Saturday, October 31, 2009

Making Twister

It's weekend!! N as usual, movie night! As for dinner, we had a self-made twister! Nyum2.

Watched a Korean movie called 'My Girlfriend is An Agent'. I'm not a K-Movie lover, but I gotta tell u, this a funny, good stuff! Go watch it! ;)

It's the starting of a new month. November. New cycle, a relaxing one. Yippie!! It's getting cold outside.Hate winter, made me feel all gloomy and depressed. Hibernating time. U'll be surprise on how passive I am when winter's approaching. I love my bed & blanket triple times more than ever!

I'll have psychiatric finals on 9th November. That is next Monday. Hurm, gotta read all about psychiatry soon. But, definitely not today or tomorrow. It's me time! :D

No plans for winter. Going back to Msia? I dunno, sounds like a loser. But staying here for a month when roomies all going somewhere? Not that I dont want to join other's travelling, but i've been there. Gahhh, Uni have been a real bitch. Not letting us getting the letter that verifying us as a student of the uni. Why? Because, we haven't pass up translation of our passport,SPM & INTEC certificate. We did it earlier, then they said it is wrong & have to redo. All of the student have to redo! It takes time and a lot of money doing it. The 1st time translate, rm2k and as for 2nd time, rm1k.

They still haven't giving out our passports. How are we going to do the translation then??!! It's already November, with no passport, definitely not doing the translation still, will I ever get the letter to do visa in time for winter hols? Obviously no. Sigh....

Stay in Moscow during winter.Hurm, what does it feels like.... What can I do here, snowboarding? For a month? I'll go pro then. Baha! :P

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time out

I supposed to be studying right now. Disease of diffuse connective tissue. What's in it? Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Juvenile dermatomyositis, Reynaud's Syndrome, Systemic scleroderma and bla bla bla. So much of them to read, n I lost interest!

Hey, I've downloaded Theme Hospital! Woohooo! Childhood gaming experience. Love the game. Played it on PS those days.

A BSB song - Yes I Will just came cross my itunes. And, Dr F, PLEASE READ THE LYRICS. An old song. Black & Blue album. Gosh, it bring out lots of high school memories. Some songs can just take me back to some certain timeline. Pooff! That easy.

Yes I will, take your hand and walk with you
Yes I will, so these three words I promise to
Yes I will, give you everything you need
And someday start a family with you
Yes I will, take your hand and walk with you
Yes I will, baby I promise to
Yes I will, give you everything you need
And someday start a family with you

Let me elaborate a bit on 'give everything u need'. It can be a BMW perhaps? :P (mesti die dh rs nak pengsan ni! Usual Dr F reaction. Baha! :P )

So ok missy, go read!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Addictive Song

Jessie 'Hottie' McCartney! Love the song. It's just so addictive! Gosh, I need to start studying!!! Why am I so distracted today?! Prolly ending of the cycle. All energy drained out already. This thing that I have for Jesse is like the thing that I had for JT back in high school. LOL

Can we not fight no more
I dont wanna feel the pain we've caused
Lets call a truce tonight 'cause my cards are down
Feeling like the only one
Know you're here but I still feel alone
Too much too fast my love
Were lookin at the door

Weve been moving too fast
Baby, with nowhere to go
Every chance we have seems to go up in smoke
Send an SOS, yeah, 'cause we b'bout to choke
This flight could go down
Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn

Pilot to copilot baby we burnin up
Adding fuel to the fire, were ruining our love
Memories of what you used to be keep haunting me
I cant let you go
Instinct says Im where I need to be
And I bet youre feeling the same way as me
Baby you can think of ways, I wanna make it right

Weve been moving too fast
Baby with nowhere to go
Every chance we have seems to go up in smoke
Send an SOS, yeah, 'cause we 'bout to choke
This flight could go down, (down, down, down)
Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn

Look at how far we have come
We still can get it back, we still can get it back
The damage can all be undone
We'll just take baby steps, we'll just take baby steps

Weve been moving too fast
Baby with nowhere to go
Every chance we have seems to go up in smoke
Send an SOS, yeah, 'cause we 'bout to choke
This flight could go down
Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn
Crash and burn

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Wooohooooo!!!! Oh yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Presenting, the new look of Pena's Lappy - Window 7 OS!
Im a new tech person. Call me if u need any reformatting. Baha! :P
Cant wait to tell lil bro, since he told me to stop dreaming of using window 7 in this AGED LAPPY.

