Thursday, December 17, 2009

Funny PSM story

I've forgotten what PSM meant, but in Malaysia, this cycle is well known as Public Health. I don't like the subject when it comes to coursework. Okay, this is a bit wrong when we took the task for granted, by using seniors' one as 'guidelines' but, the subject doesn't make sense sometime, doing statistic & reasearch. ( God, mommy took her specialization in this subject, I shouldn't have trash the subject like that. Lol )

But anyway, funny story is, a friend posted up a note in FB, stating who's taking who's (as in who's taking what topic), so we wouldn't have clashed topics. We leave comments there with broken Malay, all (of different races : indian, malay, bumiputra) understood it very well. Except one, my darling dear Chinese fellow. Haha, she understand eventually, but have to read it out loud to actually get the meaning. And those short forms, I'm sure those gave her headache :P


waniadnan said...


lawak2.. hurmm u guys should use dwibahasa la.. hahaha

фарина захари said...

haha, we were all forgotten bout should have been written CORRECT MALAY or just plain English.Lol