Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Haven't been writing much lately. Not that there's nothing going on, it's been a lot actually. Just that I didn't expressed it in words like i used to :P. But today, Dr F was asking about the blog, and it got me thinking...Yeah, it needs at least a lil update!

Today I got my zachot (credit test) for Therapy. Yeay!!! Lucky for me, my patient was diagnosed only with hypertension. So the short case was like a piece of cake :P. After class, Dr F brought me to sushi place. Allowance has just kicking in, so he said 'Order anything u like, it's my treat' And it end up with him finishing mine. Haha. Cost him a real fortune too, but I'm not a high maintenance gf rite rite? :D

As for tomorrow, we'll be pushing off to Volgograd. It's an annual games held, inter universities of Russia where Malaysian students are studying in. I'll be leading the girl's basketball team for MMA. Hope we can bring back gold medal this year :).

Weather reports. The weather here is PMS-ing BIG time! In the morning it's -4, then later in the evening, can go up to +6. Up to yesterday, it's still snowing. And it's weird, cause it is SPRING NOW!

2 of my roomies just got back from Istanbul. I was so excited listening to their stories. I wish I could be there too! My 1st time, not travelling with Fatt :(. Traveling is so much fun! Peeps, let's plan for the next vacation!!! Lol, only if financial status allowing us to :P

As for last Saturday, went on trip to crystal factory. The Russian crystal. Trust me, it is VERY CHEAP! Bought few for mama, since she has been requesting for it several time whenever I called home. But of course, couldnt beat the Bohemian crystal. Oh well, u'll get what u pay for la kn? :P. Hurmm... I wonder how I'm gonna bring them home...

Bought the flight tickets to Malaysia. Will be spending few nights in Dubai. Hurm, the urge to shop girls?? ;) I wonder what will happen to this 1 guy, if the 4 girls in their crazy shopping mood? :D

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alma Mater

I had a chat with Yana (ex-schoolmate) today and we talked bout our future working environment. Lol, why is it sounded funny when I mentioned it like that? :P. She asked me on whether I am planning to sit for USMLE, and I went like, ' What is that? ' Yes, I am dumb. That stands for Unites State Medical Liscense Examination! Lol. Seriously, I don't know, I haven't thought about it. I am a very narrow minded person, my only goal is, to be a clinician in Malaysian hospital. To be head of department or maybe a Jusa C holder. Should I have a bigger dreams? Like working overseas?

We had a chat on many other stuff too, but it all revolves on the same things. MEDICINE! Lol. Medicine talking can really last for hours. After we ended our conversations, I went browsing info about Moscow Medical Academy ( my uni). Initially, I wanted to find which countries recognize the MMA graduates. But I havent found anything specifics. It just stated there "The MMA Diploma is recognized by WHO and the Medical Councils of many countries. The degrees of the Academy open the doors to European countries, the USA and Canada."

As I went on and on searching for it, I ended up reading a lot of materials regarding the university. Yeah, I heard , majority of doctors in Malaysia hate us, discriminate us - the Russian graduates. But I kinda find these few statements on wiki and few other places on the site that soothen me :P

The international reputation of the I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy has been confirmed by the high rating obtained in the UNESCO-held university competition. Since 1989 it has been taking the second place among the higher medical institutions of the world.

The members of the staff of the Academy are engaged as experts and consultants of the World Health Organisation.

The Academy was 1st opened in 1758. Yeah, really, REALLY old! More than 250 years already. No wonder the hospitals sometimes give me a creep. Lol

p/s : the other day, Balqis, Shashi, Shaun & I talked bout baby's name. Names like Thania, Aaron etc came up (forgotten bout Shaun's one :P). N I liking the name Fareesha. Lol. *cough2* Harap2, Dr F tak tercekik or tersedak! :P