The cacated screen & I

The old age lappy can't seem to take up the challenge of window 7. It result in the formation of a stretch screen, which can be so unpleasant for your eyes. Plus, i think it runs slower than before. Stayed up til 4am last night installing this piece of crap! The lil bro said 'Jgn berangan la nak pakai W7' Lol. Imma change it back to XP. N prolly use Vista theme (menurut kate Dr F). Moral of the story - Ur lappy is already old (3y&4M), please dont try something advanced that beyond the capability of the lappy. Tak pasal2 nnt, arwah plak die :P (please2, don't give up on me just yet!)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nothing box

I woke up today exactly at 10am. That's 9h of uninterrupted sleep.
Sweet! Switch on my laptop, go brush teeth, then back in bed again, in front of laptop. Check skype, Dr F still not online. Sleeping still I guess, I told myself. So Pena, what do u wanna do today? Oh, Grey's Anat is out, go watch it!

Grey's anat done. Stomach growling. Had breakfast. Again in bed in front of lappy. I don't have much clue on what I did, but then, as I looked at the time, spent 1h 30min in front of it!

Watched a clip on Men's Brain & Women's Brain . So men have this 1 box called the nothing box in their brains, and they enjoy it very much. Women hate this nothing box, they have been wondering how can men be in this 'nothing to think' state. Cos women think all the time. Well anyway, I think that's not entirely true. I have my nothing box, & I love being in there. Prolly Dr F hate it. Haha. Real situation :
'Syg, what are u doing?'
'Nothing. Watching youtube'

He sometimes can't understand why do i spent so much time on youtube. Aren't I bored already with youtube? Well, it's not only just youtube. I cant spent hours & hours in bed in front of lappy, practically surfing on EVERYTHING! I love my alone time doing nothing in bed :P. But of course I do spend times with boyfie, his slot is in the evening time. Movies & meal time! ( Movies & food made me happy) Key to Pena's happiness, feed me food!

Friday, October 23, 2009

JT, my love

Read one of Atil's post on Joe Jonas parody on Single Ladies - Beyonce. Joe Jonas didn't crack me up as much as Justin Timberlake did on SNL. So I then when browsing again for the clip, even I did watched it several times before, it still have laughter effect on me! Lol.

After that, I went clicking on other clips of JT & Beyonce. Gosh, they made a good combo!

Love the flirting act between them. Made the performance came to live. Both of them have a great voice.

I already love the song 'Until the end of time'. In addition to Beyonce in it, made the song sounds MARVELLOUS!

Kakak Hid always use emoticon in her blog. So I went browsing for it. But I can't seem to know where & when to use it
SEE! Attempt FAILED!

Psych Talk

I find it hard to write a post these days. Inhibition of thought. Lol. I have no idea why I like to use psychiatric terms in my daily life these days! According to the psychiatrist, all of us can find ourselves having any of these psych symptoms. Just that, in normal people, our conscious suppress them to subconscious level. But as for people with mental illnesses, their conscious and subconscious level have no clear borderline, the symptoms rise up to their conscious level, result in manifestation of the disease.

1 of the things that I find quite interesting is the delusional idea of self-importance. In this patient, he has been deluded that he's popular or have great political influence etc. As for us, we just love the feeling of being important aren't we? I know I do. Back in high school, I entered the basketball team, cos I think it's cool. What am I looking for there? POPULARITY. The psychiatrist also mentioned that we humans like to play god. Then it hit me. I get to be more motivated everytime I watch medical series (house & grey's anat). Cos they portrayed these doctors as very highly respected & great skilled people who hold lives in their hands. Play-god like character. And I imagined myself to be them. Oh, isn't it so wonderful?

But anyway, teacher said, too much of that feeling is bad for anyone. In case I'm making u more & more confuse, what I'm trying to point out here is, whatever symptoms the mental illness patients have, we have it too. Just that, we still have it under control. I think psychiatric illness is like a ticking bomb in human. If all of sudden we cant handle a stressful event, and this borderline between conscious & subconscious level altered, we will have the disease.

