Thursday, August 27, 2009


Heyys! 3days left & I still haven't start packing. Hate packing and unpacking, any volunteers? :P. Everyday Dr F will ask, " Sayang dah start packing?" Haissh... Nway, fyi he always get things done earlier than me. Which, benefited me a lot :D . Eg : "Sayang dah siap Case History? Takpe, sy dah siap" "Sayang, dah ade note Chronic Hepatitis? Nnt sy xerox utk syg" "Bile sayang nak book flight balik Msia? Sy leh contact Vijay" "Sayang nak makan tempura sotong?Ckp je, nnt terus ade kat depan pintu bilik syg" And there's many more examples. And I'm sure my housemates heard them all! Hehe. Yes ladies,he's that great :P

As for today & yesterday, I met Syez. Boy, when was the last time I met her??! When I met her yesterday, I couldn't believe my eyes. Is she getting taller? Then, as I took a glance at her shoe, there came a perfectly reasonable explanation. She's wearing heels! Haha :P Well, my housemates think I'm such a snob, too proud of my height, though I gotta tell ya, I'm really not that tall. Just 169cm :P. I like 171 better.
She supposed to pass me some stuff but, she forgotten to bring it along. Hence today, we meet again. This time, she had to bring it to my house. Tu la, sape suruh lupe lagi! :P
She missed the turn that lead to TUDM, my fault actually for not giving an accurate direction. I have to say, I'm quite impressed when finally she made her way back to TUDM. You know how crazy the roads can be in KL. (That doesn't imply to me, since I'm born & breed here. Oops, born in Ipoh, breed in KL.Haha).
Nway Syez, thanks for sending it, and I appreciate the discounts :)

P/s : I'm surprise why there's a lot of smiley in her sms but not in her posts :P

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OZ adventure

Seperti agak malas mahu menceritakan perjalanan ke OZ kali ni. Gambar dahulu la ye :D. Itu pun tiada gambar dari Adelaide & Melbourne. Tak kutip lagi dari Wanie & Fatt. Apa kata, saya highlight kan apa yang saya rase menarik!

  • Makan daging kangaroo
  • Peluk koala & kangaroo
  • Drive from Adelaide to Melbourne along the coastal road. Which is 1000km! 13h drive and we're not using highway. It's my 1st road trip. Always wanted to do it :)
  • We were trying to finished the coastal walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach but after 2h of walking, we gave up at Bronte Beach, took the bus and headed to the city. (Sydney)
  • Meeting my friends in every city I visited. Melbourne (Kamal Hadi), Sydney (Odd), Brisbane (Izzy) & Adelaide (Dora)
  • I had tears in my eyes after riding one of the rides in Gold Coast. It was pretty scary okaay, the thrill ride!
  • We went to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Adelaide. We covered 4 of the states in OZ!
  • It was a 2weeks trip
  • I have a runny nose and a temperature of 37.2. I'm crossing my fingers for allergic rhinitis! Haha.



Friends all over OZ ;). Thanks girls!

  • melb:special thnks to k mija n family and of course , kamal.
  • sydney:special thnks to odd,'iza,farah,fatt, and to anyone that made us love sydney!
  • gold coast / brisbane :special thnks to izzy,fatin,po,dayana,n k long. it was great knowing all of you girls:))
  • adelaide: special thnks to mia, dora,nab,sal,zu,siti,mariam and everyone else tht have given us the warm welcome:))

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can't wait to go home!

Current location, Adelaide. Soon, Melbourne then home. Not that the holiday isn't fabulous, just that I realized that I only have 11 days left after the hols before I'm going back to Moscow! If only I had thought bout it earlier. Well, actually I did give it a thought. I just assumed that 1 and a half month spent in Malaysia is enough. Totally NOT!! Missed my bed, missed the loved ones.

Sequence : KL-Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane-Gold Coast-Adelaide-Melbourne-KL

P/s : Having great time exploring OZ & meeting SSPians :)) (Odd, Fatt, Izzy, Dora)
Urghhh...gaining weight...I've lost 3kgs & now gaining them back..Effff!!!! Haisshhh...xkan la turun berat kat msia je??!! Tskk3
Been thinking of u...I didnt realized there's a lot bout u that I adore, until I was telling my gfs everything bout u..I began to think there's a lot of things that I'm depending on u.LOL