Friday, July 14, 2023


After Vienna, we move to Prague. 1st thing that I noticed about Prague are their signage. Gosh, the language is similar to Russian! But they didn’t use Russian alphabets, the letters seemed like Romanic. When we were getting out of the metro, heading to our hotel, we heard 2boys were conversing in Russian. I quickly hid my cap. I don’t know why I did that. We possibly didn’t want them to know we’re living in Russia with no specific reason. LOL.

Prague, a city full of historical buildings. It’s a beautiful city. A quiet city, not so busy traffic, people not rushing nowhere, very helpful people and many can speak English. Contradict everything in Moscow, heavy traffic, people rushing in every time and not many can understand English. But of course, Moscow is way bigger and a lot more modernize. After all, 4 fashion city in the world include Moscow ( Milan, New York, Paris, Moscow).

The city is well known for its Bohemian Crystals. My mum, fan of crystal, surely want 1 of those. And of course, her obedient thoughtful daughter decided to get her 1. Hahaha. Since it’s cheaper there, why not? I felt relieved after finding 1. As for papa, coins for each cities visited. No prob, all settled, except Vienna, the shop closed.

Historians said that, conflicts always revolve between the rulers and their people. Kings are said to follow everything told by the priests. Administrators were living in wealth while common people suffer from poverty. Whenever the people try to voice out their problems, the priests will stop them from directly in touch with the king. So does the king, he wanted to be involve directly with his people, but again the priests insisted in being the middle man. U see, the nobles are not so noble.

A lot of things I wanted to throw up here, but then I have probs in retelling stories and getting it done in sequence. LOL. Owh, I made a friend here too. She’s local, her name is Veronica. We were sitting next to each other on the bus to Budapest. We were minding our own business at first, keeping quiet. Then the steward made announcement in their language, and I saw her fasten her seatbelt. The announcement then is translated in English. N I said ‘No wonder u were wearing the seatbelt’, she laughed and that’s the start of long hours conversations. Trust me, she’s really talkative and friendly. She did all the talking, and even asked whether she’s giving me a headache. I’m like, ‘No no, not at all. I love to hear ur stories. Beside, I prefer to do the listening rather than talking.’ And she also mentioned that she loves my features. I replied, I love European features too, different hair and eyes color unlike Asian, only black. Well, the grass on the other side always looks greener.

Let see some pictures! =)

p/s : I'm going home today! WEEE!

to be continue......