Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Focus Pena, Focus!

Ok, get back to studying fast! Since I've finished my 'Chuck Season 1 marathon', I am now left with no reason to be distracted from revising neuro.

I feel like uploading some pics. It's been awhile since the last one.

.....Just some lame pictures I have in my phone......
N now, let's see what the books have to offer..haha

Monday, February 23, 2009


Happy birthday to Farra Inezza Zahari! ( I hope I get to spell her name right!Lol). Always have trouble remembering whether it is double 'e' or double 'z'. I think it's double 'z' since my name is already double 'e' :P. Sis, congratulations, u're 9 now!

Been quite sometime since I last updated. Pretty hetic months I guess. Oh well, nothing pretty exciting to talk about on my previous weeks. The weather here is still cold. Minus 11 degree. More or less around that.

In that kind of weather, I held a basketball practice last Sunday OUTDOOR. Crazy isn't it? But while we were playing, there were few others too. Mostly the extreme sports kind of people there. Practicing their skills. Cool to see them practicing. Do u know the kind of sports where people running and climbing the buildings? Seeing the way they jump and climbing up the wall, were like a beautiful art!

Owh, I've just got my electricity back! Thanks to our late iron, which can't be used anymore. Haha. It's the 2nd time this week. Was it over usage of electricity? I don't know. I think most probably, it's the iron fault. Now that its already rest in peace, I'm looking forward to not have the blackout incident again. :D

p/s : I'm pretty much hooked with tv series Chuck. It's funny and I cant wait to see the episode where Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker realizing and expressing their true feelings towards each other :P

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Went out to sushi, since he's been longing to have sushi for a while now. Wait, didn't we just had that earlier this month? So, there's a rose, and a note, and a tiramisu. Thank u. And down there, u have to thank me. Lol


Foot note : Should have wipe all the fingerprints first! N now it looks dirty, reflect how the owners have neglect them. Lol.
No, i didn't bought the iphone, only the case. I'm not that rich! Haha.

I won't call it as celebrating. Maybe a date after a long, tiring, full of tension week of neurology! :P

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Neurology with LOUISA
Yeah, learning can be very2 stressful whenever u're with her. Waiting for ur turn to answer her can be really scary..Sigh.... Tension talking.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Just got back from Winter Trip, but now already in my mind thinking of another. The problem is, VISA. I don't know, I hate going all these procedures, especially when U don't even know what kind of document needed to bring along. Соединенных Штатов Америки. Man, I pretty much want to go there!

Yesterday, Operation Tarakan was launched. We declared war with them! (Tarakan is a russian word. To save us from the embarrassment, I won't state the meaning of it. Haha) But anyway, most of the Russian speakers I've known, living in the same hostel. So I know, u guys are having the same problem too! LOL. We didn't manage to wash out all of them, but at least, their population is diminishing. It was very tiring, since a lot of energy had been contributed to screaming and getting rid of them.

Class starting on 9th February. My cycle will be start with killer subjects such as Neurology, Obstetric and Dermatology. The teacher would like to ask us the previous material, which pretty much accidently deleted when I was enjoying my holiday. Need to revise. Ya Allah, spare me some motivation to do this. I seemed to not be able pushing myself to read all last semester material. My learning part of the brain is becoming a bit rusty and still sleeping. LOL. Jealous, since someone has even reached the Sensory topic.

It's really cold here. I have no idea why the weather is acting weird. Just imagine, the 1st I arrived here, it was +3, 2days later, it goes down to -22. Then it's fluctuating between -14 to -19. So weird. Usually I managed to escape the coldness during winter trip. Get warm soon okie?