Foot note:
1. I felt guilty suddenly, when mama texted me yesterday saying she has been thinking about my request for a car after graduation, she didn't has the heart to say no. But i found out bout lil bro future education plan,few days after making that request. Mine isn't as important as the lil bro. It can wait.
I felt guilty cos I might have said things like Ma & Pa didn't spend much for my education here & also back in high school. For that statement, ma might be reconsidering again & again about my request. Til finally yesterday she said yes. I am not proud of myself for this. Sigh. -_-

Monday, October 19, 2009

Falling For You

1. Put your music library on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song title as the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sounds! Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely enough.
4. Ok, go!
5. When you're done, tag 20 people in this note, and make sure to tag the person who sent you this. The answer to #20 is the Title of your note.

1. If someone says “shelf”, you say?
Waking up in Vegas – Katy Perry

2. How would you describe yourself?
Dangerous & Sweet – Lenka


3. What do you like in a guy/ girl?
Make Up - Jesse McCartney

HAHAHA, prolly, cos I don’t do much make ups :P

4. How do you feel today?
Summer Love – Justin Timberlake

Autumn-Winter-Spring-Summer. All year round Love DUDE!

5. What is your life’s purpose?
I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry

6. What's your motto?
Live Like U’re Dying – Lenka

Nice motto eh?

7. What do your friends think of you?
Be Good – Tokyo Police Club

I know..I am & always good. Lol, as if! :P

8. What do you think of your parents?
Hey Stephen – Taylor Swift

So not related..

9. What do you think about very often?
Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

Think too much of the future ay?

10. What is 2 + 2?
The Climb – Miley Cyrus

I must have failed math terribly -_-

11. What do you think of your best friends?
Hoedown Throwdown – Miley Cyrus

12. What do you think of the person you like?
One of the boys – Katy Perry

One of the awesome boys ? 0.o

13. What is your life story?
I need you tonight – Backstreet Boys

Owh la la…Bwahahaha

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Everybody – Backstreet Boys

Yea right, I wanna be this, that, & that.,

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Body Language – Jesse McCartney

“The thing U got Behind U is Amazing” Quoted fr the lyrics :P

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
We Can Go Anywhere – Jesse McCartney

So hubby to be, where to? Lol

17. What will they play at your funeral?
Bless The Broken Road – Rascal Flatts

18. What is your biggest fear?
Don’t Let Go – David Archuleta

19. What is your biggest secret?
Don’t Trust Me – 3oh!3

HAHAHA, so now I’m a cheater ay?

20. What will you post this as?
Falling For You – Colby Cailat

What happened to me today?! Got back from open house (Diwali's OH), then gossiping, facebooking & now posting up this, after seeing the lil bro notes :P

*Nasib dah baca mcq.Hope tomorrow can still remember. Malas nak ulang. 100Q woooo...

Notes on JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) still have half to finish. Almost time to sleep already.. -_-

Saturday, October 17, 2009

To do list

10.40pm already?!! I haven't had enough of weekends still. NOOO!!! By tomorrow i need to start studying again. Usual Saturday's to do list:
  • Basuh baju
  • Lipat baju
  • Salin Cadar
  • Gosok White Coat
  • Mengelamun - memalaskan diri
Was on the phone with Mama. Then I heard her panicking over the phone when she realized she's going to be left alone in Rumah Tumpangan. Papa already asked her earlier if she's coming with him, she said no, and then panicking seeing Papa all set to go. SO MAMA! Lol

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A day at Philosophy lecture

A senior once said 'Going to Philosophy lecture often end up with u furious with the slender thrown'. It is true. And due to my lacking of knowledge about Islam & my low debating skills, I end up sitting discontentedly, figuring what should I say to counter attack, cos I know the idea that the lecturer trying to imply is so not true! We discussed bout several other religions, but the most debated one would be Islam.

Why cant Muslims eat porks? Why cant Muslims drink? Why Muslim women have to cover everything? Why Muslim men can marry 4?
The questions that made the whole lecture hall agape with surprise, was when she asked 'How many wives did the Prophet had?' - and she then answered herself 13.

Though she didn't commented on it, she leaved an impression of how lustful our Prophet was to everyone. A non muslim friend asked me, 'Really? That many?' I told her, 'But he only had children with the 1st wive' Friend replied ' Didn't have kids doesn't mean didn't have sex'
Urgghh, If I were to debate about this, I would take a lot of time. Just bcos I can't defend the Prophet yesterday, I would just write it down here. To ease my dissatisfaction.

