Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today is the start of HOLIDAY!!!!! ( Yeah, read it with excitement ) Cos I don't know how much longer will it last. A month not doing anything, 2weeks later, it might sounded like '.....it's holiday....still......' Haha! I'm going to have fun, for now that I still have my room mates with me. Im going to try that skiing I've been longing for ( although ophthal teacher already warned us not to, cos might end up with eye trauma ), celebrate new year in very cold minus temperature ( I've been this lazy ass for the past years ) and pure fun of gossiping all night and sleep all day ( mind u, day start at 8am & ended at 4pm ) Yerp, subuh start at 7.50am, mahgrib at 4.10pm. Even so, I still have 1day left to puasa ganti ( When will I ever ganti the last one ni :P )

Those in holiday mood, happy holiday! Those who still have exam tomorrow or in January, happy studying. God, I'm glad I'm not in that position :P

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