Saturday, December 19, 2009


Trouble picking up which photo I like better, this one or that one? Hurm.... Haha, gediks! This is my blog, I'm allowed to be gedik, right? :P

On the other note, yesterday we had Sushi night & later, Ladies night!!! Well, we made sushi cos they said cannot eat sushi here, bcos of alcohol added in it. It's either Rimin or Sake, I don't really know much bout them. Just that, Sake is equivalent of Vodka in Russia. Something like that I guess, haha.

I got a hair do last night. Credits to Wanie! XD. I feel like Miss Cool Nigga yesterday. Baha!

Let me introduce the Girls in my group. There's B,C,D. OMG, why is it in alphabetical order? If my initial is E, it could be BCDE, but it just BCDF. Lol.

Lastly, me & my funny headgear. But really warm okaay! Protecting my ears from the evil cold weather, pampering them with warmness! XD


SunShine said...

I thought the Lower picture of you and your boyfriend is super adorable! ;)

Ka said...

Ehh cute nyaaa :DD