1. If he a sex maniac, he would not have married the twice-widowed Khadijah, 40 years old, at the youthful age of 25 when one is full of emotion and sexual urge.
2. He lived together with his first (and, at that time, only) wife, Khadijah, happily for 26 years with great mutual affection, despite the fact that young and beautiful girls of Arabia were easily available to him and were keen to be married to him.
3. Let us see under what circumstances and conditions of his other marriage had taken place (taken from a website) :

(1) For the sake of caring for the orphans and looking after the poor widows. These were some Muslim women who had earlier enjoyed high dignity in the Arab society. But on the death of their husbands, their status and even faith were in jeopardy, because their tribal chiefs would take them back and compel them to renounce Islam, thus converting them back to polytheism.

  • For example, Sawdah had migrated to Abyssinia where her husband died, and she became absolutely without helper. It was the time when the Prophet Muhammad (saw) had lost Khadijah, his first wife; so he married Sawdah.
  • Likewise, Zaynab daughter of Khuzaymah, was an old-aged widow, who after the death of her husband was inflicted with poverty, despite her being amiable and being known as 'Ummul-Masakin' (Mother of the poor). Prophet Muhammad (saw) married her to uphold her dignity and she died of old age only after two years of that marriage.

(2) For the sake of enacting a new law and eradicating injustice by the ignorant tribes.

  • For example, Zaynab bint-Jahsh was the daughter of the Prophet's aunt. She was married, at the recommendation of the Prophet, to Zayd ibn-Harithah, the freed slave and adopted son of the Prophet. This marriage was contracted to eradicate the discrimination against slaves and poor and to emphasize the Islamic equality and brotherhood, as Zaynab was from the family of Abd al-Muttalib, the grandfather of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and the Chief of Quraysh, whereas Zayd was a slave who was freed by the Prophet Muhammad (saw).
  • Unfortunately, Zaynab due to her family pride, did not get along well with Zayd despite Prophet's persuasions. The rift between the two culminated into divorce. Meanwhile, the system of adoption of children was expressly forbidden by Allah (SWT). So, when Zayd divorced Zaynab, the Prophet of Islam, at the express command of God, married Zaynab; and, thus, put an end to the then prevalent belief that adopted sons were like real sons and that wives or widows of adopted sons were like daughters-in-laws.

(3) For the sake of freeing prisoners and slaves.

  • For example, 'Juwayriyah' was from a prominent tribe of Banul-Mustalaq. In a war against Islam this tribe was defeated; and Juwayriyah, the daughter of their Chief, was held in captivity. Prophet Muhammad (saw) married her to set an example of protection and good treatment to prisoners of war.
  • On seeing that the prisoners had become relatives of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) by marriage, the Muslims released all the prisoners of war held by them. According to Ibne Hisham, over one hundred families of Banul-Mustalaq were freed from captivity as a result of this marriage.

(4) For the sake of uniting some prominent Arab tribes who often were at logger heads with each other and to safeguard the internal political status of Islam.

  • Prophet Muhammad (saw) married A'ishah daughter of Abu Bakr Siddiq (first caliph) from the tribe of Bani Tim, Hafsah daughter of Omar ibn Al-Khattab (second caliph) from the tribe of Adi, Umm-Habibah daughter of Abu Sufyan from the tribe of Umayyah, Safiyah daughter of Huaiy bin Akhtab of the Jewish tribe of Bani an-Nadir, and Maymunah from the tribe of Bani Makhzum.
  • Umm-Habibah (i.e. Ramla) was daughter of Abu Sufyan of Bani Umayyah who was the bitterest enemy of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and had repeatedly fought against him. She, as a Muslim, was in great distress since she was divorced from her original husband (who had become a Christian in Abyssinia) and her father was a great enemy of Islam.
  • Seeing her deprived of every help from parent and divorced from husband, Prophet Muhammad (saw) married her in sympathy. This marriage also gave a chance to the people of Bani Umayyah to soften their hearts for Islam.
  • Safiyah was widowed daughter of Huaiy bin Akhtab, one of the chiefs of Jewish tribe of Bani an-Nadir. When the prisoners of this tribe were released by the Muslims, Prophet Muhammad (saw) married her in order to safeguard her status; and, thus, also linking himself with one of the great Jewish tribes of that time, and paving the way for them to come nearer to Islam.
  • Maymunah was 51 years of age and from a prominent tribe of Bani Makhzum whom Prophet Muhammad (saw) married in the year 7 after Hijrah.
I wish somebody/someone can just rise up and fend off all the slender given.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Remembering summer hols

Was browsing photos taken by iPhone. And I then found myself laughing quietly. Oh man, what a great summer I had this year.

