Sunday, July 26, 2009


Look at date! 1 month eh? Bahahaha. I rarely turn on the lappy nowadays :P. I've been in Msia for more than a month now. Not a single dull moment has arrived. 1month passed too quickly.

Let me just recalled. On the 1 1/2 week I arrived, the whole family were at home, obviously everyday was filled with joyous activities. The following 2weeks, I had my attachment at Hospital Ampang. Oh man, I love tagging at the Emergency Department! I get to do CPR on 3weeks old baby and on 70 y.o man, drawing blood, do branulla etc.

And then, this week, I get to spend the whole week with Dr F. On Monday, he arrived from Batu Gajah. Picked him up at KLsentral and sent him to Kota Damansara. On our way there, we were pulled over by a JPJ officer, cause apparently, my road tax already expire for 6days. Just as I thought it would be as simple as 'let papa pay the ticket', the little red ticket stated that I have to be present in court on 28th September 2009. Great! Now I have a lawsuit?? Lol. Plus, my flight back is on 31st August! Papa made a call to a lawyer. I hope the hearing can be brought earlier.

During Dr F's stay in KL, of course we went out, that explains how Monday-Thursday were spent. On Friday, I went to Ipoh to attend my Aunt's wedding. So do Dr F! He went to Ipoh on the very same day. Our plans synchronize! That rarely happens! It always has been, I go to Ipoh-he goes to KL or Im back in KL-he's back in Ipoh. Lol. And yesterday, he went to the wedding, and meet my cousins, aunts, uncles, granpa, nephew, nieces, in other words THE ENTIRE FAMILY! He has a good PR, he survived well in the crowd full of relatives of mine :P. He always nervous with the idea of meeting papa, but he actually pulled that off very well! Being a SAS alumni give him a lot of things to talk about, since papa is one too. I dont even get the chance to meddle with their convo when it comes to SAS.

Next week, Im going to Australia, and I havent apply for visa still! I hope the russian visa done by tomorrow so then I can apply for Australian visa. The new passport will expire on 2014. Im sure it will be quite sometime before I renew again my passport. Life will be hectic at that time, probably work, work & work! That's why, Im pushing myself to travel as much as can while I have the time now. Bahahahaha, LAYMO!

This weekend, off to Johor, will be back on Sunday, and Monday.......Australia! Im not that excited about it. I think my time in Malaysia is not enough.Will be spending 15days in OZ, which mean, my time in Malaysia shorten by 2weeks.