Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Merry Christmas to Shaun, my fellow groupmate. Gotta be hard on him, on Christmas day, waking up early to school, and have to study for the weekend for final on Monday & Tuesday. But, I guessed after 5years, that is not a big deal to him any more :P. On a brighter note, he get to feel Christmas like what he always sees in TV! SNOW! So today we celebrated at TGIF after class. Dr F & I even bought champagne for him the night before. But he didnt have a drink yet, cos he said it's 'Lagho' (lalai in arabic). Seriously, I was quite surprised on how he learned that word. Lol. Living with Malays for years, I shouldn't be that surprised :P

Dr F & I bought tickets to see Beauty & the Beast on ice! Yeay! That is like one of the my top ranking all-time Disney favourite, after Lion King. After we bought that ticket, we were happily singing Disney movie songs. LOL.

I should get back to studying. Ophthal paper probably gonna be hard, I think. And yet, I still love wasting time doing other things. Okay people, bye! Next update gonna be when the holiday has started. Can't wait!

I watched 'Law Abiding Citizen' today. Totally awesome.  Must watch! Gerard Butler & Jamie Fox

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