This is the big brother. He always kinda spastic. 1 funny guy. He was once chatting with my roomies, cos I had to go somewhere, when he ym me. So the roomies somehow chatted with him for awhile then told me he's funny.

This is the dad. I dunno why I posed that way though. Lol. He's awesome as usual. Got the highest marks in shooting range.

This is the mom. She was busy with her phone discussing hospital matters on H1N1 even when we were on VACATION! This don't happen once, several time. Dad was looking at her. They both then discussed the matter after mom hung up the phone. Big bro & I were eavesdropping at the side. We then continue holidaying.

This is the lil bro. Izzi & I called him 'Pak guard', then 'Kuli', then.... I've forgotten what else we called him. He was being so poyo wearing this uniform.

This is the lil princess. Fav of pa & ma. Very spoil little brat. But who can blame her. Her charm could just melt anyone, except the lil bro. She is his greatest enemy. So does her, his greatest rival.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Busy month

I've been busy. From morning til evening - class. Psychiatry has been extremely challenging for me to keep my eyes WIDE open for the whole class. But as I promised myself to stay awake, day by day I'm making progress. The 1st day was the worst! Felt sleepy 20mins after class started. Soon later, my eyes were shut til last 10min of class. Was full of concentration on the last 10mins. Probably bcos I had enough sleep already :P

Today's schedule is the most crazy busy! Pediatrics - Psychiatry - Philosophy. Reached home at 7pm. And I just got to know today, that we'll be having new subject on Friday. Medicinal History or something like that. Start from 5pm and will end probably around 7pm. Whadda heck??!! I have swimming session every friday at 5pm. Now I have to reschedule. And as I state above, I'VE BEEN BUSY!!!! If I knew bout this new subject earlier, I wouldn't have register for swimming, I would have save some money. Bleghhhhhh. Stupid Russia. Though they claimed to not be a communist, they just do things they like, and we just have to obey.

Reason of posting this up, I feel obligated in keeping this blog updated! :P
I'm a bit tired, but not sleepy. I'll rub my eye when there's an itch there. Not because I'm sleepy. I'll yawn when I'm sleepy. Dr F is webcamming with me right now. Sorry to not be bothered, I hate to be interrupt when I am writing. Hehe.

Why do people love Mac? U see, Dr F's pic wasn't clear at all! Mac's internal cam not that good..Hahaha :P

Friday, October 2, 2009

Weight Issues

I went to swim today. It's a weekly routine. Very proud of completing 16laps almost non-stop. Woohoo!! Of course can't beat the younger days, when the coach ordered u to do 21 laps as warm-up. 21 laps for warm-up ONLY?!! No wonder I'm so bonny those days! Lol. I wish to do more next week.

Had a 'weight talk' with the lil bro yesterday. He kept losing weight til we are now few kilos difference! UNBELIEVABLE. He's taller than me, and he's a GUY. Guys should be heavier. What's scaring me the most is, I'm gonna be heavier than him when nearing summer hols! Well yeah, I'll gained few kilos when in Moscow and loose them during summer hols.

what's ur weight now eh?

120 lbs or 55 kg
HELLO?! Im 53kg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please3, stop there.No more losing weight
unless u wanted to hv transgender surgery n be a girl!
im maintainig my weight
hmmm bein a girl sounds interesting
im curious xP
hahaha..if megan dont mind being a lesbian..y not?

Today, for dinner, Dr F & I ate home made pizzas. Which are superbly DELICIOUS! (Dah buat sendiri kan, kena lah puji bagi up sikit!) :D He ate the whole regular size pizza while I ate half of it, and I'm so so full. Do I normally eat half of regular pizza? Why does it sounded like it's a lot all of sudden? Half means 4slices right? Aaahhh, ok la tu. My usual portion. I am now so determine with losing weight but........can it be done without regular exercising and cutting down my regular portion of meals? :P