Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ice Skating

I bought Farra a pair of ice skating shoe since papa told me Farra loves ice skating. So today, we went to Sunway Pyramid to ice skate. It was worth the pay, since we played for almost 4hours! Papa got extremely excited because he can skate pretty well! Im myself really impressed! I got really tired after that. I slept all the way back home. So now, pictures!!!! :D

P/s : Yeay!! Mama is coming back from London & Izzi gonna finish his exam tomorrow! The family will be complete! ;)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Finally, we have the internet fix!! Weee!!!! Haha. My dad was surprised, he said it is my luck. Because they have complained for several times n there's no outcome. But today morning, there's a connection, it's WORKING!!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Coming Home

Finally, Im done with 4th year, hello 5th year!
Packed my laptop already n all set to go.
The taxi gonna come in an hour.
So anyway peeps, hit me up k, i still hvnt change my malaysian number. We should hang out! There's so much to catch up ;)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Still in exam week

Nothing changed much.I'm still in my exam week. 4 papers down and 2 more to go.
Topography anatomy, Therapy, Russian & Obstetric - DONE!
Neurology on 17th June & Surgery on 22th June.
Flight back home - 22nd June in the evening. Haha, it's like I'm not wasting anymore time. Straight back home after exam!

Mama in London at this moment. 3 weeks trip. She's not gonna pick me up later at the airport. Sad :(. Instead, I'll be picking her up. Called her few hours before I had my Obs paper. She was like freak out when she knew it's almost 2am and I havent sleep and have paper to sit the next morning. She was like, go to sleep now! But that was after having 30min convo. Lol

Went to farewell party for the final year students aka freshly graduated doctors!!!! Had a good time there. Probably will post up some of the pics there ;).
As for now, Pena go study!!! A bit tired though. Probably gonna hit the hay soon. :P

Did I tell u I wont be having internet at home??? It's a DISASTER!!!! I blame it on Streamyx people!!! Hey, we want to use ur service, go and fix our internet!!! DONT U WANT OUR MONEY??? Man, I'm going to die soon...... So not use to the absence of internet...... -_-

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1st attempt upload vids at youtube

Finally! You tube didn't disable the audio.

Video tak jadi


I have no idea why all of sudden I wanted to make a video. What's frustrating is that the movie maker program hang on me for so many times! And I have wasted 3hours of my precious time figuring how to do it. ( Yeah, I'm tech dummy. But in this case, I blame the program. Defs something wrong with it ) Pirated software probably. Haha! :P

Presenting, my halfway done project, because I got fed up and finally gave up on it.
Damn, I still havent finish reading!